O’Reilly Knows What Trump Needs: A Token Latina

Bill O'Reilly has some advice for Donald Trump if he wins the Republican presidential nomination. Given his anti-immigrant message and the resulting dismal numbers among Latinos, he knows exactly what Trump needs to win the White House: A token Latina. Even if she's been hammering Trump for his appalling positions. … [Read more...]

SCOTUS Hears Challenge to Obama Immigration Orders

On Monday the Supreme Court heard oral argument in United States v Texas, a lawsuit filed by the state of Texas and 25 other states to challenge President Obama's deferred action program on immigration involving the families of those in the country legally. As Tom Jawetz explains, this should be a very easy case: … [Read more...]

Klayman Makes Obama Immigration Orders About Muslims

Larry Klayman is making me shake my head again. He and fascist Sheriff Joe Arpaio have filed an amicus brief in United States v Texas, the Supreme Court case involving President Obama's executive orders granting deferred immigration action for undocumented immigrants who have children who are U.S. citizens. For some bizarre reason, they seem to think it has something to do with Muslims. … [Read more...]

U.S. May Grant Asylum to Bangladeshi Bloggers

In the wake of the 6th murder of a Bangladeshi atheist blogger, a State Department spokesman says that they are considering granting a sort of modified asylum called "humanitarian parole" to others there whose lives are in imminent danger. That is a huge development that I hope comes to be. … [Read more...]

The Importance of Seeing Refugees as Real People

ThinkProgress has the story of a Syrian family that is being moved to the United States as part of our refugee resettlement program. They're going to live in Missouri and they're looking for the same thing Americans want, a safe place to raise their children and the opportunity to make their lives better. … [Read more...]

Student Protest Forces Cruz to Cancel High School Visit

So much "damn kids these days." The students at a Bronx high school forced Ted Cruz to cancel a campaign stop there after they planned a mass walkout if he showed up. It's a school full of immigrants and the children of immigrants and they objected to his anti-immigration policies. … [Read more...]

Cruz Adviser Claims Minneapolis Has Muslim ‘No-Go’ Zones

If there's one claim the paranoid far-right Islamophobes love, it's the idea that there are Muslim "no-go" zones all over the country. Clare Lopez, one of Ted Cruz' primary foreign policy advisers, recently made the claim that such zones exist in Minneapolis and even the police won't go in there. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Plan to Make Mexico Pay for His Wall

After months and months of declaring that he can build a wall along the Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it while consistently dodging the question of how in the world he's doing to do that, Donald Trump has finally released his plan to do so. It's every bit as dumb as one would expect. … [Read more...]

Trump: Ban All Muslims. Except My Rich Friends.

Donald Trump is a lot like Alex Jones in that he often refers to information or support he gets from unnamed friends or insider sources. During an MSNBC Townhall he claimed that he has lots of rich Muslim friends who support his idea to ban Muslim immigration and tourism to the US. Oh, and they get to come despite the ban. … [Read more...]

Now My State Wants to Pass Illegal Bill Over Immigration

It isn't just southern states like Texas losing their minds over the settlement of a few Syrian refugees in their states. My home state of Michigan, which is likely to take in about half the Syrian refugees settled in the country, now has a paranoid, xenophobic movement building and legislation that would last 10 seconds in court. … [Read more...]

South Carolina Makes Bid to Regain Title of Most Backward Carolina

After North Carolina passed one of the most horrible and bigoted pieces of legislation imaginable to deny equal rights to LGBT people, South Carolina clearly wants its title back as the most backassward Carolina in the country. They've got a bill that would hold sponsoring organizations responsible for anything refugees do wrong. … [Read more...]

Texas Files Suit to Stop Syrian Refugee Settlement

I'm a bit confused by this. According to the Guardian, the state of Texas has filed a federal lawsuit against the federal government and the International Rescue Committee to stop them from settling a Syrian refugee family in that state. But they already filed such a suit and lost. … [Read more...]