Alabama to Continue to Teach Scientific Ignorance

The Alabama State Board of Education has voted unanimously to keep a disclaimer in public school biology textbooks that undermines the teaching of evolution by telling kids they should doubt what they're being taught. Such a disclaimer has been used for a long time because the Christian right wants others to be as ignorant as they are. … [Read more...]

Idaho Bill Allows Bible as a Science Reference Book

There's a new bill submitted in the Idaho state legislature that would allow the Bible to be used as a reference book not only in literature and history classes, where it might be relevant, but in science classes as well, where it could not possibly be any more irrelevant. … [Read more...]

Ken Ham Waxes Stupid on Evolution and Creationism

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis has a basic stump speech for creationism that is so astoundingly stupid that it's really amazing that anyone with an IQ above that of a pot roast could possibly respond with anything but pointing and laughter. He unleashed the stupid on a Christian radio talk show: … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer and the Water Canopy

One of the more ridiculous young earth creationist "theories" is the one that claims that all the water from the flood came from a "vapor canopy" that surrounded the earth prior to the flood, which then fell to earth. How dumb is this claim? Dumb enough that Bryan Fischer believes in it. … [Read more...]

Why People Feel God’s Presence

Josh Zepps has an interview on Point of Inquiry with John Wathey, a biologist and neuroscientist, about his new book, The Illusion of God's Presence: The Biological Origins of Spiritual Longing. Prometheus Books sent me a copy of the book and I've read just a bit of it, but I suspect that he is on to something in explaining why people intuitively "feel" God's presence. … [Read more...]

Hovind: God Put Contradictions in the Bible to Weed Out Atheists

I think we can safely say that nine years in prison didn't make Kent Hovind any more rational. Indeed, it may have made him even worse. He's made some spectacularly stupid arguments throughout his career, but this one may take the cake. He says that God left apparently contradictions all over the Bible in order to "weed out" those who don't really want to believe in him. … [Read more...]

Zack Copplin Finds a Discovery Institute Whistleblower

Evolution crusader Zack Copplin has found a whistleblower who used to work for the Discovery Institute and confirms what we have all known all along, that the notion that "intelligent design theory" is a genuine scientific research program and not a thinly-veiled attempt to relabel old-fashioned creationism is false. He has a story at the Daily Beast about it. … [Read more...]

Federer’s Absurd Attempt to Use Science to Prove Christianity

Bill Federer, as I've mentioned before, is sort of a poor man's David Barton. He has a column published in places like the Worldnetdaily in which he stitches together quotes from famous men in history supporting Christianity, usually in defense of the notion that America is a Christian nation. But his latest column attempts to cite long-dead scientists to prove that the earth was created by God. … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Explains Dinosaurs

There are few things funnier than listening to an ignorant young earth creationist try to explain things they don't understand (and let's face it, if they understood anything, they wouldn't be young earth creationists). Noted paleontologist Bryan Fischer explained to his radio audience that dinosaurs were just lizards that grew really, really big because they lived thousands of years. … [Read more...]

YEC, Chemtrail Believer to Head AZ Education Committee

The Arizona Senate is apparently hell bent on matching the Texas state legislature for sheer muddleheadedness. The Republican president of that body has decided it would be a good idea to name a woman who thinks the earth is 7000 years old and that the federal government is using chemtrails to control the weather and the American people to lead the Senate Education Committee. … [Read more...]

Carson Still Blathering About Evolution

Ben Carson is still saying ignorant things about evolution. Over the weekend, he appeared at a big church in Tennessee to deliver a combo sermon/stump speech and he addressed the criticism of his young earth creationist views. Well, he attempted to address them. Mostly he beat up a straw man version of that criticism. … [Read more...]

Ken Ham Loves Him Some Donald Trump

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis says that Christians can learn something from Donald Trump. Before even looking at the article, I knew what that something would be. It would be a bunch of nonsense about how Trump "speaks his mind" and isn't "politically correct," and Christians should learn to follow that example. Apparently I'm a far more accurate prophet than Glenn Beck could ever hope to be: … [Read more...]