Dispatches from the Reason Rally: Part Three

This video is about the Reason Rally itself, focusing on the message that it's important for atheists, agnostics and humanists to have a seat at the table in order to fight for science- and evidence-based public policy. The next video will focus on the entertainment. … [Read more...]

Miami Gets First Endowed Chair in Atheist Studies

This is a very cool development. Louis J. Appignani, the same man who donated the money to create the Appignana Humanist Legal Center at the American Humanist Association, has now endowed a chair in atheist, humanist and secularist studies at the University of Miami. … [Read more...]

Guest Post: A Call for Secular Candidates

This is a guest post by my friend Eric Grimm, who is running for a judicial seat in Muskegon, Michigan. In it, he encourages atheists, agnostics, humanists and freethinkers to start running for local offices, which can then lead to higher offices and actual representation for secular-minded people. … [Read more...]

Foundation Beyond Belief Responds to Ecuador Earthquake

On Saturday, Ecuador was hit by a massive earthquake, 7.8 on the Richter scale. Hundreds have died, thousands are injured and the damage done is enormous. Foundation Beyond Belief is mounting a fund drive to help the people there rebuild by helping organizations that work on the ground there for recovery. … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart’s Documentary About Syrian Refugees

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart is one of the producers of a documentary called After Spring, which looks at life for hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in a single camp. They live in tents and have almost nothing. How they maintain hope is beyond my comprehension. Here's the trailer: … [Read more...]

Tony Perkins Prays for Brussels

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council says we have to pray for Belgium after the horrible bombings in Brussels and says, of course, that we "stand with Brussels." It's just a short little piece for BarbWire that is nothing but tired cliches and platitudes. … [Read more...]

Help Those Falsely Accused of Witchcraft

As my readers must know by now, the Humanist Service Corps is working in Ghana in Northern Africa at a "witch camp," essentially a refugee camp for those accused of being witches and exiled from their homes and communities. They're doing some amazing and important work there, but they need to raise funds to complete that work. … [Read more...]

Wildmon: Secular Humanism is Satanic!

Tim Wildmon, second-generation bigot and leader of the American Family Association, gave a talk at a Christian right conference recently and declared that secular humanism, which he wrongly thinks is the same thing as progressive politics, is satanic. Because of course he did. … [Read more...]

Bravo, American Humanist Association

I applaud the American Humanist Association for reaffirming their commitment to social justice activism and especially for naming the Patheos Atheist blogger Sincere Kirabo as their social justice coordinator. He's perfect for job, a guy who perfectly blends passion and reason together in a way most of us struggle to do. … [Read more...]

Is an Indifferent Universe Frightening or Liberating?

My good friend Dale McGowan has an eloquent and inspiring message for Valentine's Day that offers love, romantic or otherwise, as the solution for what he terms the "crushing universal indifference" of a world with no god. And while I certainly agree with him about the importance of love in all its forms, I have a different take on that indifference. … [Read more...]

Sincere Kirabo on the Secular Social Justice Conference

Last weekend was the Secular Social Justice conference in Houston, Texas, and I so wish I'd been there. So many of my friends were there and it sounds like they had an amazing time. Sincere Kirabo was there and he has a long post about some of the panels and the discussion that took place. His introduction: … [Read more...]

Union Plumbers Install Lead Filters in Flint. Free.

Amid the doom and gloom and horror that is the situation in Flint, Michigan, a bit of good news. A plumbing industry trade group donated a bunch of water filters and a group of 300 union plumbers went to Flint over the weekend to install them for free. … [Read more...]