Dear GOP: Win the Vote, Then Make the Ads

Okay, this is highly amusing. The House Republicans failed to pass their Obamacare replacement bill, but a conservative PAC had already made ads telling people to thank their Republican legislator for doing so, then forgot to cancel them so a bunch of them actually went on the air. … [Read more...]

Why Public Investment in Health Care Matters

Adam Davidson has an article in the New Yorker that explains why a nation's healthcare system matters so much, because healthier citizens are more productive and is a huge boost to economic growth. Conversely, poor health undermines the economy and has huge implications throughout society. … [Read more...]

Why The GOP Healthcare Bill Failed: Peter Suderman

Peter Suderman, writing at the libertarian, is another analyst with a smart take on why Trump and Ryan couldn't get their Obamacare replacement bill passed. His position is that it failed to pass because Trump simply doesn't understand health care policy. … [Read more...]

Why The GOP Healthcare Bill Failed: Ezra Klein

In the wake of the failure of Donald Trump and Paul Ryan to pass their Obamacare replacement bill, there are many post-mortems being written, some of them very smart and insightful. Ezra Klein offers a couple reasons why it failed, starting with the fact that it was just a terrible bill: … [Read more...]

Trump Tries to Blame Democrats for Failure to Pass Healthcare Bill

In that brief oval office litany of excuses for the devastating failure to pass their own healthcare bill, Trump tried to shift the blame to the Democrats because they weren't going to vote for the bill. He reiterated that in a phone call to the New York Times: … [Read more...]

Trump: I Never Said We’d Repeal Obamacare Quickly

From behind the desk of the oval office yesterday, Trump sought to deflect, obfuscate and rationalize away what is truly a crushing political defeat after failing to pass their own bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. The excuses came fast and furious. As did this lie: … [Read more...]

Trump Wants Vote on Friday, May Let Obamacare Stay

In a truly stunning development, Donald Trump demanded that the House schedule a vote on the health care bill today even though it's not likely to pass. And his budget director says that if that vote fails, he is prepared to move on to other things and leave Obamacare alone. … [Read more...]

CBO: Amendments to Republican Health Care Bill Make It Worse

The Congressional Budget Office updated its scoring on the Republican Obamacare replacement bill to include changes made earlier this week in an attempt to win over the votes of those who don't like the bill. The conclusion: Those changes make the bill worse, not better. … [Read more...]

Root: Ignore the Victims of the Healthcare Bill

Deranged Trump sycophant Wayne Allyn Root, former VP candidate for the Libertarian Party, has some advice for Trump: Ignore the 24 million people who will lose insurance because of the Republican Obamacare replacement bill because those people wouldn't vote for him anyway. … [Read more...]

Ryan, Trump Fail to Pass Obamacare Replacement Bill

After swearing for days that there would be a vote on Thursday in the House on the Obamacare replacement bill, and that they had the votes to pass it, the Republican leadership had to cancel the vote, primarily because the far-right Tea Partiers in the chamber don't think the bill is sadistic enough yet. … [Read more...]

Obamacare Already Achieved What Republicans Say They Want

To hear Republicans tell it, they must repeal and replace Obamacare in order to get better, more comprehensive health insurance at a lower cost. Leaving aside the fact that their replacement plan would actually do the exact opposite, the reality is that Obamacare already achieved those things. … [Read more...]

The Changes to the Republican Health Care Bill

After taking flak from both right-wing extremists and moderates within the party, House Speaker Paul Ryan has changed several provisions in the bill in an attempt to win over the holdouts so the bill can pass. But as I said two weeks ago, he can't please them both at the same time. … [Read more...]