Beck and Tomi Lahren, Round Two

As reported yesterday, Glenn Beck's The Blaze has suspended ignorant racist demagogue Tomi Lahren after she came out as pro-choice on abortion. But last year, when a petition was created demanding that she be fired for comparing Black Lives Matter to the KKK, Beck self-righteously declared that he would never, ever censor her. … [Read more...]

Pence to Receive ‘Working for Women’ Award

The Independent Women's Forum, on whose board sits Baghdad Kellyanne Conway, is going to give Vice President Mike Pence, a guy who has done nothing but work against the interests of women in this country, its "Working for Women" award this year. … [Read more...]

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Manning vs Trump

Remember James David Manning, the maniacal right-wing preacher who thinks Starbucks puts gay semen in their lattes? He actually met with Trump during the campaign and practically endorsed him. But he unleashed one of his patented idiotic tirades against Trump and Kellyanne Conway on his Youtube channel: … [Read more...]

Kilmeade: Women Don’t Need Rights

Brian Kilmeade, the second dumbest man on television, behind his co-host Steve Doocy, reacted to the marches on International Women's Day by saying that he doesn't see women as oppressed or needing rights because everyone is equal now. … [Read more...]

Someone Who Hates Women as Much as Jesse Lee Peterson

We may finally have found someone who hates women as much as Jesse Lee Peterson does. His name is Nathan Larson and he's running for a seat in the Virginia Assembly. He's a Men's Rights Activist who is in favor of incestual marriages and much more. Oh, and he threatened to kill Obama. … [Read more...]

DeVos Employee Likes to ‘Shake’ His Wife

Gary Naeyaert, executive director of the Betsy Devos-created Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP), testified in front of a Michigan congressional committee that he was so upset with a female education reform official that he "wanted to shake her, like I like to shake my wife." … [Read more...]

Peterson Thinks Trump is a Real Man

Jesse Lee Peterson, the vile misogynist who hates women so much he doesn't think they should be allowed to vote, says that God sent Donald Trump to serve as a role model for what a "real man" is supposed to be. Spray tanned and desperately insecure is apparently the answer. … [Read more...]

Wingnut Rails Against the ‘Million Skanks March’

Let's add one more appallingly misogynist response to the women's marches the day after Trump's inauguration, this time by some b-team Rush Limbaugh wannabe named Josh Bernstein. He's calling it the "million skank march" and thinks Madonna should be imprisoned for life. … [Read more...]

Texas Judge Calls Marchers a ‘Million Fat Women’

A Texas state court of appeals judge decided to show just how much of a sexist asshole he is by calling the people who participated in the massive women's march protests against Donald Trump "a million fat women." I'd call that grounds for impeachment, but this is Texas. … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave Daubenmire Showing the Love of Jesus

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire, a tightly-wound bundle of stupidity, ignorance, bigotry and toxic masculinity, was at the women's march in Washington, DC to show the love of Jesus by calling men who attended "sissies." Because that just wounds so deeply, doesn't it? … [Read more...]

NE State Senator: You’re Too Ugly to Have Your Pussies Grabbed

Nebraska State Senator Bill Kintner, who was fined last year for having cybersex on his state computer, retweeted a vile tweet from far-right black talk show host and Worldnetdaily columnist Larry Elder. That tweet clearly implied that women who protested Trump's pussy-grabbing fetish as too ugly to have their pussies grabbed. Here's the tweet: … [Read more...]

Poor Piers Morgan is Feeling Emasculated by Women Protesting

Yesterday was the big women's march in DC in protest of the rank misogyny of Donald Trump, among other things. Piers Morgan, apparently going for the title of World's Biggest Douchebag, put this message out there on Twitter complaining about how horribly sexist it is. … [Read more...]