Center for Inquiry Condemns Anti-Muslim Immigration Order

The Center for Inquiry put out a statement unequivocally condemning Trump's anti-Muslim immigration order, calling it an "act of cruelty" that illegally engages in discrimination. I particularly like what my friend Michael De Dora has to say: … [Read more...]

Twenty Years of Humanism in Nigeria

This is a guest post by my friend Leo Igwe, a tireless activist for humanism and against the many barbarities of religion in his native Nigeria and all of Africa. In it, he celebrates twenty years of the Nigeria Humanist Movement, which he founded, and the good that it has done. … [Read more...]

Tampa Still Arresting People for Feeding the Homeless

Along with several other cities in Florida, Tampa has a longstanding habit of arresting activists who feed homeless people in public parks. This time it was members of the group Peace Not Bombs who committed the "crime" of showing compassion to those who need it. … [Read more...]

Please Support the Official Foundation Beyond Belief Podcast

The Foundation Beyond Belief, a group that my readers know is very, very important to me, now has an official podcast, the Humanist Experience. The podcast, hosted by Evan Clark and Serah Blain, travels the country bringing you the stories of humanist activists putting their principles into action. … [Read more...]

CFI Wins Secular Celebrant Lawsuit in Illinois

A federal judge has ruled that the state of Illinois must allow humanist secular celebrants to solemnize marriages in a lawsuit in which the plaintiff was friend and fellow Patheos blogger Galen Broaddus. I'm still baffled as to why Illinois fought the case in the first place. … [Read more...]

Yes, Humanists Should Partner with Black Lives Matter

When I was on my Texas speaking tour in October, I got to meet Sean Omar Rivera, the leader of the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He impressed the hell out of me. This tireless activist makes the case for why secular humanists should align with Black Lives Matter and similar movements. … [Read more...]

Support Foundation Beyond Belief on Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, when we take a break from the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and, if we are capable of doing so, donate to an organization working to make our society better. This Giving Tuesday, why not make a donation to Foundation Beyond Belief? … [Read more...]

Bishop Tutu Wants Death With Dignity Worldwide

Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who has done so much to fight for equality and justice both in South Africa and around the world, is now pushing world leaders to pass laws allowing people to have the choice of assisted suicide, or voluntary euthanasia. … [Read more...]

Freethought Emergency Fund Relaunched as Secular Rescue

A year and a half ago, the Center for Inquiry launched the Freethought Emergency Fund as we tried to rescue Taslima Nasrin from her would-be executioners in India. Now, with time to evaluate the program and plan for making it the most effective it can be, they are relaunching it as Secular Rescue. … [Read more...]

Join Me in the Lone Star State

I'm doing a short speaking tour in Texas from Oct. 14-16 and I hope my readers there can join me for those talks, which will take place in Houston, San Antonio and Austin. The talk I'll be giving is called Why Atheism is Not Enough. Details below the fold. … [Read more...]

CFI Rescues Bangladeshi Blogger from Muslim Terrorists

The story of Shammi Haque, a remarkable young writer and activist from Bangladesh, is pretty amazing. CFI got her out of her home country and to Germany after threats to her life became very real in the wake of the murder of half a dozen others in that country. Here's her story: … [Read more...]

The Remarkable Growth of Humanist Schools in Uganda

Uganda is in many ways a terrifying country for a lot of people. I'm sure you're aware of the pogroms against LGBT people in that country. But there is also a great deal of hope there because of the growth of humanist schools throughout the country. … [Read more...]