Christian Movie Fest 2014

There are three Christian movies coming out in the next few months that I'm just dying to see, so much so that when they are all available I think we're going to have a watch party (me, Jeremy Beahan, Justin Schieber and probably a few others). We might even buy a green screen and do it MST3K style. The first is Uncommon, a movie made by Liberty University starring Erik Estrada as a Mr. Miaggi-style character who has to defend brave Christian students being persecuted for their faith: … [Read more...]

Salafist Imam: Mermaids Real, Are Halal

Fundamentalist Christians often believe some loony things, but so do fundamentalist Muslims. The Salafi Center of Manchester, for example, says that mermaids are real and they are halal, so they can be eaten if you catch one. Yes, I'm serious. … [Read more...]

Gangnam Style Video Shows Antichrist is Gay

I'm not sure who the guy in this video is, but he appears to be entirely serious. He's analyzing the now-infamous Gangnam Style video, which he says is a message directly from God about the nature of the Anti-Christ. And it apparently reveals that the Anti-Christ had a gay relationship with the False Prophet. If this was a parody, it would be fucking brilliant. … [Read more...]

God Was Her Co-Pilot

We've all seen those bumper stickers that say "God is my co-pilot," but this woman from Florida seems to have taken that a bit too seriously. After being pulled over and arrested for driving 100 mph while blowing her horn, she told the police that she was only doing what God commanded her to do: … [Read more...]

Demons Can Make You Gay

Charisma magazine has a hilariously idiotic article that says demons can make you gay -- not just by possessing you, but by actually having sex with you. Because apparently they think that incubi and succubi are real entities. And apparently, they're really good in bed too: … [Read more...]

The ‘New Christian Conservatism’

The Family Research Council hosted a lecture at their offices in Washington, DC by Owen Strachan, a professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary's undergrad school, Boyce College. Strachan claimed that there was a "new Christian conservatism" being led by young people. See if you can decipher this gibberish: … [Read more...]

Ooh, Another End Time Prediction

You gotta hand it to those persistent Christian eschatologists. They aren't going to let a little thing like hundreds of failed predictions of the rapture and the second coming of Christ get in the way of making yet another one. The World Bible Society says it will happen by 2021: … [Read more...]

Bob Larson Kicks Out a Gay Demon

A few months ago I had a woman on my radio show who had grown up in the inner circle of Bob Larson, the endlessly ridiculous "exorcist" and hater of rock music. Here's a hilarious video of him "exorcising" the demon of homosexuality from a man. Love the combover and the bad acting. … [Read more...]

Barton Predicts Future Science Using the Bible

David Barton thinks the Bible says something about absolutely every issue, so much so that he's willing to take staggering leaps of logic to draw connections that just aren't there. And on his radio show recently he predicted that science would discover that salt is good for you because the Bible says it is: … [Read more...]

D’Souza Gets Engaged — While Still Married

Well here's an amusing turn of events. Dinesh D'Souza, champion of Christian values, is caught up in a sexual scandal that is getting noticed by the Christian media. It seems that he's been following the example of so many religious right types before him: … [Read more...]

Philosopher Pulls a Sokal on Theology Conferences

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the now-infamous Sokal hoax, in which physicist Alan Sokal submitted an article to a postmodernist journal that was, quite literally, gibberish -- they accepted it for publication, of course. Now a Belgian philosopher has pulled a similar hoax on two theology conferences. … [Read more...]

Bigoted Pastor Convicted of Wanking at Park

You may remember the arrest of Grant Storms, a virulently anti-gay pastor from Louisiana who routinely engaged in protests against gay rights in New Orleans, for allegedly masturbating near a public park. Well you can drop the "allegedly." He's been convicted: … [Read more...]