Santorum: Obama Refuses to Bomb ISIS!


At the presidential forum put on by the Iowa Family Leader last weekend, Rick Santorum put on a clinic in how to divorce yourself completely from reality while running for president (assuming he's still running for president; does anyone know? Does anyone care?). He actually said that President Obama refuses to bomb ISIS because they're not a state and we can only bomb states. … [Read more...]

Trump Does the Secret Sources Thing Too


For months, Donald Trump has been claiming that Obama is planning to bring in 250,000 Syrian refugees, which is a rather blatant lie. The number is 10,000 by the end of 2016. That is the figure they notified Congress of in a mandatory filing on refugee resettlement that is made every year. When asked why he keeps lying about this, Trump took a card from Ben Carson and claimed he has secret sources. … [Read more...]

Carson’s Advisers Declare Him Clueless on Foreign Policy

Credit: Michael Vadon

It's been patently obvious all along that Ben Carson is abysmally ignorant when it comes to foreign policy, but when your own advisers come and say publicly, with their names attached, that you don't have a clue on the subject and seem incapable of getting one, that looks pretty bad. And that is exactly what is happening, according to the New York Times. … [Read more...]

Carson’s Adviser Wants to Use Military to Evangelize the World


Foreign Policy magazine has an article about Robert Dees, a retired two-star general who is now Ben Carson's chief foreign policy adviser (and judging by how Carson babbled incoherently when asked about foreign policy in the debate on Tuesday, he doesn't seem to be doing a very good job). Turns out he's one of those theocrats who wants to use the military to evangelize the world. … [Read more...]

Barton Lies About Iran Deal


It's a day that ends in Y, so let's play the endlessly fun game What Is David Barton Lying About Today? If you had the Iran deal in the office pool, you may now collect your winnings. Hes telling the same lie that Donald Trump told a few weeks ago, that the deal requires us to go to war to protect Iran if it's ever attacked -- which of course, Barton says, means we'll have to go to war against Israel. … [Read more...]

The Changing Excuses for Bombing Afghan Hospital

The American military bombed a hospital in Afghanistan run by Doctors Without Borders the other day, killing nine doctors and injuring and killing many patients as well. Glenn Greenwald documents the ever-changing rationalizations offered by the government, from "whoops, we didn't mean to do that" to "it's all the Afghani government's fault" to "they were harboring Taliban fighters there." … [Read more...]

Hewitt Apologizes for ‘Gotcha’ Question on Trump


Hugh Hewitt just proved himself to be pretty much spineless. After asking Donald Trump an entirely fair question about whether he knows who the leaders of the major Islamic groups that sponsor or foment terrorism are -- he doesn't, of course -- Hewitt has now apologized and said that it was totally his fault that Trump "misunderstood" the question and it was just downright unfair of him to ask it. … [Read more...]

Cruz: Sorry Syrians, You’re the Wrong Kind of Refugee


From the Department of I've Got Mine, You Get Nothing, Ted Cruz, the son of refugees who fled violence and oppression in Cuba is opposed to taking in Syrian refugees fleeing the same thing. Because they're the totally wrong kind of refugees. I mean, we accept slightly brown-skinned people, but only if they're of the Christian variety. Because that's what Jesus would do. … [Read more...]

Beck Dons Prophet Robes Again


Gloomy Glenn Beck was on the set of his show, donning the prophet's robes and telling dark tales of impending doom if we do not do as he says. The Iran deal is the last straw, the very last straw, that will bring the wrath of God upon us all and this is the very last week in which we can stop it. If not, all is lost. This is not to be confused with every other time he's said the same goddamn thing about some other issue. This time he really means it. … [Read more...]

Gohmert Threatens (Promises?) to Leave Office if Iran Deal Goes Through


It looks like the Iran deal is pretty much assured because the Senate Republicans couldn't get enough votes to override a veto, but Rep. Louis Gohmert seems to be trying to make absolutely sure that it does by threatening -- err, promising -- to leave office if Congress doesn't stop the agreement from becoming a reality. Thank you, Mr. Gohmert, for giving us another reason to support the deal! … [Read more...]

Trump Tells Another Lie About the Iran Deal


Donald Trump is so busy lying his ass off that one has to wonder how he has time to keep his hair so perfect. He told a real whopper of a lie in a CNN interview about President Obama's negotiated deal with Iran on their nuclear program, claiming that the deal requires the United States to defend Iran if anyone else attacks them, including Israel. Even the Jerusalem Post debunks that lie: … [Read more...]

An Easy Test of Conservative Arguments Against the Iran Deal

They can't stop it now, but conservative Republicans are still raising holy hell over President Obama's negotiated agreement on Iran's nuclear programs. They like to claim that the enforcement regime, the inspections in particular, are not strong enough. That's absolute nonsense, of course; they're as strong an inspection protocol as one could imagine ever getting, stronger than any previous agreement we've had, even with the Soviets. Yet Donald Trump says: … [Read more...]