ISIS Preparing for Losing Territory?

Over the last year or so, ISIS has lost control of a great deal of the territory in Syria and Iraq that they considered the home base of their caliphate. Between the bombing raids and ground battles with the Iraqi army, Iranian and Kurdish troops, they've lost control of Mosul and Ramadi. The Washington Post reports that they are now preparing for a new phase without that territory: … [Read more...]

McCain’s Blatant Lie Tying Obama to Orlando Massacre

John McCain tried to claim that President Obama is "directly responsible" for the Orlando massacre through a bizarre bit of "reasoning." But he leaves out a crucial bit of history that turns his lame attempt at placing blame into a rather blatant lie. … [Read more...]

More of Trump’s Ignorant Foreign Policy Nonsense

Donald Trump went on at some length during a campaign stop in Georgia about foreign policy and included some real head-scratchers. The guy just does not have a clue what he's talking about on the subject, which causes him to spout bizarre thing like this: … [Read more...]

Trump’s Incoherent Foreign Policy Speech

Matthew Yglesias reviews Donald Trump's major foreign policy address, delivered on Monday. As with all his previous pronouncements on foreign policy, it was totally incoherent and contradictory. The man simply has no idea what he's talking about. He quotes this from the speech: … [Read more...]

Another Trump Foreign Policy Lie

Donald Trump has a clear pattern of supporting some foreign policy or military act, then when it turns out badly claiming that he was against it all along. The latest example is the ouster of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, which he says was a terrible blunder and all Hillary Clinton and President Obama's fault. … [Read more...]

Lindsey Graham Flips, Urges Vote for Trump

After months of railing about the evils of Donald Trump, calling him a con man and a fraud and saying that he would never support him, Lindsey Graham has done a complete 180 -- but only in private. He told Republicans at a private fundraiser that they should united behind Trump. … [Read more...]

Trump Again Lies About Libya

Yet another example of Trump flat out lying about his previous position on an issue and the media allowing him to get away with it. On Morning Joe he again claimed that he was opposed to U.S. intervention in Libya. And he through in two more long-debunked lies as well. … [Read more...]

Smith: Stop Letting Trump Lie About Iraq Position

Ben Smith, editor of BuzzFeed, lambastes the media for allowing Donald Trump to lie continually about his position on the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Trump claims that he was against the war and he's expanded the lie to claim that he predicted every bad thing that has happened. It's complete bullshit. … [Read more...]

Kerry Calls Bangladeshi Leader About (Some) Murders

John Kerry personally called Prime Minister Sheikih Hasina of Bangladesh about the murder of a USAID worker and an LGBT rights activist by Muslim extremists last week, demanding that the killers be tracked down. Which is a good thing, of course, but why didn't this happen after any of the six murders of atheist writers in the last year and a half? … [Read more...]

Contradictions in Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech

Foreign policy experts are rightly calling Donald Trumps's long-awaited speech on that subject totally incoherent. The Guardian lists ten fairly obvious contradictions in that speech, sometimes literally seconds apart. Here's just a few of them: … [Read more...]

Donald Trump’s Word Salad on Pakistan

After that ridiculous foreign policy speech that Donald Trump gave this week, he went on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren and was asked about Pakistan and nuclear proliferation. This was his answer, which rates about 950 milliPalins on the word salad scale. … [Read more...]

Foreign Policy Expert Rips Trump’s ‘Serious’ Speech

The reviews are rolling in for Donald Trump's big "serious" foreign policy speech this week and it seems to be provoking mostly derision and laughter. David Rothkopf, the CEO of Foreign Policy magazine and a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, went on CNN and gave a rather blistering appraisal: … [Read more...]