Alex Jones’ Supplement Scams

Like many other right-wingers, Alex Jones makes a lot of money selling health care scams to his credulous followers. And he knows exactly what buttons to push to get them to buy them. The government doesn't want you to know this! Get it before it's banned! … [Read more...]

Why Pharmacies Should Not Be Allowed to Sell Scams

If you walk into any pharmacy in the country you will see shelf after shelf, sometimes row after row, of "supplements" for which there is zero evidence of their effectiveness in improving our health, and sometimes positive evidence against it. Steven Novelly says this needs to stop. … [Read more...]

Meet RNC Speaker Michelle Van Etten

Donald Trump wanted to present a "winner's night" of wildly successful people at the Republican National Convention and one of them is a virtual unknown named Michelle Van Etten. The Daily Beast profiles her. Turns out she's Alex Jones' favorite medical supplement scam salesperson. … [Read more...]

Sen. Johnson: Insurance Companies Should Deny Coverage for Cancer Patients

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is currently losing badly in his reelection bid against Russ Feingold, the man he beat six years. Maybe it's because he says things like this. He says that insurance companies should be allowed to deny coverage to people with cancer. … [Read more...]

ACLU Sues Over Religiously Limited Health Care for Undocumented Children

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services over their grants to religious organizations to care for undocumented and unaccompanied minor immigrants in their custody because those groups refuse to provide the full range of health care services for them. … [Read more...]

Wrong Again, Donald

What would a Donald Trump speech be without saying something completely untrue? Very quiet, that's what. In a recent speech he claimed that because of the Affordable Care Act there are many more part-time jobs because companies try to avoid having to pay the cost of insurance for full-time employees. … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Punts on Latest Obamacare Challenge

The Supreme Court handed down its ruling in Zubik v Burwell, the case challenging the so-called "secondary accommodation" for religious non-profits in the Affordable Care Act as a violation of religious freedom. Well, kind of. They punted on the case, remanding it back to the appeals courts to deal with. Lyle Denniston provides a basic analysis of the ruling: … [Read more...]

Will Kennedy Flip Flop in the Zubik Contraception Case?

The Supreme Court on Wednesday heard oral argument in Zubik v Burwell, the lawsuit challenging the secondary accommodation in the Affordable Care Act for religious non-profits brought by the Little Sisters of the Poor and a bunch of other groups. Lyle Denniston describes what happened at the oral argument, particularly regarding Justice Kennedy: … [Read more...]

Dr. Phil Now Pushing Diabetes Medication

This is a story that really reveals a lot about the irrationality and celebrity worship of American culture. Dr. Phil, who is not a medical doctor at all, is now being paid to promote a diabetes medication. He has no more authority to do so than a plumber, but he's a celebrity and that's all that matters. … [Read more...]

Trump: Obamacare is ‘Killing Everybody’

We really should have a scale to measure the stupidity of political rhetoric. Even by the standards of the wildly exaggerated rhetoric we're used to from politicians, Donald Trump takes it to flights of fancy that would embarrass anyone with half a brain. Like telling Pat Robertson that Obamacare is "killing everybody." … [Read more...]

Cruz Still Lying About Obamacare

During the 7th Republican presidential debate on Thursday, Ted Cruz repeated a line he has used again and again on the campaign trail, claiming that the Affordable Care Act has destroyed "millions" of jobs. It's a claim that has been debunked again and again and Politifact calls it a pants-on-fire lie. … [Read more...]

Trump Still Totally Devoid of Actual Policies

One of the most bizarre things about the Donald Trump campaign is that the men rarely has a policy proposal for anything. Sometimes he offers the impossible (build a wall and make Mexico pay for it!), sometimes the vile (ban Muslims from the country!), and sometimes, as with health care, he doesn't even pretend to have policy ideas. … [Read more...]