Savage Joins Trump in Sexist Attacks on Megyn Kelly

Michael Savage, who has been publicly fellating Donald Trump at every opportunity, predictably joins him in his sexist attacks on Megyn Kelly (as Trump has done to every other women who has challenged or questioned him). Because it's all about looks for women, but not for men of course. … [Read more...]

Fox and Friends Lost Without Gender-Labeled Toys

Fox and Friends, the show that features the three dumbest human beings on American television, is rather verklempt over Target's decision to stop labeling toys as being for boys or girls. They just can't imagine how one could possibly know which toy to buy for a child if they aren't labeled. … [Read more...]

‘I Don’t Have Time for Political Correctness’

Of all the dumb things that Donald Trump said during the debate, this lame response to being asked why he always demeans women who challenge him with sexist insults may take the cake. And I find it funny that even those conservatives who wish Trump wouldn't do that are buying into it. Like Jonah Goldberg: … [Read more...]

The Bush Family’s Planned Parenthood Legacy

Reason points out something I did now know, that Prescott Bush, the scion of the Bush family and George H.W. Bush's father, was a founding member of Planned Parenthood and the first treasure of the organization. And now Jeb Bush is clamoring to defund it. … [Read more...]

Republicans Playing With Fire on Trump

Hemant points out Erick Erickson's astounding hypocrisy for disinviting Donald Trump from a Red State event for being sexist with his comment about Megyn Kelly being on her period during the debate the other day. Erickson himself is a raging misogynist, probably even worse than Trump actually. Here's how he justified the decision to un-invite Trump: … [Read more...]

Trump Doubles Down on Sexism

I was shocked when Megyn Kelly of Fox News directly challenged Donald Trump during Thursday's debate about his long history of sexism. He routinely calls any woman he doesn't like pigs, slobs, dogs and worse. On The Apprentice, he told one contestant that she would look good on her knees. He responded on Twitter by doubling down: … [Read more...]

Defending the Indefensible

A guy I know on Google+ posted something about the Amazing Atheist, TJ Kincaid, and I commented and said "let's hope that this creepy fuckstain called the 'Amazing Atheist' doesn't threaten to rape her as he's done to more than one woman in the past. You really shouldn't be promoting a fucking asshole like this." (Note: Someone pointed out that this could be interpreted wrongly. To make clear, he has threatened rape in the past, not committed it) I was then asked for evidence, which I linked t … [Read more...]

Republican Woman: Women Too Stupid for Charts and Data

I'm never surprised to hear a Republican legislator being sexist, but here's an example of a female Republican legislator, Rep. Renee Ellmers of North Carolina, during a meeting on how the GOP can better reach women, saying bluntly that women are too dumb to understand charts and graphs and stuff. … [Read more...]

The Life of a Woman on Youtube

My friend Gretchen linked to this Jezebel article and noted that this is one of the reasons she hasn't started a Youtube vlog. If this doesn't ring true for you, you're either completely oblivious or downright delusional about the way women are treated online (and offline too). … [Read more...]

Paul Elam, King of the MRAs

Paul Elam is the owner of A Voice For Men and the guy who organized that men's rights conference in Detroit a couple weeks ago. He's also a vile, misogynist piece of shit all the way to the core. His own words make that absolutely clear and undeniable. David Futrelle has kindly provided a rundown for us. Like this: … [Read more...]

Morse’ Bizarre View on the Hobby Lobby Ruling

Jennifer Roback Morse of the anti-gay Ruth Institute has some very strange thoughts about the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling. In fact, she thanks God for the men on the Supreme Court who were "sticking up for women" in their ruling. But she means real women, not those evil feminist justices on the court. … [Read more...]

Fox News Tells Women to Be Quiet

Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, undoubtedly the two dumbest men on television, have a message for women: Pipe down and know your place. They brought on the author of a book saying much the same thing on their morning show and casually told women to shut up. … [Read more...]