When Bryan Fischer Was Okay With Women as President

So the other day Bryan Fischer said that you would be perfectly justified in voting for Donald Trump just because he's a man because God does not want women to be in positions of power like the presidency. But guess what he said in 2011 when Michele Bachmann was running? … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton and the Coming Techno-Matriarchy

Roosh V, the pro-rape scumbag who fancies himself a terribly manly dude, is very worried about Hillary Clinton winning the election. She has a vagina, you see, and from that orifice she will pull all manner of policies that oppress macho bros like him. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Hold Public Office

And we can unsurprisingly add Bryan Fischer to the list of Christian misogynists who say women are unfit for public office and should not be allowed to be president. And he thinks something -- he doesn't say what -- would change if some prominent person would say that on TV. … [Read more...]

‘Bishop’ Explains How Satan Used Susan B. Anthony

At extreme anti-choice group Operation Save America's week of protests in July, Louisiana preacher Otis Kenner gave a rambling speech about the evils of feminism and said that Satan used Susan B. Anthony to put women in the workforce, thus "devaluing" them. … [Read more...]

Fox News Puts Cernovich on the Air

Remember our old pal Mike Cernovich? It seems that Fox News, even as it deals with a growing sexual harassment scandal, saw fit to put self-styled pickup article Cernovich, the poster child for toxic masculinity, on the air. They say they didn't know his views when they did so. … [Read more...]

There’s Apparently Audio of Ailes Harassing Female Employees

Vanity Fair has an article about the ongoing sexual harassment investigation at Fox News, which now involves not only Roger Ailes but several other executives at the company. One of the revelations is that there are apparently audio tapes of Ailes harassing multiple women. … [Read more...]

Tantaros: I Told Fox Executives About Ailes’ Harassment Several Times

Andrea Tantaros, who was a regular member of the lineup on Fox News' The Five show until April, says that she and her agent complained multiple times to Fox executives about Roger Ailes sexually harassing her and ended up being pulled off the air as a result. … [Read more...]

Peterson’s Misogyny Continues

Hardcore sexist Jesse Lee Peterson, who doesn't think women should have the right to vote at all, is now putting his man-building sermons on Youtube. The result is exactly what you would expect. He recently told a group of men that they don't understand women because they are women. … [Read more...]

Rohrer: Woman in Leadership a Sign of God’s Judgment

So the other day the American Pastors Network put out a press release hedging a bit on whether having a woman president was unbiblical or not, but now its president, Sam Rohrer, said in an interview that having women in power was a sign of God's judgment. … [Read more...]

Swanson: A Woman President Would Win Feminist War on America

Add Christian fascist Kevin Swanson to the growing list of far-right Christians who think a woman becoming president is a horribly immoral violation of God's will and part of some big conspiracy to destroy the United States. … [Read more...]

Edwards: Women Shouldn’t Run for Office. Or Be Allowed to Vote.

James Edwards, a Trump-supporting white supremacist radio host who has been given special access to the RNC and interviewed Donald Trump, Jr., says that Hillary Clinton should not be allowed to run for office because she's a woman. Oh, and women should not have the right to vote. … [Read more...]

Does the Bible Allow a Woman to Be President?

Rob Boston of Americans United forwarded me a press release from the American Pastors Network, a very far-right group of preachers, asking the question of whether the Bible allows a woman to be president or whether it condemns that. It appears to be a split decision. … [Read more...]