Akin: Rape Victims Don’t Get Pregnant

Rep. Todd Akin, the up-and-coming member of The Family now running for the Senate from Missouri, told a local TV station that we don't need to worry about abortion for rape victims because "legitimate" rape doesn't result in pregnancy. Because unnamed doctors told him so. … [Read more...]

Gynophobia, Muslim and Jewish Editions

We talk a lot about misogyny, and rightfully so, but what about gynophobia -- the fear of women? That seems to be a factor, though surely not the only one, in these two stories. In the first, a woman is suing El Al airlines for forcing her to change seats because an ultra orthodox Jew refused to sit next to a woman. … [Read more...]

LA School’s Appalling Policy on Student Pregnancy

The ACLU is demanding that a public charter school in Delhi, Louisiana immediately rescind an appalling policy that requires female students they suspect of being pregnant to take a mandatory pregnancy test or be expelled or forced to be home schooled. … [Read more...]

Street Preacher Threatens to Rape Woman

A friend of mine writes about an appalling situation in Grand Rapids last weekend. She was at this event, a neighborhood "gay day," but left before this group of street preachers showed up to preach to everyone. And what did they preach, citing the Bible as justification? That they were going to rape the women there and that the women would enjoy it. Don't watch this video unless you are prepared to be appalled: … [Read more...]

British Weight Lifter Delivers Epic Smack Down

Zoe Smith is a very strong woman, and not just physically. The 18 year old British weightlifter just broke her country's record for the clean and jerk by lifting 121 kilos and took to her blog to clean the clocks of jerks who question her femininity in an epic fashion: … [Read more...]

Title X Grants Keep PP Clinics Open

Here's a great move on the part of the Obama administration. They're giving out Title X grants to Planned Parenthood family planning clinics that have been defunded by state legislatures, helping to keep their doors open to continue serving the medical needs of woman and families. … [Read more...]

Guest Post: The Nature of Privilege

This is a guest post by Andrew Tripp, a philosophy and art history major at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. He is the President of the DePaul Alliance for Free Thought, a Secular Student Alliance and Center for Inquiry on Campus affliate. You can contact him on Twitter at @ahtripp and at his blog, Considered Exclamations. … [Read more...]

Court-Ordered Virginity Tests in Iraq

For those who continue to wonder why many of us focus on both feminism and atheism, take a look at this article about courts in Iraq ordering virginity tests for women in that country if their new husbands claim that they weren't virgins. The price of failing such a test can include being killed by their fathers or brothers. … [Read more...]

Secular Women Form New Organization

Secular Woman is a new organization formed to "amplify the voice, presence, and influence of non-religious women." Sounds like a great idea to me. They're just getting off the ground, but I an optimistic that they will be a powerful voice in the secular movement very quickly. Here's an introductory video: … [Read more...]

Best Signs at Michigan Vagina Protest

I was bummed that I couldn't get down to Lansing for last Monday's vagina protest at the state capitol, but here's a video that has some of the best signs at the event, along with audio of some of the speeches. … [Read more...]

Michigan Republicans Are Such Delicate Flowers

Just when you thought the Republicans who run the Michigan state legislature couldn't get any more ridiculous, they go and do this. They actually banned Rep. Lisa Brown from speaking on the House floor because she uttered the word "vagina" during debate on an abortion bill. Seriously. … [Read more...]

Why Would Anyone Think This is Appropriate?

There's been a lot of talk in the atheist/skeptical community lately about the need for harassment policies at conferences, led by some of the bloggers here at FTB. And then this happens and just leaves my jaw on the floor wondering what planet these people are from. Elyse at SkepChick tells the appalling story: … [Read more...]