Trump Orders Inventory of All U.S. Aid to Mexico

It seems Donald Trump is serious about his infantile demand that Mexico pay for this border wall he's allegedly going to build. He has ordered all federal agencies to detail every bit of aid the U.S. gives to Mexico to use as leverage to make them do so. … [Read more...]

Flynn Lied About Conversations with Russia

In late December, on the very same day that the Obama administration announced new sanctions on Russia for their interference in our election, Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump's soon-to-be National Security Adviser, was evidently on the phone with the Russian ambassador telling him not to worry, Trump would lift them when he took office. … [Read more...]

SEAL Hypocritically Attacks McCain

Donald Trump isn't the only one making hypocritical attacks on John McCain for questioning the recent raid in Yemen. One of his surrogates, former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie is attacking McCain and Veterans Against Trump founder Perry O’Brien. His attack is blatantly hypocritical. … [Read more...]

Putin the Killer and American Exceptionalism

In an interview aired before the Super Bowl, Bill O'Reilly somehow managed to ask a good question of Donald Trump and he, of course, attempted to deflect and distract. And he gave an answer that, while politically foolish, also happened to be absolutely true. … [Read more...]

How David Axelrod Became an Alternative Fact

David Axelrod, one of the President Obama's closet advisers and strategists, writes about how he suddenly found himself an alternative fact offered by the Trump White House in defense of their anti-Muslim immigration order. They tried to use him to justify putting Bannon no the National Security Council. … [Read more...]

Trump, Saudi King Agree on Syria Safe Zone

Donald Trump had a phone call with Saudi King Salman over the weekend and one of the things they apparently agreed on was the need for a safe zone in Syria to protect them from the ongoing civil war there that has displaced more than 5 million people. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Bizarre Shakeup of the National Security Council

Almost forgotten among all the uproar over Trump's anti-Muslim immigration order was another order he issued changing the makeup and protocol of the National Security Council in a most bizarre way. He added Steve Bannon to what is essentially the policy arm of the NSA and removed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Director of National Intelligence. … [Read more...]

Trump Continues to Display Total Cluelessness on Foreign Policy

With each passing day it becomes more and more obvious that Donald Trump lacks the first clue about foreign policy in general and about the need for tact and discipline in public statements about foreign policy controversies. All of these are from a single interview: … [Read more...]

Mattis’ Aggressiveness Toward Iran Concerns Me Greatly

The Washington Post has an article about Gen. James Mattis, Trump's nominee to be the secretary of defense, and his time as head of the Central Command. He argued very aggressively over a long period of time that we should undertake military attacks inside of Iran. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Dangerous Twitter Habit

After Donald Trump's now-infamous tweet about wanting to expand America's nuclear arsenal, which causes his handlers to scramble and pretend that he totally didn't mean it, some experts on nuclear proliferation and foreign affairs are pretty scared about his dangerous Twitter habit. … [Read more...]

Trump Names His Bankruptcy Lawyer Ambassador to Israel

Late last week, Donald Trump nominated his own personal bankruptcy attorney, David Friedman, to be the next ambassador to Israel. Friedman is a very, very reactionary Orthodox Jew who takes positions far to the right even of Netanyahu. … [Read more...]

Trump Adds Another Irrational Liar to Administration

After considering her as his press secretary, Donald Trump has now named Fox News and Moonie Times commentator Monica Crowley to be the deputy national security adviser for strategic communications. So let's take a look at some of the things she has said: … [Read more...]