What Atheists are Thankful For


Vyckie Garrison asked a whole bunch of us atheist folk to write up a brief few sentences about what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving for an article she wanted to publish on it. A lot of people responded, including me. I'm one of those people that really loves the holidays because, for me, they're all about getting together with family and friends. Here was my response: … [Read more...]

CFI Takes Strong Stand for Accepting Syrian Refugees


As a board member of a Center for Inquiry affiliate, I am very pleased to see CFI headquarters issuing a very strong statement about the importance of not allowing fear and hatred to stop us from offering shelter to refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war. Here is their full statement on the matter, which is very well written, presumably by Paul Fidalgo: … [Read more...]

Double Your Donation to the Foundation Beyond Belief


The Foundation Beyond Belief is launching its end-of-year fundraising drive and has secured a $20,000 matching grant, so if you contribute your donation will actually be doubled. But there's more to it than that. The #HumanistsCare 2015 fund drive includes some awesome prizes. For instance, they're selling me for a mere $10,000! Okay, you don't get to keep me, but I'll come and speak to your group free of charge for a measly $10,000 donation. Here's a video about what FBB does and how the … [Read more...]

Seth Andrews and Nate Phelps Made Me Cry


Seth Andrews has put together a video about the history of religion teaching us to hate one another. It's narrated by Nate Phelps, who knows more than just a little about the subject. It's a very powerful video that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you to two of my favorite voices in this movement for putting it together. … [Read more...]

Brave High Schooler Tells His Story


Earlier this year, the American Humanist Association’s Humanist Pioneer Award was awarded to Isaiah Smith. You probably don't remember the name, but you may well remember the incident in which he ripped up a Bible and carried it around his high school in Dallas to make a point about anti-gay bullying and harassment from Christians students there. In The Humanist, he tells his story: … [Read more...]

NY Times Does Mini-documentary About Jerry Dewitt

If you've never met Jerry DeWitt, you should really rectify that. He's an absolutely delightful guy, charming and funny and possessed of more energy than I would have after drinking 10 Red Bull and crack cocaine cocktails. The New York Times did a little mini-documentary about him, which I'll post below the fold. And if you get a chance to hear him speak -- err, preach -- as he travels the country, I strongly urge you to take it. … [Read more...]

We Are Atheism and the Audit That Wasn’t


A week or so ago I emailed Hemant to ask him if he had heard anything about the promised audit of the group We Are Atheism after it was revealed back in March that Amanda Brown, the founder of the group, had at the very least been utterly incompetent in keeping the books and, at worst, had been embezzling money from the organization to the tune of $20-30,000 missing and unaccounted for. He told me did have more information and was just crossing the Ts and dotting the Is before going public with … [Read more...]

Think You’re Brave? Not as Brave as These Guys


It's very easy to take for granted the freedom to speak our minds without fear of arrest or, worse, murder by religious fanatics. When we see non-Muslims, atheists and Christians alike and even the wrong kind of Muslims, being imprisoned and killed in a country like Pakistan, it's jarring and horrifying. So if you want to see an example of bravery, how about the people who just formed a CFI chapter in Pakistan. … [Read more...]

Why I Fight for Equality


I was watching ESPN the other day and they had this feature story about a 12-year old lacrosse player and a doctor who, ten years ago, became the first openly gay professional athlete in a team sport as a pro lacrosse player. It's a powerful story of how isolated and beaten down a young gay kid can be by his peers and how finding someone who has gone through it to help you cope and see that it gets better can change lives. … [Read more...]

Foundation Beyond Belief Hits $2 Million Milestone


It took four and a half years for Foundation Beyond Belief to go over the $1 million mark in funds raised and distributed. It took only two years to reach $2 million, which we did this month. I am so proud of the work I've done for this incredible organization. Dale McGowan deserves endless credit for creating and leading FBB for the first five years, as does everyone who has worked and volunteered for us. And to everyone who has contributed as well. … [Read more...]

Meet the First Humanist Service Corps Volunteers

Foundation Beyond Belief has sent off its first class of Humanist Service Corps volunteers (second if you count last year's Pathfinders, which set the stage for the HSC) to Ghana. Conor Robinson, who created and leads HSC, and the inaugural class of volunteers spoke before they left to a group in Baltimore. This is video of their talks, which are really great for understanding what they're going to do and why they committed to doing it. … [Read more...]

Help Foundation Beyond Belief Win $20,000 Grant

As many of you know, I do a little press relations work for Foundation Beyond Belief. I'd really appreciate it if you all could help us win a $20,000 grant from Tom's of Maine. They're giving away one grant for each of the 50 states. All it would take is about 30 seconds a day to help boost our chances greatly. This could really make a big difference for us, so please do help. Here's how to do it: … [Read more...]