Kissinger and the Argentinian Dirty War

The New Yorker has an article entitled "Does Henry Kissinger Have a Conscience?" When I read that, I assumed that it was meant as a rhetorical question. The article pretty much confirms that, revealing some of the now declassified documents about Kissinger's involvement in the Argentinian "dirty war." … [Read more...]

Brave Bangladeshi Bloggers Refuse to Be Silenced

I think it's very important that we work to get as many people who face death every day for daring to speak their minds out of their countries, but only if they want to go. The Telegraph interviews a Bangladeshi atheist who has watched his friends be hacked to death but is bravely refusing to leave or to shut up. … [Read more...]

Two More People Hacked to Death in Bangladesh

And hot on the heels of an English professor being murdered by Muslim extremists for advocating atheist, two LGBT activists and writers have been hacked to death. Meanwhile, the Bangladeshi government sits on its thumbs and blames the victims. … [Read more...]

Bipartisan Senators Ask Obama to Address Raif Badawi With Saudi Arabia

President Obama just took a trip to Saudi Arabia and a bipartisan group of senators has called on him to raise the case of atheist writer and human rights activist Raif Badawi with the Saudi King while he's there. It's doubtful that he would actually have done so, however. … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart’s Documentary About Syrian Refugees

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart is one of the producers of a documentary called After Spring, which looks at life for hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in a single camp. They live in tents and have almost nothing. How they maintain hope is beyond my comprehension. Here's the trailer: … [Read more...]

Saudi Hypocrisy on Full Display

The Saudi government hates the Assad government in Syria because they are Sunni and he is Shia [err, oops. He's Alawite, of course, and I knew that], so they're demanding democratic elections in that country. But not their own, of course. When the Saudi UN Ambassador was asked about this in an interview, his response was pure hypocrisy. … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia, Guardian of Human Rights

Okay, let me warn you: Do not drink anything while reading this or you may well ruin your computer, phone or tablet. I don't believe it is possible to do anything but a classic slapstick movie spittake while reading the Saudi ambassador to the United Nations say things like this: … [Read more...]

Help Those Falsely Accused of Witchcraft

As my readers must know by now, the Humanist Service Corps is working in Ghana in Northern Africa at a "witch camp," essentially a refugee camp for those accused of being witches and exiled from their homes and communities. They're doing some amazing and important work there, but they need to raise funds to complete that work. … [Read more...]

DOJ Official Thinks Three Year Olds Can Be Immigration Lawyers

In one of the most unbelievably asinine things I've ever heard anyone say, the man who trains immigration judges for the Department of Justice said in a deposition that a three or four year old child can represent themselves in court during immigration and amnesty proceedings. … [Read more...]

Russian Man Faces Prison for Denying Existence of God

Sometimes it can be easy to presume that the problem of blasphemy laws only exists in Muslim countries, but that is not the case. A man in Russia is now on trial for "offending believers' feelings" for saying that there is no God during an argument on social media. He faces a year in prison if convicted. … [Read more...]

Report: ICE Lets Detainees Die from Lack of Medical Care

An explosive new report from several human rights groups documents appalling medical neglect going on at detention centers run by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. In particular, it cites multiple cases where people died from not receiving prompt and proper medical care for serious health problems. … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia to Murder Another Apostate

The fascist kingdom of Saudi Arabia is going to put to death -- murder, let's call it what it is -- yet another person for the mere act of leaving Islam. Apostasy is a capital crime in that totalitarian country and the poet Ashraf Fayadh is the latest to be given the death penalty for publishing “something that harms public order, religious values, public morals." … [Read more...]