Those Poor, Emasculated Army Rangers

As I'm sure you've heard by now, two female soldiers have passed the Army Ranger training school, one of the most grueling and difficult training regimens in the military. Phyllis Schlafly is beside herself about this, of course, and she worries that the presence of women in the Rangers will "emasculate" those poor commandos. She's so concerned, in fact, that she doesn't think the world can survive it. Yes, she actually said that. … [Read more...]

Jeb Bush Lies About Planned Parenthood

Jeb Bush, whose grandfather helped found Planned Parenthood, is nonetheless more than happy to tell blatant lies about that organization in a desperate attempt to gain ground in a Republican presidential race in which Donald Trump has sucked up all the oxygen in the room. He hosted a townhall meeting in Colorado in which he said that Planned Parenthood they're "not doing women's health." Two reporters tweeted his comments: … [Read more...]

Your Local Government Jerk of the Day

Mark Gremaud (Video screenshot)

On Thursday I had lunch with an old colleague from the American Independent News Network who is now doing reporting on state and local government (primarily technology stuff, not politics). And I told him my theory that as bad as Congress is, if you really want to find the frauds, extremists and assholes, you gotta go to the local government. Here's a perfect example of what I was talking about: … [Read more...]

Rubio: Still Against Rape and Incest Exceptions


Marco Rubio wants you to know that he's absolutely not waffling on his position that no woman should be allowed to have an abortion. Even women who were the victims of rape or incest must be forced to carry and deliver their rapist's child, at enormous emotional danger to themselves and that potential child. Because you don't know what's best for you, ladies, Marco Rubio does, and he's the one who gets to make your medical decisions. … [Read more...]

Florida Frat Accused of Rape, Chants in Favor of Rape

A fraternity at the University of Central Florida, where a woman was apparently raped last fall, has been suspended after a video came out of some of them chanting "let's rape some bitches" and "let's rape some sluts" repeatedly. But don't worry, there totally is no such thing as rape culture or anything like that. I know not every fraternity is like this, but goddamn it enough of them are to make me entertain the idea of just banning them entirely. … [Read more...]

The Truth About Margaret Sanger and Eugenics


NPR does a fact check on the ubiquitous claims from the right wing that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a racist who wanted to eliminate blacks. The truth is that while she did flirt with eugenics in the early days, as did a great many people at the time, the accusations are generally based on fake quotes, false claims and wild exaggerations. Here's what Ben Carson recently said about it: … [Read more...]

Erickson Proves His Own Misogyny in Wake of Trump Criticism

Screenshot from Youtube clip

As everyone and their brother pointed out, Erick Erickson's decision to uninvite Donald Trump from his event was breathtakingly hypocritical given his own long history of sexism and misogyny. And to prove that yet again, he puts a post at the top of his site that demeans Hillary Clinton by calling her a "homely woman" who "slept her way into power." … [Read more...]

Fox Guest: Non-Gendered Toys Make Kids Question Their Gender

The hosts of Fox and Friends continue clutching their pearls over the decision by Target to stop declaring some toys to be for girls and some for boys. And now they've found an actual psychotherapist to agree with them with a thoroughly lame argument like this one: … [Read more...]

Erickson: My Misogyny is Totally Different From Trump’s

Erick Erickson, when called out on the fact that he disinvited Donald Trump after his sexist attacks on Megyn Kelly and lots of other women over the years while being terribly sexist himself, helpfully explained why his sexism is totally different from Trump's sexism. … [Read more...]

Savage Joins Trump in Sexist Attacks on Megyn Kelly

Michael Savage, who has been publicly fellating Donald Trump at every opportunity, predictably joins him in his sexist attacks on Megyn Kelly (as Trump has done to every other women who has challenged or questioned him). Because it's all about looks for women, but not for men of course. … [Read more...]

Fox and Friends Lost Without Gender-Labeled Toys

Fox and Friends, the show that features the three dumbest human beings on American television, is rather verklempt over Target's decision to stop labeling toys as being for boys or girls. They just can't imagine how one could possibly know which toy to buy for a child if they aren't labeled. … [Read more...]

‘I Don’t Have Time for Political Correctness’

Of all the dumb things that Donald Trump said during the debate, this lame response to being asked why he always demeans women who challenge him with sexist insults may take the cake. And I find it funny that even those conservatives who wish Trump wouldn't do that are buying into it. Like Jonah Goldberg: … [Read more...]