Federal Court Blocks Deportation of Iraqi Christians

The Trump administration recently rounded up more than 100 Iraqi Christians living in the Dearborn, Michigan area (about 40% Arab, but many of them are Chaldean Christians, not Muslim) and a federal judge has issued an injunction preventing their deportation because they may face persecution and death if sent back. … [Read more...]

Trump Lectures Saudis on Not Lecturing Saudis

Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia went about like one would expect. His message was completely incoherent and contradictory, a fact he seems blissfully oblivious to. While telling them to drive out Muslim extremists from their society, he also said we would not lecture them on human rights. … [Read more...]

Trump Puts Off Iran Deal Withdrawal for At Least 120 Days

The State Department announced on Wednesday that it was going to continue to waive sanctions against Iran as part of the nuclear agreement signed under Obama for another 120 days, but is adding some new sanctions on specific Iranians for continued human rights abuses. … [Read more...]

Is McCain Naive or Lying?

John McCain has an op-ed in the New York Times criticizing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for recent comments suggesting that our foreign policy should be based only on our interests, not our stated principles. And he's right to criticize that, but he displays some serious naivete or dishonesty in the process. … [Read more...]

Russia Arrests Activists Protesting Chechnyan Anti-Gay Persecution

Trump BFF and sudden Christian right hero Vladimir Putin continues his authoritarian ways by having police arrest LGBT activists who were protesting against the rounding up, torturing and killing of gay men in neighboring Chechnya. … [Read more...]

Trump and Those ‘Beautiful Little Babies’ from Syria

I seem to be considerably less outraged at Trump's missile strike in Syria, and even less skeptical of his motivations, than many of my readers and Facebook friends. But that doesn't mean it isn't entirely fair to point out how inconsistent and incoherent he's being about it. … [Read more...]

Pakistani Writer Says Military Tortured Them

Remember those five Pakistani writers and activists who mysteriously disappeared a few months ago? They've all since been released and one of them is finally speaking out, saying that they were kidnapped and tortured by factions of the nation's military. … [Read more...]

Trump May Separate Children, Parents Seeking Asylum

In what would be an incredibly cruel policy, the Trump administration is now considering separating children from their parents when they enter the country seeking political asylum. What purpose this could possibly serve other than sadism is beyond me. … [Read more...]

Twenty Years of Humanism in Nigeria

This is a guest post by my friend Leo Igwe, a tireless activist for humanism and against the many barbarities of religion in his native Nigeria and all of Africa. In it, he celebrates twenty years of the Nigeria Humanist Movement, which he founded, and the good that it has done. … [Read more...]

Trump and Sessions Strongly Support Private Prisons

One of the aspects of the upcoming Trump administration that has received little attention is that he, and his attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions, are both big fans of privatizing prisons and jails. That idea has proven disastrous and ineffective throughout the states. … [Read more...]

Christian Right Upset About Tillerson Nomination

The Christian right leaders have generally cheered on most of Donald Trump's picks for his cabinet, but they're raising alarm bells over Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. No, not because he's so close to Russia, but because of his past actions on culture war issues. The Family Research Council blathers on it: … [Read more...]

The Southern Poverty Law Center Really Screwed Up

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which does a lot of important work tracking extremists of all stripes, put out a field guide for journalists of "anti-Muslim extremists" and bizarrely included Maajid Nawaz, a liberal Muslim pushing for a more progressive form of Islam. It's an absolutely baffling inclusion. He responds: … [Read more...]