Wayne Allyn Root Pulls Off Homophobia and Misogyny Double Flip

Professional Donald Trump bootlicker Wayne Allyn Root went on another of his patented misogynistic and homophobic rants on his radio show, saying that Megyn Kelly is getting low ratings on MSNBC because liberal men are all gay and don't appreciate a beautiful woman. Oh, and he wants her to die. … [Read more...]

C-SPAN Caller: Single Women are Destroying the World!

Gotta love it when C-SPAN has open phone lines and some crackpot gets through. This one is a Vietnam veteran from Alaska who got on TV and went on a bizarre rant about the evils of single women and the wonders of fossil fuels. … [Read more...]

Women Who Defend Trump’s Tweet About Mika

Donald Trump made a vile, sexist attack on Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski on Thursday and the women who are paid to do so leaped to his defense with dishonest and equally vile defenses of that attack. True to Trump's childish pattern, their arguments were of the "BUT MOM, SHE STARTED IT" form. … [Read more...]

Netanyahu to Continue Segregation at the Western Wall

Despite a promise to carve out a mixed gender space for worshiping at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet has canceled plans to create such a space, leaving women without the right to worship as men do at the wall. … [Read more...]

Israeli Court Stands Up to Orthodox Misogyny

An Israeli court has done what no American court has so far done, forbid an airline from forcing female passengers to switch seats in order to accommodate the misogyny of male passengers who think they'll get the cooties if they sit next to a -- gasp! -- woman. … [Read more...]

Root Gets a Case of the Vapors Because a Woman Swore

Wayne Allyn Root, Commander of the First Infantry, Trump Fellation Brigade, had to be taken to his fainting couch after getting a case of the vapors when Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand uttered a naughty word while giving a speech recently. … [Read more...]

Wingnuts Blame Ariana Grande for Terror Attack

No matter how many times wingnuts claim that Muslim terrorists and the American left are in cohoots, they show time and time again that it's the two religious ideologies that are in alignment. Now the Christian right is blaming Ariana Grande for the terror attack on her concert. Here's David Whitney: … [Read more...]

Trump’s Handshake and His Fragile Masculinity

Much attention has been paid to Donald Trump's handshake, which is a childish action that seeks to establish dominance over the person being greeted. French President Emmanuel Macron famously turned the tables on him, quite on purpose, during the G7 summit. But Trump's handshake reveals so much about him. … [Read more...]

Montana Candidate Supports Pro-Slavery Christian Reconstructionist

Greg Gianforte is a Republican candidate for the House from Montana and he's a big supporter of Douglas Wilson, a Christian Reconstructionist who thinks slavery was just dandy for black people. Oh, and rape is really the fault of feminism. … [Read more...]

Judge Jeanine Pirro for FBI Director?

As the DOJ interviews potential replacements for James Comey as FBI Director, his buddies Alex Jones and Roger Stone think they have the perfect choice: Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, a former county judge in New York. Because she's a "dark-skinned hottie." … [Read more...]

Barton Lies to Defend O’Reilly’s Sexual Harassment

David Barton is branching out in his lying. Now he isn't just lying about American history or about the Bible, or even about his own personal history, he's also lying in order to defend Bill O'Reilly and dismiss allegations of sexual harassment. … [Read more...]

Jones, McInnes Talk About Feminism

Alex Jones invited MRA Gavin McInnes on his show and the two neanderthal jerks went on and on about the dangers of feminism, blaming women for their own victimhood if they ride the subway in New York in the middle of the night. It's a bizarre, meandering conversation that makes no sense at all. … [Read more...]