Oklahoma Mandates Anti-Abortion Songs in Public Bathrooms

In a rather bizarre move, the state of Oklahoma is now requiring that anti-abortion signs be put up in all public bathrooms in the state. Why public bathrooms and not, say, movie theaters or record stores? I have no idea. I bet they don't either. … [Read more...]

Conway Continues to Sell Out Women

One of the most disturbing things about Baghdad Kellyanne Conway is that, as her job requires, she has continually defended Donald Trump's clearly misogynist behavior. The evidence that Trump is a sexist to the point of advocating sexual assault is overwhelming. Conway could not care any less: … [Read more...]

Can Trump Get Roe v Wade Overturned?

538 has an article by Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux arguing that it's unlikely that Donald Trump will be able to get Roe v Wade overturned. I partly agree with her, for reasons I will explain after presenting her argument for that conclusion: … [Read more...]

Roosh V Loves Himself Some Donald Trump

Add rape advocate and prime candidate for the title of World's Biggest Douchebag Roosh V to the list of reprehensible, horrible human beings celebrating the election of Donald Trump as president. He declares that "this is our moment." … [Read more...]

O’Reilly: Women Should be Loyal to Bosses that Sexually Harass Them

Bill O'Reilly is all verklempt over Megyn Kelly's new book, which directly addresses Roger Ailes' career as a sexual harasser and contains her own stories of that harassment. He says that she, and by extension all women, should show loyalty to such a boss and not talk about what they did. … [Read more...]

The Vile Misogyny of Steve Bannon

Given the terrible track record of misogyny on the part of Donald Trump, no one should be the least bit surprised that he picked Steve Bannon to run his campaign and be his chief of staff. Bannon is at least as much of a sexist pig as Trump. … [Read more...]

Hostility to Women a Key Predictor of Trump Supporters

Donald Trump is doing historically bad among women, especially those who are well-educated, and three social psychology researchers may have figured out why. Their research shows that hostility toward women is a powerful predictor of whether a voter supports Donald Trump. … [Read more...]

Mel Gibson is Just Shocked that People Don’t Like Him Now

Mel Gibson, once one of the most popular movie stars in the entire world and now the object of derision, is shocked -- shocked, I tell ya -- that people are now treating him like a pariah just because he went on more than one anti-Semitic rant, with a side order of sexism and violent threats to his girlfriend. … [Read more...]

Wingnut: Pro-Choicers are Worse than Hitler

Tamara Scott, a far-right radio talk show host and a member of the Republican National Committee, went full Godwin on her radio show recently and said that pro-choice politicians are not just like Hitler, but worse than Hitler. Because she says so. … [Read more...]

Trump Again on Video Ogling Young Women

And we have yet another tape that has been dredged up of Donald Trump being incredibly creepy toward young women. This is from 2007, during a paid speech, when he decided to tell a story about how he hired a 17 or 18 year old waitress who had no experience just because she was beautiful. And then it goes way downhill from there. … [Read more...]

Trump: I’ll Sue Women Accusing Me After the Election

Donald Trump got all fired up at a rally in Gettysburg and kinda went off on all the women now accusing him of doing exactly what he says he does on that Access Hollywood tape. And he's going to sue all those "liars" once the election is over. … [Read more...]

Trump, Jr: Women Shouldn’t Work if They Can’t Handle Harassment

Donald Trump, Jr. went on the Opie and Anthony radio show three years ago and said that if women can't handle being sexually harassed in the workplace, maybe they should find a different job that is more traditional for women. … [Read more...]