Catholic Archbishop Worries About Girl Scout Influence

The Catholic Archbishop of St. Louis, Robert Carlson, is concerned. I mean really concerned. He's stroking his chin and looking very worried at the thought of the Girl Scouts and their evil agenda of female empowerment interfering with the church's messages of guilt, shame and inferiority. … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson on Women in Combat

The Pentagon recently announced that it was expanding the opportunities for women in combat units and the Christian right has been flipping out ever since. But the weirdest reaction has to be from Pat Robertson, who delivered an absolutely bizarre diatribe about it that included Fifty Shades of Grey. … [Read more...]

Apparently, Men Have It Way Worse Than Women

Gavin McInnes is Fox News' favorite sexist jerk that they turn to for comment any time feminism or anything related to it comes up. He can be counted on to say something remarkably stupid and misogynist. They brought him on to discuss this thing about making women register for selective service and he claimed that men are the ones who are truly oppressed: … [Read more...]

Rubio Defends No Rape Exception for Abortion Ban

Marco Rubio went on a Sunday morning talk show and defended his position that a woman should not be allowed to get an abortion even if she's raped. He'd tell her how sad he is for her tragic situation, but she's just an incubator now and must be forced to give birth to her rapist's child and then maybe even split custody with the rapist. … [Read more...]

Roosh V is Not ‘Pro-Rape’; Roosh V is a Rapist

Human excrement Roosh V has gotten a lot of attention lately in the press, not just here but all over the world. And most media accounts have said he was pro-rape, or at least hinted at that fact. But the truth is that he is not pro-rape, he is an actual rapist. He says so in his own books. Some excerpts from them that prove my point: … [Read more...]

A Recovering PUA Talks About Roosh V

Jonny Scaramanga has a post on his blog about Roosh V and his fellow misogynists. I had no idea that Jonny used to be into the whole Pick Up Artist thing himself, but he opens up about it in a way that I think is pretty brave and raw. Huge respect to him for overcoming his misogyny and for putting himself out there on this. … [Read more...]

Sincere Kirabo on the Secular Social Justice Conference

Last weekend was the Secular Social Justice conference in Houston, Texas, and I so wish I'd been there. So many of my friends were there and it sounds like they had an amazing time. Sincere Kirabo was there and he has a long post about some of the panels and the discussion that took place. His introduction: … [Read more...]

The We Love Rape World Tour is About to Begin

Vile rape defender and admitted rapist Roosh V is convening a meeting of other misogynists and rapists. "We have finally arrived," he actually said in announcing this event, which kicks off in Sydney, Australia on Feb. 6th and in locations in 43 other countries. I certainly hope law enforcement has their eye on these disgusting assholes. … [Read more...]

Ohio Pol Suggests Mothers Shouldn’t Run for Office

Sen. Tom Patton of Ohio is now running for the state house and his opponent is a woman with two young children. In an interview, he very strongly suggested that it was wrong for her to run because she would have to spend time out of town a lot. And he waited until his children were grown because he's a much better person than she is. … [Read more...]

Cass: Only Christian Men are Qualified for Public Office

Gary Cass, founder of the absurdly named Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, has recorded a video explaining to his followers how they should vote in any election. And the most important things, he says, are that a candidate for public office be a Christian man. Non-Christians and women need not apply. … [Read more...]

Pale, Male and Stale, Part Deux: The Solution

I wrote last week in response to an article saying that the atheist movement has become "pale, male and stale." I was challenged to go beyond that actually provide a list of women we need to be pushing to the forefront and giving a larger platform, which I'm going to do here. I'll also be providing a list of names of African-American, Latino and ex-Muslim atheists I think should be given more attention. Feel free to add more names in the comments, as I'm sure I'll miss a great many. … [Read more...]

Meet the New Spokesman for A Voice for Men

A man from Warren, Michigan is driving a flatbed truck with huge chunks of wood and logs on it. They dump all over a street in Detroit. The man drives off and another man from the neighborhood follows him in his car to get the license plate number. A female reporter goes to ask him why he dumped all that wood and just left it there and he tells her, "I don't take orders from no women." … [Read more...]