Ignoring the Misogynist Plank in Christianity’s Eye

Matthew 7:3 is a verse about hypocrisy. "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" it asks. Audrey Russo at BarbWire ignores that verse, along with many others in an insipid column about the Isla Vista shootings in which she tells feminists that they should be focused exclusively on Islam as the source of misogyny. … [Read more...]

Beck: #YesAllWoman is Just ‘Man-Bashing’

Glenn Beck is annoyed that women are actually telling their stories of harassment and marginalization on Twitter using the #YesAllWomen hashtag, dismissing it as just "good old-fashioned man-bashing." Which only proves the need for such stories to be told, don't you think? It's just an attempt to silence women from calling out bad male behavior. … [Read more...]

Why Women Sometimes Choose Bad Men

I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with an idea in my head that I simply must get up and write down. This is one such time. I was woken up early Wednesday morning after dreaming about a conversation with someone in the wake of the Isla Vista shootings. The person I was speaking to said this to me in my dream: … [Read more...]

The Worst Thing Written About Isla Vista Shootings

I haven't written much about the tragic shootings in Isla Vista, California by a deeply disturbed and misogynist young man. Many others have written more eloquently about it than I could. But I want to pass on the single worst thing I've read about it from a guy who describes himself as a "European guy blogging about incel, love-shyness, anti-feminism, modern culture, femisphere and life in general." The term "incel" stands for involuntary celibacy. Try not to gag while you read this: … [Read more...]

Fox ‘Expert’ Blames Killing Spree on The Gay

Another day, another mass shooting, this time by a bitterly misogynist little rich kid who vowed to kill women because other women wouldn't have sex with him in order to prove himself the "true alpha male." And right on cue, Fox News brings on an "expert" who says he probably did it because he's gay. … [Read more...]

Anti-Woman Woman Wants to Chair Women’s Museum

Penny Nance, the CEO of Concerned Women Wingnuts of America, has been throwing a fit over a bill to create a National Women's History Museum, along with many other Christian right groups. But now she wants to be the chairman of the board of the museum: … [Read more...]

CWA Doesn’t Want Women’s History Museum

Congress is considering funding for a National Women’s History Museum and Concerned Women for America Against Women are highly agitated because it might actually celebrate the movement that made women more equal instead of, say, anti-female women like Phyllis Schlafly. … [Read more...]

Leaked Frat Emails Reveal Dudebro Life

For anyone who thinks there's no such thing as rape culture or that misogyny isn't a serious problem in our society, I would suggest reading the leaked emails and text messages from an unofficial fraternity at American University filled with future power brokers in business and government. It's pretty appalling. … [Read more...]

Russian Nationalist’s Vile Attack on a Journalist

If you think Vladimir Putin is bad (and he is), Vladimir Zhironovsky may be even worse. A far-right Russian nationalist, Zhironovsky over the weekend made a disgusting attack on a female journalist who asked an entirely reasonable question at a press conference about possible Russian sanctions against the Ukraine and against another woman who questioned his behavior toward her. … [Read more...]

Schlafly: Equal Pay Will Rob Women of Husbands!

Phyllis Schlafly can always be counted on to say incredibly stupid things on pretty much any issue she happens to be talking about at any given moment, especially if it keeps women as second-class citizens. Listen to this appalling argument against equal pay for women: … [Read more...]

Former CIA Director’s Casual Sexism and Hypocrisy

Michael Hayden, who was the director of the CIA during part of the Bush administration, went on Fox News and put his sexism on display, saying that a single line from a statement made by Sen. Dianne Feinstein about the need for transparency about torture shows that she's too "emotional" to be objective. She said this: … [Read more...]

WTF, Federal Judge?

This just leaves my jaw agape at the idea that someone could become a federal judge and show such staggeringly poor judgment. A federal judge in Nebraska wrote a blog post about how female lawyers should dress in the courtroom. It included this passage about a real lawyer that appears before him: … [Read more...]