Jim Bakker’s Food No Taste So Good

Professional con man of God Jim Bakker now makes his money selling freeze-dried survival food to his dimwitted and paranoid followers. He promises them profusely that it's absolutely delicious and that they'll be eating like kings while the world is sending. So NPR staff decided to order a few buckets and give it a shot. Guy Fieri has gotten better reviews for his Times Square restaurant. … [Read more...]

Top Chef, Episode 1: Enter the Douchebags

I'm going to do something totally different than anything I've done before on my blog. I'm a big fan of the show Top Chef (yes, I know it's a reality show; sue me). The 2015 season debuted Thursday night with the first two episodes, so I thought I'd do reviews of each show after it airs, because, let's face it, as a straight guy I just don't get the opportunity to be catty all that often. So here goes. And yes, there are spoilers, so don't click if you don't want to see them. … [Read more...]

The Worst Restaurant Traits

A friend posted a link to this article on Facebook: The 44 Worst People in Every Restaurant. It's about the worst traits of restaurant customers and we've all seen these people. Some of us have been these people, or one or two of them at least. Some of them are pretty funny. A few of my favorites: … [Read more...]

East Lansing to Allow Food Trucks

The city council in my former home city of East Lansing, Michigan -- home to Michigan State University -- has voted to allow the operation of food trucks in the city. They did this, of course, over the objection of brick and mortar restaurants who want the government to protect them from competition. … [Read more...]

USDA Loves That Pink Slime

Some of the biggest fast food companies in the world may have decided to stop using pink slime "meat" in their products, but the federal government is more than happy to feed it to school children at lunch time. The Huffington Post reports: … [Read more...]