Texas Supreme Court Begs to Be Smacked Down Hard

The Texas Supreme Court just delivered a ruling that will be blasted by the U.S. Supreme Court, just as they did to Arkansas' high court this week. It's a very similar case, with the Texas court ruling that governmental bodies don't have to provide the same benefits to same-sex couples that they do to opposite-sex couples. … [Read more...]

Another Victory for Marriage Equality

Another interesting ruling from the Supreme Court on the last day of the term was a summary ruling on a case that the court hadn't actually heard oral argument on. They granted cert and ruled on the case at the same time, and it involved same-sex marriage and birth certificates. … [Read more...]

No Retirement Announcement from Kennedy

The last day of the Supreme Court term was Monday and it came and went without an announcement of retirement by key swing vote Justice Anthony Kennedy. Many had expected him to retire, and he still might do so, but no announcement on Monday is a good sign. … [Read more...]

March for Marriage Fizzles. Again.

Every year I look forward to the March for Marriage, put on in Washington, DC by the National Organization for Marriage. I find it endlessly amusing to watch the numbers dwindle every year as they continue to make defiant speeches about how they're going to win back the right to discriminate. This year they got literally tens of people. … [Read more...]

Russian Patriarch: Gay Marriage is Just Like Hitler

The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, says that same-sex marriage threatens to destroy society and it's just like the laws under Adolf Hitler. Gee, I wonder why the Christian right seems to love this guy so much. … [Read more...]

KY Judge Recuses Himself from All Gay Adoption Cases

Here's an interesting situation. A state judge in Kentucky has announced that he will recuse himself from any and all cases involving gay couples and adoption because he cannot impartially apply the law due to his belief that gay couples should never raise children. … [Read more...]

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before…

Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage seems to have one template for every fundraising appeal his organization sends out. They're always just on the brink of having to make deep cuts to their very important budget, so please please please send them money to keep being ineffective. … [Read more...]

MI Republicans Sponsor Bill to Fight Non-Existent Persecution

A group of Republican legislators here in Michigan have submitted a bill that would protect the right of clergy to refuse to perform same-sex marriages, a right that is already as protected as it could possibly be. It's just another ridiculous pretext to claim faux persecution. … [Read more...]

NC Republicans Want to Ban Gay Marriage Again

Four Republicans (of course) in the North Carolina state legislature have filed a bill that would declare the Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell to be "null and void" and ban same-sex marriage again, also dissolving any such marriages already performed in that state. … [Read more...]

Clerk Who Refused to Process Gay Marriage Licenses Loses in Court

Linda Summers, a clerk in Harrison County, Indiana, refused to process same-sex marriage licenses and was fired for it. She filed suit, claiming religious discrimination, and a federal district court in that state has now ruled against her. The court said, in part: … [Read more...]

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Dean vs Jeffress

Hey kids, gather round. It's wingnut-on-wingnut crime time again. In one corner, we have Trump-loving megachurch pastor and raging bigot Robert Jeffress. And in the other corner, we have Bradlee Dean, a man so far out on the anti-gay fringe that he thinks Jeffress is too much of a moderate. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Incoherent Response on Roe and Obergefell

During his 60 Minutes interview Sunday night, Donald Trump put his ignorance and incoherence on display when discussing the Supreme Court's rulings on gay marriage and abortion, declaring the first to be settled by the courts and the second one not. … [Read more...]