UN Group Calls Contraception a Basic Right

The UN Population Fund has issued a new report that calls access to contraception and family planning services a "universal human right" because it is so crucial to empowering women and making it possible for them to have anything like equality and justice. … [Read more...]

Obama Used Clooney to Hook Women Voters

As the wingnuts continue to be absolutely baffled that President Obama was reelected, their explanations for how that could have happened are getting more and more absurd. Joseph Farah and the leaders of the American Family Association know why women voted for Obama -- because George Clooney told them to. … [Read more...]

Mitt’s Binder Full of Women

During the presidential debate on Tuesday night, Mitt Romney tried to deflect a question about the Lily Ledbetter Act by talking up his grand record of hiring women while governor of Massachusetts. He said that he had asked women's rights groups to give him a "binder full of women" he could hire to run agencies in the state, prompting about 10 different memes on Twitter and Facebook within minutes. … [Read more...]

The HPV Vaccine and Female Sexuality

NPR reports on a new study that finds that getting the vaccine against HPV infection does not cause teenage girls to become more sexually active than those who don't. That part is pretty unremarkable to me. What is more interesting is what this says about societal attitudes about female sexuality: … [Read more...]

Fischer: Jesus Doesn’t Like Women in Charge

Bryan Fischer gave another of his famous rants against the "spirit of feminism" in the church that has led Christians astray and made them think that women could actually have leadership positions in society. And it's because Jesus said so, so you can take it up with him. So Michele Bachmann should resign immediately, right? Right? … [Read more...]

MS Tea Party Leader: Women Shouldn’t Vote

Vox Day and Jesse Lee Patterson have company. A new voice has come out in favor of denying women the right to vote because they're just too emotional and mean -- and it's a woman. Janis Lane, president of the Central Mississippi Tea Party, said so in an interview with the Jackson Free Press: … [Read more...]

Romney Again Promises to Defund Planned Parenthood

After getting himself in a bit of trouble with the religious right base for saying that passing anti-choice bills would not be part of his "agenda" -- a claim his campaign quickly tried to walk back by saying he would sign any bill that came his way -- Romney is now reiterating that he would move immediately to defund Planned Parenthood if elected: … [Read more...]

Bauer: B-B-B-But…Muslims!

Christian right superstar Gary Bauer is capitalizing on the shooting of a 14-year old Pakistani girl by the Taliban for daring to speak out in favor of allowing girls to get an education by attacking liberal women in the United States. In an email to his followers, he wrote: … [Read more...]

If Only Uppity Women Hadn’t Ruined Marriage

Vile misogynist Vox Day links to this blog post by someone called Dalrock (Day calls him an "influential Christian writer on intersexual relations"), also a vile misogynist, saying that men are getting the bad end of the stick now that women think they should vote and go to college and have equal rights and stuff. … [Read more...]

Free Contraception Reduces Abortions

Here's a fact that should be so obvious as to not need repeating: Providing free birth control reduces the number of women who have abortions. I mean really, really reduces the number. That's the conclusion of a new study that provided free birth control to young women in St. Louis, MO and then compared their abortion rate with the rest of the country. From the abstract: … [Read more...]

The Anachronistic First Lady Cookie Bakeoff

Erin Gloria Ryan at Jezebel asks a rather obvious question: "why the fuck are we still making the candidates' wives bake cookies?" Good question. Apparently, Michelle Obama beat Ann Romney in a cookie bakeoff sponsored by Family Circle. But who the hell cares? And why is this still going on? This actually surprised me: … [Read more...]

Dumbass Quote of the Day

Today's dumbass quote of the day comes from W.F. Price, writing at something called The Spearhead about what he calls the "inherent conflict between atheism and feminism." In explaining why there are more more male atheists in our communities than female ones, he proposes that it's because women are just so damn irrational: … [Read more...]