Sessions Lies About Study on Crime and Sanctuary Cities

Here's a shock: Jeff Sessions lied about something. No, not his meetings with Russia this time, but about a study that he claims showed that sanctuary cities have higher rates of violent crime than non-sanctuary cities. The authors of the study call him out for distorting their conclusions: … [Read more...]

Brooks: Fund the Wall or I’ll Do a Bible Filibuster

Rep. Mo Brooks, who is running to replace Jeff Sessions in the Senate from Alabama, has a campaign commercial out that quotes Trump about Mexico "sending" us rapists and murderers. Then it says that if Congress doesn't fund the border wall, he'll filibuster every bill by reading the Bible -- the KJV, of course. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Poland Speech Hits White Nationalist Themes

Before attending the G-20 summit, Trump went to Poland, where they had to bus in right-wingers to cheer for his speech because he's quite unpopular there. In that speech, as Sarah Wildman notes, Trump used rhetoric straight out of the white nationalist playbook. … [Read more...]

Sandy Rios Doesn’t Like Those Dirty Immigrants

Sandy Rios, one of the higher-ups at the American Family Association, is "pro-family" -- unless those families are immigrants, that is. Then they're dirty and smelly and disease-ridden and we must get those families out of the country to make her bathrooms smell good. … [Read more...]

SCOTUS to Hear Travel Ban Case, Partially Lifts Injunction

On the last day of the term, the Supreme Court agreed to hear two cases challenging Donald Trump's Muslim travel ban, both of which went against him but on very different grounds. And they partially lifted the injunctions against its enforcement while the case is pending. Amy Howe explains the result: … [Read more...]

Trump Exaggerates Accomplishments. Again.

Trump was up to his typical wild exaggerations of his accomplishments. That's what con artist salesmen do. This time it's about his immigration policies, which he claims has already deported members of the MS-13 gang "by the thousands." As usual, he's lying. … [Read more...]

Federal Court Blocks Deportation of Iraqi Christians

The Trump administration recently rounded up more than 100 Iraqi Christians living in the Dearborn, Michigan area (about 40% Arab, but many of them are Chaldean Christians, not Muslim) and a federal judge has issued an injunction preventing their deportation because they may face persecution and death if sent back. … [Read more...]

Another Example of Trump’s Total Ignorance of Public Policy

Donald Trump did another of his campaign-style rallies the other day, this time in Iowa, because he's just dying to be cheered and applauded in order to prop up his massive, fragile ego. And he put his ignorance of public policy on full display: … [Read more...]

Trump to Allow DREAMers to Stay — For Now

In at least a temporary reversal of one of his most vile campaign promises, Donald Trump has apparently decided to allow DREAMers -- young people who were brought here illegally by their parents as children -- to stay in the country, at least for the time being. … [Read more...]

9th Circuit Upholds Travel Ban Injunction

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is the latest one to strike down Trump's Muslim travel ban (the one his lawyers say is not a travel ban but he says it is), and interestingly, they did so without even touching the Establishment Clause issue. They ruled purely on statutory, not constitutional grounds. … [Read more...]

Conway’s Husband Throws Shade at Trump

One of the weirdest things about Trump's rage tweeting over the London terror attack this weekend was that he seemed to think that the DOJ -- which he controls, mind you -- had somehow screwed up his travel ban. He criticized them for watering down his original executive order: … [Read more...]

Trump Again Undermines His Own Legal Argument

Like most children, Donald Trump has a problem with temper tantrums. Something upsets him and he just starts raging, usually on Twitter. The latest terrorist attack in London finds him once again contradicting his own administration's position and undermining his own legal argument over the Muslim travel ban. … [Read more...]