Vox Debunks Another Right-Wing Lie About the Iran Deal


Max Fisher at Vox has been doing a tremendous job of explaining every single detail of the agreement we negotiated with Iran over their nuclear program and of debunking a steady stream of right-wing lies about it. In a new post, he shows why the now-ubiquitous claim that International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors can't get access to a nuclear site to inspect for 24 days is just another lie. In fact, it's 24 hours. … [Read more...]

Kasich: I Would Not Have Fought the War I Supported


Ohio Governor John Kasich seems to be having as much of a problem settling on a position on the Iraq invasion (not a war, an invasion) as Jeb Bush is. In an interview on CNN, Kasich said he would "never" have invaded Iraq in 2003. But he was a big proponent of the Iraq war at the time, saying that invading the country was the right thing to do in order to get rid of Saddam Hussein. … [Read more...]

Trump Still Fumbling for a Position on Iran


One thing that has become absolutely clear watching Donald Trump campaign is that there isn't even a hint of a coherent set of policy positions. It's obvious that he just wings it, saying whatever comes to his mind at any given moment while being interviewed, which is why he careens wildly from one position to its opposite. Take the Iran deal, for example. A few weeks ago he said this: … [Read more...]

Neo-Cons and Hillary Clinton

Jacob Heilbrunn has a column in the New York Times arguing that the neo-conservatives who have found such influence in the Republican party over the last 35 years are now preparing to embrace Hillary Clinton in a bid to keep that influence if she wins the White House. … [Read more...]

Tony Perkins is Suddenly a Cultural Relativist

The Christian right constantly, and wrongly, accuses "the left" of being moral and cultural relativists. But in a recent email to his followers, Tony Perkins suddenly transforms himself into a cultural relativist -- but only for a single issue. And yep, it's all about The Gay. … [Read more...]

Why Bill Kristol Should Be Ignored on Iraq

Bill Kristol, predictably, thinks we should send troops back into Iraq to restart the war:"[President Obama needs to go] on TV saying, 'This is a strategic crisis, for the reasons I'm going to lay out here. We have to do something that no one wants to do, which is to go back in with a lot of air power and with special forces, and maybe a few conventional troops, to help stabilize the situation,'" Kristol told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Tuesday. … [Read more...]

Bush, Obama and Renewed Violence in Iraq

Sometimes my mind just boggles at how ridiculous the American media and political discourse can be. A perfect example is the current attempt to turn the inevitable -- yes, inevitable -- violence in Iraq into a political weapon to use against President Obama. This begins with Fox News actually crediting President Bush with anticipating the surge in sectarian violence there after our troops left. … [Read more...]

IAEA: Iran Nowhere Near a Nuclear Weapon

As many on the right and within Israel continue to beat the drums of war and want an invasion of Iran, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has issued a report saying that Iran has complied with the requirements of a negotiated arrangement and is now nowhere near being able to produce even a single nuclear weapon. … [Read more...]

Putin, Netanyahu and Neo-Con Cognitive Dissonance

A very interesting thing has happened in the wake of Vladimir Putin's annexation of Crimea and hostile moves in the eastern Ukraine -- he and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are suddenly buddies. Israel even abstained from the UN vote that condemned Russia's recent military actions. This poses a real problem for American neo-cons who are demanding strong action against Putin. … [Read more...]

Ignorance and Foreign Policy

Americans tend to be notoriously ignorant about the goings on in the rest of the world, which is why this article by several social scientists who did a clever survey about the situation in the Ukraine is not the least bit surprising. It found that the less people know about where the Ukraine is, the more likely they are to support American military action. … [Read more...]

I’m Warmonger-Weary

Bill Kristol is clutching his pearls once again over the idea that the American people are "war-weary" and might not follow his inevitable advice to invade another country for no reason anytime soon. He quotes a letter to the Wall Street Journal from one Heidi Szrom of Valparaiso, Indiana: … [Read more...]

Rice the Latest Foreign Policy Hypocrite

Former National Security Adviser and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice joins the long list of current and former officials showing breathtaking but predictably hypocritical positions on Russia's invasion of Crimea and other activities in the Ukraine. … [Read more...]