WND, Becket Fund Distort Contraception Ruling for Nuns


The Christian right loves to play up the lawsuit filed by the Little Sisters of the Poor, a group of nuns that do good work providing homes for the elderly poor, against the Obama administration over the contraception mandate. They know it builds sympathy to present it as the big bad government pushing around a poor bunch of kindly nuns. But this requires them to completely distort the legal issues and the rulings of the courts so far, as the Becket Fund, which represents them, and the … [Read more...]

Cruz Promises to Prosecute Planned Parenthood for Entirely Legal Actions

Ted Cruz shows absolutely no concern for either the truth or the law in a new commercial put out by his campaign intended to capitalize on outrage, driven by lies, about Planned Parenthood's donation of fetal tissue for medical research. That commercial says: … [Read more...]

Fiorina Makes Wildly Inaccurate Claim About Obamacare

Carly Fiorina got a huge boost from her performance during the Republican presidential undercard debate last week, which I did not watch. Unfortunately, and predictably, she has just as much of a problem with accuracy as her higher-polling counterparts. She said this on CNN: … [Read more...]

Trump’s Alternative to Obamacare

Aaron Klein seems to have been designated, in true Daily Show fashion, as the Worldnetdaily's Senior Donald Trump Promotion Correspondent. In his latest bit of marketing, he says that unlike the other Republican contenders, Trump has a very serious plan for replacing Obamacare. … [Read more...]

Wingnut Terribly Offended By Being Told He’s Wrong

Michael Minkoff, whose blog Last Resistance claims to be "liberalism's worst nightmare," is very unhappy with CFI's Keep Health Care Safe and Secular campaign. But it turns out his real difficulty is with being told he's wrong, which he mistakenly thinks makes the person telling him that closed-minded and "totalitarian." … [Read more...]

Morgan Brittany Hits the Ground Running

Morgan Brittany, the Worldnetdaily's latest washed-up has-been celebrity columnist, has learned her craft quickly. Specifically, she's learned the art of telling a ridiculous lie to support a paranoid conspiracy theory, this one about the IRS controlling our health care decisions. … [Read more...]

In a Rare Move, Congress Actually Does Something

In what almost seems astonishing, Congress has apparently struck a deal to actually pass legislation to fix a problem. Congressional negotiators have reached a tentative deal on a bill to fix some of the pressing problems in VA health care, including emergency funding. … [Read more...]

Fox News Can’t Believe We Help Those Who Don’t Speak English

Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, easily the two dumbest men on television, are simply beside themselves at the idea that 911 emergency responders in Texas actually help people who don't speak English. And they seem to think they're supposed to determine whether someone is a citizen over the phone. … [Read more...]

WND Lies About Tennessee Couple’s Divorce

The Worldnetdaily every day puts up stories that are really just links to other news sites, where they put in the first few paragraphs then link to the original, but they often do this while changing the headline to spin it the way they want. This "article" is a perfect example. Headline: "Obamacare forces couple to split to keep insurance." Now let's look at what the original article actually says: … [Read more...]

Not So Fast on the Accommodation Workaround

The day after the Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby case, I wrote that the administration should be able to essentially moot the decision by extending the accommodation given to religious non-profits to for-profit companies as well. Turns out it isn't quite that easy. … [Read more...]

Why the Hobby Lobby Ruling Will Be Mostly Irrelevant Soon

This thought suddenly occurred to me Monday night as I was prepping for a Google Hangout to discuss the Hobby Lobby ruling: The majority opinion gave a roadmap for how the Obama administration can essentially moot the ruling unilaterally. In fact, they can do it today if they want. Let me explain. … [Read more...]

A Very Good Sign for Obamacare

Dan Diamond reports on some very encouraging news on the health care front. Many insurance companies that initially did not take part in the state or federal health care exchanges in 2013 are now applying to add their policies to the marketplace, which means more competition that should keep premiums down. … [Read more...]