The Words Trump Refused to Say to NATO Leaders

It has already been reported that Trump removed language explicitly endorsing Article 5 of the NATO treaty during a meeting of NATO leaders in Europe, but now Politico has been given the exact language he removed from the speech by exasperated White House aides. … [Read more...]

About That $110 Billion Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia

On his trip to the Middle East, Donald Trump made a huge deal out of the $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, a deal that was negotiated by the Obama administration, and how it would create "millions" of jobs. Turns out it isn't even really a deal at this point. … [Read more...]

Clemons: Rogers May ‘Have a Bomb to Drop’ on Trump

NSA Director Mike Rogers is scheduled to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday and Steve Clemons, a writer for the Atlantic and director of the American Strategy Program at the New America Foundation, says he may have a bomb to drop on Trump during his testimony. … [Read more...]

Trump Shocked Aides with NATO Speech

When Donald Trump gave his speech at NATO, his national security advisers were expecting him to give a full endorsement of Article 5, the part of the treaty requiring us to defend the other nations in the alliance if attacked. He took that out at the last minute, much to their shock. … [Read more...]

Barton: Trump Will Defeat ISIS Easily and Quickly

Professional liar David Barton has no experience at all with war or foreign policy, but he says that Donald Trump will now quickly and easily defeat ISIS because he's unleashing the full power of our military. All we had to do was decide to annihilate them. … [Read more...]

Tillerson, Trump and the Politics of Paranoia

Politico reports that Rex Tillerson is running the entire 75,000-employee State Department with only two close aides, not filling any other positions and isolating himself completely from everyone else in the department because he's afraid of leaks to the press. … [Read more...]

Is Trump Trying to Make Himself Look Guilty?

Now comes news that the Trump administration is looking at giving back Russian property that the government seized last December as part of the sanctions for their interference in our election, compounds that were apparently used for intelligence gathering. … [Read more...]

Report: Trump to Reverse Obama Policies on Cuba

The Daily Caller is reporting that Donald Trump is going to reverse at least some of Obama's policies toward Cuba, though it isn't clear exactly which ones. Withdrawing diplomatic relations? Reinstate the travel ban? Forbid doing business there? … [Read more...]

Now is Not the Time for Pliant, Dutiful Soldiers

Gen. HR McMaster, Trump's National Security Advisor, and Gen. John Kelly, the Secretary of Homeland Security, were hailed as important appointments for Trump because they were well-respected, smart and would focus on what's best for the country. In short, they'd be the adults in the room. But is that the reality? … [Read more...]

CNN: Russians Bragged About Using Flynn to Influence Trump

Another new and damaging revelation concerning Russia and Trump. CNN is reporting that the Russians bragged about how they had developed a relationship with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and could use that to influence Trump to get what they wanted. … [Read more...]

Trump Puts Off Iran Deal Withdrawal for At Least 120 Days

The State Department announced on Wednesday that it was going to continue to waive sanctions against Iran as part of the nuclear agreement signed under Obama for another 120 days, but is adding some new sanctions on specific Iranians for continued human rights abuses. … [Read more...]

Trump Lets Russian Press Into Oval Office, Not American Press

This is perhaps the single most bizarre aspect of this whole James Comey situation. Less than 24 hours after firing Comey, Trump welcomed the Russian Ambasasador and Foreign Minister in to the Oval Office -- and let in Russian state media, but not American media. And he did it at Putin's request: … [Read more...]