Is McCain Naive or Lying?

John McCain has an op-ed in the New York Times criticizing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for recent comments suggesting that our foreign policy should be based only on our interests, not our stated principles. And he's right to criticize that, but he displays some serious naivete or dishonesty in the process. … [Read more...]

Rush Wants to Nuke Three Countries

The absolutely deranged Erik Rush has a new column at the Worldnetdaily arguing that Trump could be a "transcendent" president (whatever that means), based primarily on the fact that he likes to issue military threats. In fact, Rush thinks he should have nuked Syria, Iran and North Korea already. … [Read more...]

Trump Claims Iran Violating ‘Spirit’ of Nuclear Deal

During a press conference on Thursday, Trump claimed that while the State Department has certified that Iran is in full compliance with the nuclear deal we signed, technically called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), they're violating the "spirit" by continuing to sponsor terrorism. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Bizarre and Dangerous Position on Iran Nuclear Deal

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sent a brief letter to Congress informing them that the Trump administration is reviewing whether they should continue to comply with the Iran nuclear agreement even though they admit that Iran is in full compliance themselves. … [Read more...]

Republicans Completely Flip Position on Syria Bombing

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that Republican support for Trump's bombing of Syria in retaliation for the use of chemical weapons was the exact opposite of what it was when Obama proposed the same thing in 2013, while Democrats remained consistent. … [Read more...]

Spicer: Goal is to ‘Destabilize’ Syria

During his daily press briefing, Sean Spicer gave an absolutely bizarre answer when asked by Kristin Welker what the Trump administration's goal was in engaging Syria after the missile strike on an airbase in retaliation for a chemical weapon attack. … [Read more...]

Could Syria Attack Escalate?

The Trump administration is sending very mixed signals after the missile strike on Syria. I was pretty certain that it would be a one-time action with little risk of escalation, but some administration officials are making statements that make me doubt that. … [Read more...]

White Supremacists Lead Protest Against Syrian Missile Strike

Richard Spencer led a group of white supremacists in a protest at the White House against Trump's decision to shoot missiles at the airbase in Syria. They were met by counter-protesters, of course, not so much about Syria but just about them being white supremacists. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Foreign Policy Character Witness

If you needed more evidence that Trump's missile strike in Syria enraged the extreme paleo-conservative base that loves him so much and encouraged the neo-conservative right instead, look no further than Bill Kristol praising him for having handled it with confidence and correctness. … [Read more...]

Ezra Klein on the Real Problem with Trump’s Syria Attack

With all the ridiculous, evidence-free conspiracy theories flying around the left (and the far right as well) about Trump's missile strike on a Syrian airfield, Ezra Klein nails the real problem with the whole situation, which is that Trump is flying totally by the seat of his pants without any coherent position. … [Read more...]

Trump and Those ‘Beautiful Little Babies’ from Syria

I seem to be considerably less outraged at Trump's missile strike in Syria, and even less skeptical of his motivations, than many of my readers and Facebook friends. But that doesn't mean it isn't entirely fair to point out how inconsistent and incoherent he's being about it. … [Read more...]

Trump Orders Missile Strikes in Syria

Donald Trump is now actively considering military action of some sort in Syria, having Defense Secretary James Mattis brief him on possible responses Thursday evening. The number of ways this shows how wrong he's been all along are many. … [Read more...]