Kerry Calls Bangladeshi Leader About (Some) Murders

John Kerry personally called Prime Minister Sheikih Hasina of Bangladesh about the murder of a USAID worker and an LGBT rights activist by Muslim extremists last week, demanding that the killers be tracked down. Which is a good thing, of course, but why didn't this happen after any of the six murders of atheist writers in the last year and a half? … [Read more...]

Contradictions in Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech

Foreign policy experts are rightly calling Donald Trumps's long-awaited speech on that subject totally incoherent. The Guardian lists ten fairly obvious contradictions in that speech, sometimes literally seconds apart. Here's just a few of them: … [Read more...]

Donald Trump’s Word Salad on Pakistan

After that ridiculous foreign policy speech that Donald Trump gave this week, he went on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren and was asked about Pakistan and nuclear proliferation. This was his answer, which rates about 950 milliPalins on the word salad scale. … [Read more...]

Foreign Policy Expert Rips Trump’s ‘Serious’ Speech

The reviews are rolling in for Donald Trump's big "serious" foreign policy speech this week and it seems to be provoking mostly derision and laughter. David Rothkopf, the CEO of Foreign Policy magazine and a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, went on CNN and gave a rather blistering appraisal: … [Read more...]

Trump Invents Another ‘Fact’

Donald Trump has a bad habit of must making things up, or repeating things he might have heard or assumes to be true without bothering to check. This is especially true on foreign policy, a subject about which he knows less than nothing. PolitiFact catches his latest falsehood: … [Read more...]

Trump’s Empty Foreign Policy Speech

Donald Trump finally gave that much-anticipated "serious" speech on foreign policy, using the same teleprompter that he has hammered Obama for using. But even though it was a pre-written talk that has taken weeks and weeks to prepare, it was little more than a slogan: "America first." How profound. … [Read more...]

Koch Brother Hammers Trump, Cruz

In an interview on ABC, Charles Koch of the infamous Koch Brothers went pretty hard after both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on the subject of Muslims and foreign policy. He went hardest after Trump's idea of banning all Muslim travel and immigration and forcing Muslims to register with the government: … [Read more...]

A Trump Adviser’s Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

The Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights has a report on Joseph Schmitz, one of the five foreign policy advisers that Donald Trump identified as those he consults with. Schmitz, it turns out, is quite a piece of work, with all manner of bizarre and ridiculous positions on things. Like this: … [Read more...]

More Trump Lies About the Iran Deal

Donald Trump says he has studied the agreement between Iran and several other countries dealing with their nuclear program. In fact, he's studied it "greater by far than anybody else," he says. I call bullshit. He's memorized a few right-wing lies about it and he repeats them no matter how many times they've been debunked. … [Read more...]

Cruz Shows His Ignorance on the Ukraine

Like his opponent Donald Trump, Ted Cruz knows almost nothing about foreign policy, military issues or international relations. This is why his only policy proposals in those areas are shallow, trite talking points that no one should take seriously. Here he repeats a commonly heard falsehood on the Ukraine: … [Read more...]

Cruz Still Blathering About Carpet Bombing

Ted Cruz, trying so hard to sound like a tough guy, has repeatedly said that he would "carpet-bomb ISIS into oblivion" and find out whether "sand can glow in the dark." And even after military leaders have pointed out that this is a terrible idea and he doesn't have a clue what it means, he's still repeating it. … [Read more...]

Giuliani: Clinton a ‘Founding Member of ISIS’

Rudy Giuliani is a good little Republican attack dog and, true to that job, he gladly ignores really important facts in order to make a highly dishonest case for whatever ridiculous claim he's making at the moment. Like his claim that Hillary Clinton was practically a "founding member of ISIS." … [Read more...]