Petraeus on Trump’s Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Last week, retired Gen. David Petraeus met with Donald Trump amid speculation that he was on the short list to be the next secretary of Defense. But in May, Petraeus published an op-ed in the Washington Post that, while it didn't mention Trump specifically, was clearly aimed directly at him and his bigoted policies toward Muslims. … [Read more...]

Trump Keeps One Promise: Ignoring Intelligence Briefings

Donald Trump is softening or outright changing his positions on issues left and right at the moment (though I wouldn't trust the flop any more than I did the flip), but he's kept one promise: He's ignoring the daily intelligence briefings prepared for him. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Huge Conflicts of Interest — And He Admitted To It

Donald Trump's refusal to put his business interests under the control of a trustee who does not report to him but to have his children run the businesses instead raises some huge conflicts of interest, especially since he also plans to have them be unpaid advisers to his administration. … [Read more...]

John Bolton Leading Candidate for Secretary of State?

The Huffington Post says that sources in the know tell them that John Bolton is the leading candidate to become Donald Trump's secretary of state. That prospect should absolutely horrify you. He isn't just a hawk, he's pretty much the undisputed king of the hawks. … [Read more...]

Jihadists Celebrating Trump Victory Too

White supremacists aren't the only ones celebrating Donald Trump's unlikely victory in the presidential election. ISIS fighters on online forums around the world are also celebrating and praising Allah as this great gift to them, and for good reason. … [Read more...]

Trump Releases ISIS Plan He Insisted Must be Kept Secret

Remember when Donald Trump defended repeatedly not releasing any plan to defeat ISIS because it had to be kept secret so ISIS didn't find out about it? Well now he's released his ISIS plan, and lo and behold, it's pretty much exactly what Obama has already been doing. … [Read more...]

Pence Makes Radical Break from Trump Over Putin

One of the things that really jumped out from the VP debate on Tuesday night was that Pence took a very, very different position on Vladimir Putin and Russia than Donald Trump has ever taken. It was a clear contradiction with Trump's statements on the matter. … [Read more...]

Bolton: We Should Overthrow Iranian Government

John Bolton, who is like Lindsay Graham on steroids, says that if we had a "real president" we would have removed the Iranian government from power. Because that's such an easy thing to do, of course. You just snap your fingers and it magically disappears. … [Read more...]

Giuliana Defends Trump on Taking Iraqi Oil

Is there a worse job than being a Trump surrogate? Every day you have to defend the monumentally idiotic things he says. Rudy Giuliani went on a Sunday morning show to defend his statement that we should have taken the oil in Iraq during and after our invasion. But he couldn't do it without lying. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Single Dumbest Position

I've said many times that Donald Trump is like that one uncle or cousin or brother most of us have, an ignorant dumbass who spouts off the dumbest and most simpleminded ideas imaginable. This is a perfect example, perhaps the single most ridiculous idea Trump has advocated. … [Read more...]

Trump Tries to Explain His View on the Generals and ISIS

This week Donald Trump announced that his big plan to fight ISIS is to ask the generals at the Pentagon to give him a plan to fight ISIS. These are the same generals he claims to know more than when it comes to ISIS. He tried during the Commander in Chief program to extricate himself for that. … [Read more...]

Trump Dodges the Question About his Bizarre Statements

During the Commander in Chief Forum put on by MSNBC Wednesday night, Matt Lauer asked Donald Trump about his penchant for making bizarre, reactionary statements when he's "in the heat of battle" and whether that's a trait we should be comfortable with in a president. He didn't even attempt to answer the question. … [Read more...]