Federer’s Absurd Attempt to Use Science to Prove Christianity

Bill Federer, as I've mentioned before, is sort of a poor man's David Barton. He has a column published in places like the Worldnetdaily in which he stitches together quotes from famous men in history supporting Christianity, usually in defense of the notion that America is a Christian nation. But his latest column attempts to cite long-dead scientists to prove that the earth was created by God. … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Explains Dinosaurs

There are few things funnier than listening to an ignorant young earth creationist try to explain things they don't understand (and let's face it, if they understood anything, they wouldn't be young earth creationists). Noted paleontologist Bryan Fischer explained to his radio audience that dinosaurs were just lizards that grew really, really big because they lived thousands of years. … [Read more...]

YEC, Chemtrail Believer to Head AZ Education Committee

The Arizona Senate is apparently hell bent on matching the Texas state legislature for sheer muddleheadedness. The Republican president of that body has decided it would be a good idea to name a woman who thinks the earth is 7000 years old and that the federal government is using chemtrails to control the weather and the American people to lead the Senate Education Committee. … [Read more...]

Carson Still Blathering About Evolution

Ben Carson is still saying ignorant things about evolution. Over the weekend, he appeared at a big church in Tennessee to deliver a combo sermon/stump speech and he addressed the criticism of his young earth creationist views. Well, he attempted to address them. Mostly he beat up a straw man version of that criticism. … [Read more...]

Ken Ham Loves Him Some Donald Trump

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis says that Christians can learn something from Donald Trump. Before even looking at the article, I knew what that something would be. It would be a bunch of nonsense about how Trump "speaks his mind" and isn't "politically correct," and Christians should learn to follow that example. Apparently I'm a far more accurate prophet than Glenn Beck could ever hope to be: … [Read more...]

They Found Noah’s Ark! Yes, Again. (Not Really)

Right-wing rag the Conservative Post wants their readers to know that Noah's Ark has been found! No, really. I know you've heard this 50 times before and it's always nonsense, but this time it's for real. Except, of course, it isn't. The site they're pushing is the Durupinar site, a perfectly natural formation vaguely shaped like a boat, that was long pushed by fake archaeologist and professional con man Ron Wyatt. … [Read more...]

Even More Carson Ignorance About Evolution

So I looked up the full interview that Ben Carson did with the Adventist Review a few years ago and found even more creationist ignorance in it. Carson repeats pretty much every debunked argument the creationists have used for decades -- no intermediate fossils, fine tuning, even the second law of thermodynamics. That last one is pretty much a sure sign that you're dealing with someone who knows nothing at all about the subject. … [Read more...]

More Ignorant Blather from Ben Carson About Evolution

Now that Ben Carson is a serious contender for the Republican presidential nomination, reporters are digging in to some of his past writings and speeches and finding some really terrible stuff, especially when it comes to science and evolution. There are a lot of doctors who are creationists (insert your own "because they think they're God" joke here), but his level of thinking on the subject is really, really ignorant and unreasoned. … [Read more...]

Holy Jesus, Ben Carson on Evolution

Someone dug up a video of Ben Carson addressing a conference called Celebration of Creation, put on by the Adventist News Network, and the claims and arguments he made were so bad that they really should be deeply embarrassing to him. I mean, this is the kind of stuff you'd expect from a teenager regurgitating Josh McDowell books, it's so bad. Daniel W. VanArsdale transcribes some of it. Prepare to laugh. … [Read more...]

Ridiculous Creationist Lawsuit Dismissed

Earlier this year, a crackpot in West Virginia filed a federal lawsuit against the Jefferson County Board of Education, the state government and the federal government, claiming that the teaching of evolution in that school system was harming his daughter's ability to get into college. Oh, and that he can prove mathematically that evolution is a religion, not a science. The judge, shockingly, dismissed the case. … [Read more...]

Carson Totally Clueless About Evolution

Ben Carson is a brilliant man. You don't become one of the world's leading neurosurgeons being dumb. But like a lot of brilliant people who specialize in one thing, when they talk about something other than that specialty they can sound really stupid. Which explains why, when he talks about evolution, he sounds like your average high school creationist regurgitating nonsense from Answers in Genesis. … [Read more...]

Matthew Hagee is a Bit of an Idiot

Matthew Hagee, or Hagee the Lesser (his father, the vile John Hagee, is Hagee the Greater), preached a sermon at his daddy's church in which he blamed evolution for abortion and 55 million "dead babies." While I'm sure the congregation cheered him on, he only put his own stupidity and ignorance on display. … [Read more...]