Priebus Dodges Question About Trump’s Mistreatment of Women

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus went on the Fox News Sunday show with Chris Wallace and was grilled about a New York Times report about Donald Trump's long history of objectifying women in professional settings. He tried like hell to dodge the question. … [Read more...]

Dana Loesch is a Horrible Human Being

Dana Loesch, a third-rate Ann Coulter wannabe with a radio show, proves herself to be an absolutely vile human being and a female sexist by calling a woman who supports Donald Trump "flat-chested" (as though that is in any way relevant). That woman had a double mastectomy. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump is So Oppressed Because He’s a Man

Donald Trump seems to be intent on burying himself with female voters completely. Doubling down on his "Hillary is playing the woman card" attack, he went full on MRA and declared that women have it so much easier than men, who are oppressed because they're "petrified to speak to women anymore." … [Read more...]

Another Awesomely Whacked C-SPAN Caller

I've had a speech I gave broadcast on C-SPAN, but I'd love to have a chance to go on there and take calls because there always seems to be one caller who just flies right off the planet with some bizarre screed and it's usually hilarious. It happened with a woman from the Center for American Progress this weekend: … [Read more...]

Offend Trump, Get Anti-Semitism, Misogyny and Threats

Julia Ioffe is a very good journalist who was born and raised in Russia and she recently did a profile of Donald Trump's wife Melania that the couple didn't like. Naturally, that led some of his followers to deluge her with anti-semitism and misogyny. … [Read more...]

Andy Schlafly Thinks Ted Cruz is a Feminist

There's been a big fight within the Eagle Forum, seemingly over the fact that Phyllis Schlafly has endorsed Donald Trump rather than the far more socially conservative and Christian Ted Cruz. And now her idiot son, Andy Schlafly, is bizarrely claiming that Cruz is a feminist and so are the people trying to boot his mother out. … [Read more...]

MS Legislature Says No to Domestic Violence as Reason for Divorce

Mississippi is apparently not a no-fault divorce state, so they have laws that define the legal grounds for divorce, including adultery and impotency. But the Mississippi legislature rejected a bill that would have added domestic violence as a reason you can get rid of your spouse. … [Read more...]

The Horrible Online Abuse of Female Sports Journalists

This video is important to watch. Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro, both sports reporters, have everyday guys come in and read social media comments that they've received out loud to them. The guys are appalled by them, as they should be, and can barely get through them. Meanwhile, this is the kind of thing they get every day. … [Read more...]

Varney, Napolitano Have Bizarre Exchange on Consent

Stuart Varney and Andrew Napolitano are quite upset over the situation at Harvard, where the leader of a men-only club say that if they're forced to admit women they might just rape them. They had an absolutely bizarre exchange on the question of consent that had nothing to do with that issue. … [Read more...]

Harvard Boy’s Club: Force Us to Accept Women and We Might Rape Them

Harvard has been working on policies to address the problem of sexual assault on campus and that has included criticizing some of the "final clubs." The oldest of those clubs, the 225-year old Porcellian Club, has publicly responded by saying, in essence, if you force us to accept women we might rape them. … [Read more...]

Look, Misogyny From Jesse Lee Peterson

Jesse Lee Peterson, the deeply misogynist douchebag who thinks women shouldn't even be allowed to vote, has a column just filled with the sexism he's become so well known for. Men fail, he says, because they don't "address the evil in women." And even Ted Cruz is not sexist enough for him. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Serious Problem With Misogyny

Donald Trump is absolutely baffled that some people seem to think he's a sexist. Like every sexist I've ever encountered, he thinks that the fact that he finds women sexually attractive is proof that he "loves women." In fact, in a Tweet on Saturday, he had this to say: … [Read more...]