Trump and Those ‘Beautiful Little Babies’ from Syria

I seem to be considerably less outraged at Trump's missile strike in Syria, and even less skeptical of his motivations, than many of my readers and Facebook friends. But that doesn't mean it isn't entirely fair to point out how inconsistent and incoherent he's being about it. … [Read more...]

Pakistani Writer Says Military Tortured Them

Remember those five Pakistani writers and activists who mysteriously disappeared a few months ago? They've all since been released and one of them is finally speaking out, saying that they were kidnapped and tortured by factions of the nation's military. … [Read more...]

Trump May Separate Children, Parents Seeking Asylum

In what would be an incredibly cruel policy, the Trump administration is now considering separating children from their parents when they enter the country seeking political asylum. What purpose this could possibly serve other than sadism is beyond me. … [Read more...]

Twenty Years of Humanism in Nigeria

This is a guest post by my friend Leo Igwe, a tireless activist for humanism and against the many barbarities of religion in his native Nigeria and all of Africa. In it, he celebrates twenty years of the Nigeria Humanist Movement, which he founded, and the good that it has done. … [Read more...]

Trump and Sessions Strongly Support Private Prisons

One of the aspects of the upcoming Trump administration that has received little attention is that he, and his attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions, are both big fans of privatizing prisons and jails. That idea has proven disastrous and ineffective throughout the states. … [Read more...]

Christian Right Upset About Tillerson Nomination

The Christian right leaders have generally cheered on most of Donald Trump's picks for his cabinet, but they're raising alarm bells over Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. No, not because he's so close to Russia, but because of his past actions on culture war issues. The Family Research Council blathers on it: … [Read more...]

The Southern Poverty Law Center Really Screwed Up

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which does a lot of important work tracking extremists of all stripes, put out a field guide for journalists of "anti-Muslim extremists" and bizarrely included Maajid Nawaz, a liberal Muslim pushing for a more progressive form of Islam. It's an absolutely baffling inclusion. He responds: … [Read more...]

Kissinger and the Argentinian Dirty War

The New Yorker has an article entitled "Does Henry Kissinger Have a Conscience?" When I read that, I assumed that it was meant as a rhetorical question. The article pretty much confirms that, revealing some of the now declassified documents about Kissinger's involvement in the Argentinian "dirty war." … [Read more...]

Brave Bangladeshi Bloggers Refuse to Be Silenced

I think it's very important that we work to get as many people who face death every day for daring to speak their minds out of their countries, but only if they want to go. The Telegraph interviews a Bangladeshi atheist who has watched his friends be hacked to death but is bravely refusing to leave or to shut up. … [Read more...]

Two More People Hacked to Death in Bangladesh

And hot on the heels of an English professor being murdered by Muslim extremists for advocating atheist, two LGBT activists and writers have been hacked to death. Meanwhile, the Bangladeshi government sits on its thumbs and blames the victims. … [Read more...]

Bipartisan Senators Ask Obama to Address Raif Badawi With Saudi Arabia

President Obama just took a trip to Saudi Arabia and a bipartisan group of senators has called on him to raise the case of atheist writer and human rights activist Raif Badawi with the Saudi King while he's there. It's doubtful that he would actually have done so, however. … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart’s Documentary About Syrian Refugees

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart is one of the producers of a documentary called After Spring, which looks at life for hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in a single camp. They live in tents and have almost nothing. How they maintain hope is beyond my comprehension. Here's the trailer: … [Read more...]