School Bans Shirt for Reference to Lesbianism

Here's yet another example of a school administration that is completely clueless about the First Amendment and eager to make sure no one expresses a message they don't like. A student at Chesnee High School near Spartanburg, S.C., was suspended for refusing to change a t-shirt that said "No one knows I'm a lesbian." The school claims that the shirt is "offensive and disruptive." Eugene Volokh, one of the top First Amendment experts in the country, reports: … [Read more...]

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Scott Lively Suddenly Loves the First Amendment


Deranged anti-gay bigot has suddenly developed an undying devotion to the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment. He's quite upset about laws that forbid the use of gay reversion therapy on minors in several states and he declares that this is an outrageous violation of the First Amendment. Which would be almost touching if he hadn't already defined the First Amendment as protecting only Christian views. … [Read more...]

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Welcome to Grand Rapids, Land of Jerks

I moved to Grand Rapid two months ago and I've been thrilled with it. I love living in the city and I'm especially happy to be close to so many friends who were a 40 minute drive away for the past few years. And then I see a story like this and I am infuriated. There's a group of people in the city who are so adamant about getting rid of homeless people panhandling that they're going out and standing next to them with signs telling people not to give them money. … [Read more...]

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Florida School Tries to Ban a Book to Appease Christians


It seems the age of book banning is not a thing of the past. A high school in Florida is trying to ban a book about a young man with Asperger's syndrome because the book discusses adults who are struggling to keep their faith in God. I probably don't need to mention that a group of Christian parents are the ones demanding its removal. … [Read more...]

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Bangladeshi Government Sides With Fascist Islamic Murderers

In the worst possible response, the Bangladeshi government is taking the side of the Islamic fascists who have now murdered four atheist bloggers, warning other bloggers that if they write anything that "hurts religious sentiments" they will be arrested and face 14 years in prison. … [Read more...]

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Saudi Prince Demands More Blasphemy Laws

A Saudi prince who works as one of that country's foreign ministers told a gathering of the Non-Aligned Movement that we need laws to punish blasphemy all over the world. Because it's a "misuse" of freedom to criticize religion (well, his religion) and it leads to violence. … [Read more...]

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AHA Defends Another Student on Pledge of Allegiance

A student in Texas was punished for refusing to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance recently and now a student in New York has faced a similar situation. The American Humanist Association's Apginini Humanist Legal Center has sent a letter to the school demanding a change in policy. … [Read more...]

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ACLJ: Muslim Blasphemy Laws Bad, Christian Blasphemy Laws Good

Right Wing Watch has a follow up on its report about the Slavic Center for Law and Justice, which was created by Pat Robertson's American Center for Law and Justice, and its staunch support for harsh blasphemy laws. They catch the ACLJ in a major contradiction on the subject of blasphemy laws, strongly opposing blasphemy laws in Muslim countries while lamenting the lack of them in America. … [Read more...]

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ACLJ Supports Harsh Blasphemy Punishments

Well this is certainly interesting. The American Center for Law and Justice, which pretends to be a group that favors religious freedom in the United States, enthusiastically advocated for the passage of a law in Russia that punishes any "insult to the religious feelings of the faithful." Right Wing Watch translates a press release put out by their Slavic Center for Law and Justice, funded completely by the ACLJ: … [Read more...]

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Dateline 1937: Student Punished for Not Saying Pledge

45 of 50 states now require schools to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day, but the law says that no student can be forced to say it. But a student in Texas was just punished for refusing to say the pledge, both by his teacher and the principal. … [Read more...]

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Human Rights Activist Killed in Pakistan

A human rights activist and attorney who defends those accused of blasphemy in Pakistan was killed by two gunmen in the city of Multan. Rashid Rehman Khan was one of the most prominent human rights activists in the country and his murder reveals just how horrible the situation is there. … [Read more...]

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Fischer Wants to Ban Profanity

Bryan Fischer's man-crush on Vladimir Putin includes not only support for his anti-gay brutality but for a new law in Russia that bans profanity “at arts, cultural and entertainment events.” Fischer says we can and should do that here and the First Amendment won't be violated in the least. … [Read more...]

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