Is Secularism Crowding Out Humanism?

My friend James Croft has a provocative post on his blog arguing that the American humanist movement is focused too much on separation of church and state and not enough on other aspects of humanism that, he believes, will do much more to alleviate human suffering and improve society. … [Read more...]

My Favorite Bible Verse

Valerie Tarico asked a bunch of prominent atheists, including many of my friends, what their favorite verse in the Bible is. There were some good choices, several from Ecclesiastes, unsurprisingly. Hemant Mehta and Dale McGowan chose the same verse from that book: … [Read more...]

The Growing Diversity of the Atheist Movement

Chris Hall has a great article at Alternet about the growing diversity within atheism, both in terms of demographics and in terms of where we focus our attention. I really love some of the quotes in the article from my friends, especially Greta Christina and Jamila Bey. … [Read more...]

MIT May Get Humanist Chaplain Like Harvard and Yale

Chris Stedman, the Assistant Humanist Chaplain at Harvard who is now setting up a similar chaplainship at Yale, reports some encouraging progress at MIT, which has removed a traditional prayer from its graduation ceremonies and may soon get their own humanist chaplain. … [Read more...]

Vile Anti-Atheist Political Attack in Tennessee

Heidi Campbell is running for the city commission in Oak Hill, Tennessee on a platform of opposing more commercial development, but her opponents discovered that she's a secular humanist (or at least was part of a secular humanist group on Facebook) and are using that for a vile attack on her. … [Read more...]

Igwe Performs Africa’s First Humanist Wedding

Nigerian humanist leader Leo Igwe, for whom I have booked a two week speaking tour of the United States in July, has performed what he says is the first humanist wedding on the entire continent of Africa. It took place in Ghana, where he has set up refugee camps for the victims of Pentecostal witch-hunting. He explains some of the difficulties: … [Read more...]

Foundation Beyond Belief in the New York Times

As the media relations coordinator for the Foundation Beyond Belief, my job is to get FBB as much media attention as possible. I wish I could take credit for the fact that the New York Times just did a story about FBB and our grant to the Baptist Joint Committee, but I can't. Dale McGowan had spoken to the reporter for another story and I had nothing to do with it. But I'm certainly thrilled with the exposure. The story focuses on our Challenge the Gap grant, which goes to religious-based … [Read more...]

National Leader Condemns Humanism, Secularism, Human Rights

A Christian prime minister came out bluntly in a speech last week and condemned humanism, secularism and human rights as a threat to the religious-based morality that is so important for maintaining national cohesion and stability. … [Read more...]

Almost a Million Dollars Raised for Blood Cancer Research

One of the great things about being the media relations coordinator for the Foundation Beyond Belief is getting to send out press releases about amazing accomplishments. For the last two years, FBB has worked with Todd Stiefel and dozens of local groups all over the country to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. And I'm thrilled to announce that we -- you -- raised almost a million dollars in the first two years of that effort. … [Read more...]

Help the Kids of a Murdered Atheist

A while back I saw some references to a woman who was killed in a shocking act of domestic violence on the Facebook pages of some of my friends. I think she was even from Michigan. I'm ashamed to say I didn't pay much attention to it at the time. But Greta Christina writes about this tragedy and a college fund set up for her three children. I just donated to it and I hope that those who can afford it will do the same. … [Read more...]

Human Rights Activist Killed in Pakistan

A human rights activist and attorney who defends those accused of blasphemy in Pakistan was killed by two gunmen in the city of Multan. Rashid Rehman Khan was one of the most prominent human rights activists in the country and his murder reveals just how horrible the situation is there. … [Read more...]

What the Hell, Orlando Sentinel?

I sent out a press release for the Week of Action, which is taking place right now, and was happy to see that the Orlando Sentinel picked up on it and published an article about it. But very oddly, they decided to put a video on top of the story about American Atheists suing over the World Trade Center cross. What on earth does that have to do with the Week of Action or the Foundation Beyond Belief? It's like they're intentionally trying to discredit us with a totally unrelated video that they … [Read more...]