Misogyny in Christian History

Valerie Tarico has a collection of 20 quotes from Christian leaders, from the early church fathers to modern fundamentalist preachers, showing extraordinary misogyny. I haven't traced the origin of these quotes, so I'm trusting Tarico's research here, but some of these are truly appalling: … [Read more...]

It’s All About Contraception

I have long argued that the real target of much of the Christian right is not abortion or homosexuality, it's contraception. Michael Orsi, a chaplain and professor at Ave Maria Law School, confirms this by tracing marriage equality to the availability of birth control. … [Read more...]

Avicenna Destroys Beta Male Bullshit

If you want to see a textbook example of how to take down a ridiculous misogynist with eloquence, intelligence and humanity, take a look at this post by Avicenna. He responds to an anonymous bit of hate (and stupidity) mail he received recently and this is a cerebral ass kicking of epic proportions. His correspondent begins by insulting him: … [Read more...]

Misogynist Quote of the Day

James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal likes to pretend to be one of the more sane and reasonable conservative voices. This column may well kill any chance he had of doing that. Discussing a general whose promotion is being challenged because she overruled a military jury that convicted an officer of rape, he writes this astonishing paragraph: … [Read more...]

Derbyshire: Military Rape Victims Making It Up

In case you thought John Derbyshire, the racist git fired by the National Review for being a racist git, couldn't get any more loathsome, he'd like to disabuse you of that opinion. In an essay in Taki's magazine, he argues that women in the military are making up false rape complaints after voluntarily having sex with their superior officers because they're just so attracted to "higher status men." … [Read more...]

GOP Rep Loves His ‘Man’s Brain’

I've long said that state legislatures are where you find some of the dumbest and craziest elected officials and here's a perfect example. During a debate over the expansion of Medicaid, Maine state House Minority Leader Ken Fredette actually cites the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus and refers to how his "man brain" sees the whole thing differently from his political opponents, who apparently all have women brains. … [Read more...]

Israeli Women Get to Pray in Peace

Things seem to be getting better in Jerusalem, where the group Women at the Wall has been pushing for the right to pray at the Western Wall wearing the traditional prayer shawls that men wear. Just a couple months ago, they were arresting the women, then a court ordered that they be allowed to pray and just a few weeks ago they had to brave a violent mob to do it. But now: … [Read more...]

Erickson: Science Says Men Are in Charge

With a new study showing that about 40% of women are the primary earners in their households (about 2/3 of those are single mothers; 37% of them, or about 15% overall, earn more than the adult male in the household), the anti-feminist right is freaking the hell out. Perhaps the most amusingly ignorant response is from Erick Erickson on Fox News. … [Read more...]

Fischer Doesn’t Like Women Working

I'm sure this will come as a huge shock, but Bryan Fischer is a serious misogynist who thinks women should be at home and not in the workplace. Because God said so. Reacting to a study that shows 40% of mothers are the primary breadwinner in their homes, he says that women are supposed to "devote their energies" to making a home. And women who make more than their husbands are especially bad because it undermines the man's self-worth. … [Read more...]

Can We Just Put Polanski in Jail Now?

Roman Polanski should already be in prison for raping a 13 year old girl in 1977, but he has managed to escape justice by fleeing to Europe. Now he's giving us yet another reason to think he's a world class asshole and a serious misogynist by spouting crap like this: … [Read more...]

Amina Tyler Arrested in Tunisia

Amina Tyler, the brave young woman who shocked the country of Tunisia by posting topless photos of herself with the message "my body is my own" to protest the abuse and oppression of women in traditionalist Muslim societies, has been found and arrested by police in that country. … [Read more...]

Afghan Parliament Refuses to Protect Women

The Afghan parliament could not pass a law to provide the most basic protections for women because of opposition from Muslim fundamentalists. I'm sure it will come as a shock to hear that they objected to the bill and killed it because it was opposed to their Islamic "values." … [Read more...]