Limbaugh Doesn’t Understand the Importance of Consent

Rush Limbaugh, spewer of misogynist nonsense like "feminazis," doesn't seem to understand the concept of consent. He points out that the left thinks consent is the key to sexual morality in a mocking tone, but says nothing to actually dispute its importance. … [Read more...]

How Trump Brought Republican Misogyny Into Stark Relief

Rebecca Traister of New York magazine, who has been doing some terrific writing about the election and the place of women in it, argues that the one virtue of the Trump campaign has been that he has exposed the rampant misogyny in the Republican party. … [Read more...]

Trump Hit With Bombshell Video Admitting Sexual Harassment

So as I'm sure you know by now, the Washington Post published a shocking -- not in the sense of surprising -- video of Donald Trump in 2005 talking about trying to have sex with a TV hostess when she was married and he had just married wife #3. It contains the blatant admission of sexual harassment and assault. The video: … [Read more...]

Peterson’s Hysterical Screed on ‘Evil’ Hillary Clinton

Jesse Lee (Uncle Tom) Peterson delivered quite a diatribe on how Trump should take off the gloves and go after "evil," as embodied by Hillary Clinton. As usual, it's all about being tough and politically incorrect, because the very future of civilization is at stake. … [Read more...]

Stone: Trump Should Not Have Engaged ‘Ho Bag’ Alicia Machado

Roger Stone, Donald Trump's longtime BFF, is making his buddy's sexism problem even worse. In discussing the first debate and Alicia Machado, Stone says that Trump's mistake was in going after that "ho bag" Machado. Yeah, that's very helpful. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Surreal Pride in Not Being Horrible

During the debate on Monday, Donald Trump did his usual "I could say something bad, but I won't because I'm such a good guy" act, saying that he was going to respond with a nasty comment about Hillary Clinton's family but decided against it. Apparently he wants a cookie. … [Read more...]

New Clinton Ad Nails Trump’s Sexism

The Clinton campaign has released a new 30-second ad that focuses on Donald Trump's long history of degrading behavior toward women, constantly denigrating them for their appearance and even admitting that he doesn't treat women with respect. … [Read more...]

The Absurdity of Trump as a Friend of Working Mothers

Ivanka Trump tried mightily at the Republican National Convention to pretend that her father will be the greatest ally working mothers have ever had in the White House. The fact that, prior to that time, Trump had never even mentioned the issue, not once, seems to have been ignored. And then there's this: … [Read more...]

Ginni Thomas Interviews Man Who Doesn’t Think She Should Vote

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, interviews conservative figures for the Daily Caller and her most recent guest was the utterly irrational Jesse Lee (Uncle Tom) Peterson. She interviewed a man who doesn't think she doesn't have the right to vote. And of course she never brought that up. … [Read more...]

Birth Control Pills Help Prevent Ovarian Cancer

A new study has found that the higher the use of hormonal birth control -- the pill, and a few lesser popular forms -- the lower the rates of ovarian cancer. There may be other factors that contribute to this as well, but it seems evident that access to and use of the pill has another positive side effect. … [Read more...]

Trump: Schlafly Was a ‘Champion of Women’

Every day is opposite day for Donald Trump, as evidenced by the statement he put out about Phyllis Schlafly after the not-nearly-soon-enough death of that vile, hateful old bigot who has done so much to prevent equality for women and LGBT people. Get a load of this. … [Read more...]

Fox Settles With Gretchen Carlson for $20 Million

Fox News' parent company has reached a settlement with former host Gretchen Carlson in her sexual harassment suit against Roger Ailes and Fox for around $20 million. Unfortunately, not a dime will come out of Ailes' pocket, only the company will pay. … [Read more...]