Giuliana Defends Trump on Taking Iraqi Oil

Is there a worse job than being a Trump surrogate? Every day you have to defend the monumentally idiotic things he says. Rudy Giuliani went on a Sunday morning show to defend his statement that we should have taken the oil in Iraq during and after our invasion. But he couldn't do it without lying. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Single Dumbest Position

I've said many times that Donald Trump is like that one uncle or cousin or brother most of us have, an ignorant dumbass who spouts off the dumbest and most simpleminded ideas imaginable. This is a perfect example, perhaps the single most ridiculous idea Trump has advocated. … [Read more...]

Trump Tries to Explain His View on the Generals and ISIS

This week Donald Trump announced that his big plan to fight ISIS is to ask the generals at the Pentagon to give him a plan to fight ISIS. These are the same generals he claims to know more than when it comes to ISIS. He tried during the Commander in Chief program to extricate himself for that. … [Read more...]

Trump Dodges the Question About his Bizarre Statements

During the Commander in Chief Forum put on by MSNBC Wednesday night, Matt Lauer asked Donald Trump about his penchant for making bizarre, reactionary statements when he's "in the heat of battle" and whether that's a trait we should be comfortable with in a president. He didn't even attempt to answer the question. … [Read more...]

Trump Explains Why He’s Qualified

MSNBC held a Commander in Chief Forum, where both candidates had to take questions from Matt Lauer and from veterans on board the USS Intrepid. Donald Trump was immediately asked by Lauer what experiences he has had that makes him qualified to make decisions on the military and foreign policy: … [Read more...]

Trump Will Ask Generals Who Know Less Than Him for ISIS Plan

Donald Trump is talking foreign policy again and, as always, contradicting himself and being completely incoherent. He says he will give the generals at the Pentagon -- the same ones he claims to know more than -- 30 days to give him a plan to defeat ISIS. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Wildly Unrealistic Foreign Policy Views

Last week Donald Trump did a townhall meeting hosted by Sean Hannity, who somehow managed to remove his lips from The Donald's ass long enough to speak into a microphone. And he showed how dangerously unrealistic he is on foreign policy. Just one example will suffice: … [Read more...]

Trump’s Lies and Hypocrisy on Obama ISIS Claims

Everyone is talking about Donald Trump's inane and offensive claim that President Obama is the "founder of ISIS." His attempts to defend that idiotic statement are both highly dishonest and highly hypocritical. Let's look at his full statement: … [Read more...]

Trump’s Typical Non-Response to Republican National Security Experts

On Monday, 50 prominent Republican national security experts released a public letter warning of the dangers of allowing Donald Trump to be the commander-in-chief. On Tuesday, Trump offered his usual non-answer to the arguments they made. … [Read more...]

Ollie North Criticizes Obama for Money to Iran

As the right wing freaks out over the false story about a $400 million repatriation of Iranian funds, the one person you would think would keep his mouth shut about it is Ollie North. You would be wrong. He is nothing if not completely shameless and oblivious to irony. … [Read more...]

Trump Tosses Palin-level Word Salad on Ukraine

Donald Trump went on George Stephanopoulos' Sunday morning show and was asked about why the GOP stripped anti-Putin language about his invasion of Ukraine. The result was a word salad of proportions so epic that one can almost feel Sarah Palin seething with jealousy over it. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump vs Megyn Kelly. Again.

Megyn Kelly noted on her show the other day that Donald Trump's views on ISIS and what policies he would pursue against them are entirely unclear. Trump, naturally, fired back on Twitter (does he do anything other than watch TV and tweet responses?). … [Read more...]