Edwards: Women Shouldn’t Run for Office. Or Be Allowed to Vote.

James Edwards, a Trump-supporting white supremacist radio host who has been given special access to the RNC and interviewed Donald Trump, Jr., says that Hillary Clinton should not be allowed to run for office because she's a woman. Oh, and women should not have the right to vote. … [Read more...]

Does the Bible Allow a Woman to Be President?

Rob Boston of Americans United forwarded me a press release from the American Pastors Network, a very far-right group of preachers, asking the question of whether the Bible allows a woman to be president or whether it condemns that. It appears to be a split decision. … [Read more...]

Scott Adams: The Most Fragile Male Ego on Earth

On some days, it seems like Donald Trump has the most fragile male ego on earth, but then Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, writes something else. I've never seen anyone who so easily finds himself feeling emasculated. A shift in the direction of the wind seems to leave him feeling like a girly man. As did the DNC: … [Read more...]

The Absurdity of Trump as the Pro-Mother Candidate

Ivanka Trump tried her damnedest to make her father sound like a liberal feminist who believes in equal pay for women and for ensuring they have affordable child care so they can stay in the workplace. It was hardly a convincing performance. … [Read more...]

Trump Defends Ailes as Even More Accusers Come Forward

On Meet the Press Sunday morning, Chuck Todd asked Donald Trump about the allegations of sexual harassment against Roger Ailes and while saying he didn't want to comment, he defended him and tried to undermine the legitimacy of his accusers by saying Ailes had helped those women in their careers. … [Read more...]

Thiel: Freedom and Democracy Conflict, Because of Women

Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal and a gay libertarian who somehow bizarrely supports Donald Trump, has some strange views, to say the least. In an 2009 essay, he expressed his view that democracy and freedom are conflicting ideas and that this is at least partly because women have the right to vote. … [Read more...]

Megyn Kelly Reportedly Said Ailes Harassed Her Too

Gabriel Sherman reports that sources inside Fox have told him that Megyn Kelly told the law firm investigating the sexual harassment claims by Gretchen Carlson that Megyn Kelly told them that Roger Ailes sexually harassed her as well, early in her career at the network. … [Read more...]

More Women Accuse Ailes of Sexual Harassment

As expected, Gretchen Carlson's lawsuit against Fox News boss Roger Ailes for sexual harassment has opened the floodgates and many women have stepped forward to tell their own stories. And we're not talking about a few off-color jokes, we're talking about a blunt quid pro quo: … [Read more...]

Savage: Carlson’s Lawsuit Part of Plot Against Conservatives

Michael Savage responded to Gretchen Carlson's lawsuit against Roger Ailes for sexual harassment and retaliation by claiming that it's all part of a giant plot against conservatives. Because of course he did. What else could you possibly expect him to say? … [Read more...]

Ailes Has Long History of the Behavior Gretchen Carlson Alleges

Gretchen Carlson's sexual harassment and retaliation suit against Roger Ailes is not only getting support from other women, a variety of sources over the last several decades have reported virtually identical behavior by Ailes toward a large number of women in his employ. … [Read more...]

Gretchen Carlson Only the Beginning?

Gretchen Carlson was recently fired by Fox News and has now filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Roger Ailes, who runs the network. She has some pretty explosive claims in there, including a blatant quid pro quo from Ailes to have sex with him for her job. … [Read more...]

You Should Go to Women in Secularism 4

The 4th Women in Secularism conference takes place in Alexandria, VA, just outside of Washington, DC, September 23-25. There's a possibility I'm going to be able to go to it and I think you should too, if you're able. I haven't gone to the previous three and I'm really hoping to get there this year. … [Read more...]