Ohio Students Taught Muslim Creationism in Biology Class

Zack Copplin, the incredibly diligent young man who has been exposing the teaching of creationism in schools in Louisiana, has an article at the Daily Beast detailing how students in Youngstown, Ohio are being shown a creationism video put out by a Muslim sex cult in their biology classes. … [Read more...]

Catching Up With Kent Hovind

Since Kent Hovind got out of prison after serving nine years for tax evasion and other charges, a whole lot has happened. Pete Reilly, a columnist on tax matters for Forbes, has been following it closely on his blog. It seems his wife has filed for divorce and he's locked in a battle with his son Eric for control of his ministry. … [Read more...]

Fischer Claims Reuters Disproved Evolution

Bryan Fischer is, of course, a young earth creationist. He's also a bit....truth-challenged, to say the least. So on his radio show, he claimed that Reuters had published an article disproving evolution once and for all. But it wasn't from Reuters, it was from a creationist website that had used an image from Reuters. … [Read more...]

LA Senator: Teach Creationism Because Science Proves the Bible!

Here's Louisiana state Sen. John Milkovich -- a Democrat, for crying out loud -- arguing that we should teach creationism in public school science classrooms because science has "validated the biblical story of creation" and they recently found Noah's Ark. … [Read more...]

About Those Ark Park Billboards…

The Tri-State Freethinkers are raising money to put up billboards near where Ken Ham's Noah's ark theme park is being built, reminding them that it's really a celebration of genocide and incest. Personally, I would have left the incest part out, but I do like the idea of pointing out the genocide. After all, I was the creator of this: … [Read more...]

Ignoramus Sure He Found Fossils from Noah’s Flood

So what happens when someone completely ignorant of geology and paleontology finds a few fossilized snails in his backyard? He calls up a "self-proclaimed fossil expert" and declares that he has found fossils from Noah's flood. And then everyone points and laughs at him. … [Read more...]

Alabama to Continue to Teach Scientific Ignorance

The Alabama State Board of Education has voted unanimously to keep a disclaimer in public school biology textbooks that undermines the teaching of evolution by telling kids they should doubt what they're being taught. Such a disclaimer has been used for a long time because the Christian right wants others to be as ignorant as they are. … [Read more...]

Idaho Bill Allows Bible as a Science Reference Book

There's a new bill submitted in the Idaho state legislature that would allow the Bible to be used as a reference book not only in literature and history classes, where it might be relevant, but in science classes as well, where it could not possibly be any more irrelevant. … [Read more...]

Ken Ham Waxes Stupid on Evolution and Creationism

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis has a basic stump speech for creationism that is so astoundingly stupid that it's really amazing that anyone with an IQ above that of a pot roast could possibly respond with anything but pointing and laughter. He unleashed the stupid on a Christian radio talk show: … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer and the Water Canopy

One of the more ridiculous young earth creationist "theories" is the one that claims that all the water from the flood came from a "vapor canopy" that surrounded the earth prior to the flood, which then fell to earth. How dumb is this claim? Dumb enough that Bryan Fischer believes in it. … [Read more...]

Why People Feel God’s Presence

Josh Zepps has an interview on Point of Inquiry with John Wathey, a biologist and neuroscientist, about his new book, The Illusion of God's Presence: The Biological Origins of Spiritual Longing. Prometheus Books sent me a copy of the book and I've read just a bit of it, but I suspect that he is on to something in explaining why people intuitively "feel" God's presence. … [Read more...]

Hovind: God Put Contradictions in the Bible to Weed Out Atheists

I think we can safely say that nine years in prison didn't make Kent Hovind any more rational. Indeed, it may have made him even worse. He's made some spectacularly stupid arguments throughout his career, but this one may take the cake. He says that God left apparently contradictions all over the Bible in order to "weed out" those who don't really want to believe in him. … [Read more...]