Saudi Troops in Syria?


The Guardian reports that Saudi Arabia is willing to send some ground troops into Syria to fight against ISIS as part of an effort by multiple Muslim nations to bring down this terrorist group that threatens them. Would this be a good idea? Would it improve or hurt the situation? I wish I had the answer to those questions. … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger


During the last Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton boasted that Henry Kissinger praised her work as secretary of state, a moment that really should leave liberals with their mouths agape. Henry Kissinger, undeniable war criminal and enemy of human rights and freedom, should be viewed as anything but a character witness. … [Read more...]

Gates Blasts Republicans for Absurd Foreign Policy


Robert Gates, longtime Republican, former CIA leader and Secretary of defense under both Bush and Obama, blasted the Republican presidential candidates, with the exception of Rand Paul I imagine, for a childish understanding of the military and foreign policy. … [Read more...]

Rubio, Reagan and Iranian Hostages


After the release of four Americans being held in Iran in exchange for seven Iranians as the first major milestone of the nuclear agreement was reached, the Republican presidential candidates blathered on about Obama being weak and this would never happen if they were president. Marco Rubio pulled out an myth about Ronald Reagan and the hostages held in Iran from 1979-1981. PolitiFact rightly calls it a pants on fire lie. … [Read more...]

Cruz Shows He Has No Clue About the Military


Republican candidates just love to pose as tough guys who will use the military to destroy anything and everything. It's the kind of thing that drives real soldiers, and especially officers with tactical experience in war, crazy. Ted Cruz has been doing this with his idiotic rhetoric about "carpet bombing" ISIS to find out if sand glows. Even Fox News is calling him out on his ignorance: … [Read more...]

Shoebat Writer Makes Astonishingly Stupid Argument


It turns out that fake "ex-terrorist" Walid Shoebat and his self-admitted fascist son Ted are not the only weapons-grade morons writing at Some guy named Andrew Bieszad, who writes there as well, makes an argument about the capture and quick release of American seaman by Iran after they accidentally wandered into their waters that mind-numbingly stupid. … [Read more...]

Iran Turns Over Uranium Holdings in Compliance with Agreement


As required by the nuclear agreement signed between Iran and several major nations, including the United States, Iran has turned over nearly all of its low-level enriched uranium, 25,000 pounds of it. That makes it all but impossible for them to create a nuclear weapon within any short period of time and, along with the other restrictions in the deal, confines their nuclear program to peaceful purposes. … [Read more...]

Trump Doesn’t Know Nuclear Triad, but Wants to Use It


Much has been made of the fact that Donald Trump had no idea what the nation's nuclear triad was in the last Republican presidential debate. Since his campaign spokesperson can't really defend his ignorance on the matter, she decided instead to try to show that the other Republican candidates are weak because, unlike Trump, they aren't willing to actually use nuclear weapons. … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin Relates to Carson’s Ignorance


Sarah Palin can relate to Ben Carson, for rather obvious reasons. Like Carson, she knew virtually nothing about American foreign policy or almost anything else when she ran for vice president, requiring her to take a crash course in learning even the most basic things. And she admires him for not letting people who actually know what they're talking about influence his thinking. … [Read more...]

Cruz, Obama, the Good Guys and the Bad Guys


One of the most bizarre but predictable claims made by all of the Republican presidential candidates is that President Obama won't attack ISIS. That will come as a shock to ISIS themselves, who have been bombed over 6500 times by our military, killing around 20,000 of their fighters. But Ted Cruz makes this claim and then explains it as Obama just refusing to separate the good guys from the bad guys. … [Read more...]

Why Ground Troops Against ISIS is a Bad Idea

In his address to the nation Sunday night, President Obama argued that we should not send ground troops back into Iraq or into Syria because that's exactly what ISIS wants us to do and it will only help them in recruiting. And he's right. Rukmini Callimachi, a New York Times reporter who has been embedded with nearly every group fighting against ISIS and interviewed many ISIS supporters, did a long series of tweets on the subject that are really informative. … [Read more...]

Carson Pretends No Republican Has Foreign Policy Experience

Credit: Michael Vadon

Ben Carson is trying to rationalize his total ignorance about foreign policy by claiming that the only person running for president who has any experience on foreign policy is Hillary Clinton, as if being secretary of state is the only way one could become knowledgeable on the subject. That's absurd, of course, and ignores things like committee assignments. But first, he just declares that he's right about everything: … [Read more...]