NY Times Finds $13 Million in O’Reilly Sexual Harassment Payouts

We already knew about two major sexual harassment lawsuits filed against Bill O'Reilly, both of which were settled. The New York Times has discovered three more. In total, either he or Fox News has paid out a collective $13 million to keep those women quiet. … [Read more...]

Trump Declares Sexual Assault Month

Given his admission of having sexually assaulted women, when you see a headline that says Donald Trump declared April to be Sexual Assault Awareness Month, it's reasonable to fear that he means be aware of all your opportunities to commit such a crime. Alas, it's only irony and hypocrisy. … [Read more...]

Pence Breaks Tie in Senate to Allow Defunding of Planned Parenthood

The Senate voted deadlocked on a bill that would allow states to deny funding from federal family planning grants to Planned Parenthood, allowing Vice President Mike Pence to break the tie -- on the wrong side, of course. All of this because of abortion, which those funds cannot be used for already. … [Read more...]

Iowa Anti-Choice Bill Gave Parents Control of Unmarried Adult Daughters

The Iowa state legislature is considering a bill that bans abortion entirely after 20 weeks on the grounds of fetal personhood. In the first version of the legislation was a provision that is so archaic and misogynist as to be absolutely shocking. The relevant text: … [Read more...]

Trump Shocked that Women Have Heard of Susan B. Anthony

Given Donald Trump's terrible track record of insulting and degrading women in pretty much every conceivable way, you'd think he'd be very careful when talking to or about them. You'd be wrong. This is an actual quote from him speaking at a women's empowerment event on Wednesday: … [Read more...]

Beck and Tomi Lahren, Round Two

As reported yesterday, Glenn Beck's The Blaze has suspended ignorant racist demagogue Tomi Lahren after she came out as pro-choice on abortion. But last year, when a petition was created demanding that she be fired for comparing Black Lives Matter to the KKK, Beck self-righteously declared that he would never, ever censor her. … [Read more...]

Pence to Receive ‘Working for Women’ Award

The Independent Women's Forum, on whose board sits Baghdad Kellyanne Conway, is going to give Vice President Mike Pence, a guy who has done nothing but work against the interests of women in this country, its "Working for Women" award this year. … [Read more...]

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Manning vs Trump

Remember James David Manning, the maniacal right-wing preacher who thinks Starbucks puts gay semen in their lattes? He actually met with Trump during the campaign and practically endorsed him. But he unleashed one of his patented idiotic tirades against Trump and Kellyanne Conway on his Youtube channel: … [Read more...]

Kilmeade: Women Don’t Need Rights

Brian Kilmeade, the second dumbest man on television, behind his co-host Steve Doocy, reacted to the marches on International Women's Day by saying that he doesn't see women as oppressed or needing rights because everyone is equal now. … [Read more...]

Someone Who Hates Women as Much as Jesse Lee Peterson

We may finally have found someone who hates women as much as Jesse Lee Peterson does. His name is Nathan Larson and he's running for a seat in the Virginia Assembly. He's a Men's Rights Activist who is in favor of incestual marriages and much more. Oh, and he threatened to kill Obama. … [Read more...]

DeVos Employee Likes to ‘Shake’ His Wife

Gary Naeyaert, executive director of the Betsy Devos-created Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP), testified in front of a Michigan congressional committee that he was so upset with a female education reform official that he "wanted to shake her, like I like to shake my wife." … [Read more...]

Peterson Thinks Trump is a Real Man

Jesse Lee Peterson, the vile misogynist who hates women so much he doesn't think they should be allowed to vote, says that God sent Donald Trump to serve as a role model for what a "real man" is supposed to be. Spray tanned and desperately insecure is apparently the answer. … [Read more...]