Worldnetdaily Reviews the Ham-Nye Debate

The Worldnetdaily had some guy named Tom Flannery write a review of the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham and the results are pretty much exactly what you'd expect. He repeats a bunch of falsehoods from Ham and adds a few new ones, all of them debunked long ago. … [Read more...]

Things Creationists Say

Buzzfeed asked a bunch of creationists who were at the Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate on Tuesday to make some signs with questions they'd like to ask of those who accept evolution. The results were pretty much exactly what you'd expect, which was serious ignorance. Like this one: … [Read more...]

CMI: Darwin Day is Unconstitutional!

Creation Ministries International, like most Christian right groups, has a rather bizarre conception of what the First Amendment means. In the delusional world they inhabit, it's not a violation of the Establishment Clause to teach their religion in public schools, but it is a violation for Congress to commemorate the achievements of Charles Darwin. Rep. Rush Holt is sponsoring a Congressional resolution to honor Darwin Day, which has no chance of passing, and CMI is throwing a tantrum over it. … [Read more...]

The Extraordinary Dishonesty of Creationists

I watched only a little bit of the Ken Ham - Bill Nye creationism "debate," enough to be highly irritated by both participants. But one part of what I did watch really jumped out at me from Ham, his ridiculous attempt to dismiss the results of a brilliant experiment by Richard Lenski. Let me give some background first. … [Read more...]

Ken Ham’s Impeccable ‘Logic’

The finding of a 4000 year old artifact from Babylonia that tells an earlier version of the flood myth than is found in the Bible has fundamentalist Christians in a bit of an uproar, spouting nonsense and pretending that the find doesn't undercut their beliefs. Ken Ham's "logic" is exquisite: … [Read more...]

Happy 15th Wedgiversary

Wednesday is the 15th anniversary of a very important event in the battle against creationism. On Feb. 5, 1999, for the first time, the famous wedge document was leaked to the public in a Usenet newsgroup by Tim Rhodes. You can see his full message here. Let me explain the importance of this document for those who may not know. … [Read more...]

South Dakota Bill Would Allow Creationism in Schools

A new bill in the South Dakota legislature, sponsored by six senators and seven representatives, would allow public school science teachers to teach intelligent design "or other related topics." It would forbid school administrators from preventing them from doing so: … [Read more...]

CBN ‘News’ and the Noah’s Ark Myth

There have been lots and lots of news reports about the ancient Babylonian text about the building of a round ark, a text that predates the Biblical texts by nearly 2000 years. I'm sure it won't surprise anyone to find out that Pat Robertson's CBN "News" handled the find with their usual dishonesty: … [Read more...]

Fischer: New Find Supports Noah’s Ark!

What happens when an ignorant git comes into contact with information that he doesn't understand? He makes absurd claims about it without bothering to look at the information. Because actually looking at the information might put one's beliefs in peril and that can't be allowed. Here's a textbook example: … [Read more...]

Another Precursor to the Flood Story Found

Yet another precursor to the Biblical flood story has been found, this one dating to about 4000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia. It predates even the Gilgamesh epic and contains a story of an ancient God ordering the building of a round ark, complete with two of every animal. … [Read more...]

A Missouri Bill Would Allow Opt Out From Evolution

A pair of Republican legislators in Missouri, Rick Brattin (R-District 55) and Andy Koenig (R-District 99), have submitted a bill, HB 1472, that would allow parents to remove their kids from any class that teaches about evolution in public schools in that state. The text of the bill: … [Read more...]

Christian News Takes On Zack Kopplin

The Christian News Network is apparently not a fan of Zack Kopplin. After the young activist published an article in Slate detailing the creationist nonsense being taught at publicly-funded charter schools in Texas, they decided more nonsense was needed. To wit: … [Read more...]