Lou Holtz Goes Full-On Racist

I hate Lou Holtz. He's a great football coach, no doubt, but after hearing him do a motivational speech about 20 years ago (for which he was paid $50,000) I started hating him (to be fair, I pretty much hate all motivational speakers). He's now endorsed Trump and went full-on racist. … [Read more...]

Sessions Lies About Illegal Immigration

Sen. Jeff Sessions is one of Donald Trump's biggest supporters and one of the most anti-immigration voices in the Republican party. But he apparently has to lie in order to make that case, as he did during his speech Monday night at the Republican National Convention. … [Read more...]

Gingrich: Melania Proves Trump Doesn’t Hate Immigrants

From the But He Has Black Friends Department, Newt Gingrich says that the fact that Donald Trump married the "very, very attractive" Melania proves that he doesn't hate immigrants. Because that's such a serious argument, isn't it? … [Read more...]

Another Republican Says Trump Won’t Really Build a Wall

In a campaign almost completely devoid of any talk of public policy, one of the few promises that Donald Trump has made and dogmatically stuck with is that he will build a wall on the entire Mexican border to keep immigrants out. Now yet another Republican who supports him says that he won't actually do that. … [Read more...]

Buchanan Very Worried About Becoming a Minority

Xenophobic bigot Pat Buchanan is ranting about the death of "white culture" again (what is white culture? Adolf Hitler and Anne Frank were both white; which of them represents "white culture"?). His dreams as well as his waking thoughts are filled with fear of people with darker skin than him. … [Read more...]

Could Arpaio Finally Lose an Election?

Fascist Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been elected to office six times in a row despite costing the county more than $140 million in legal fees and settlements for his flagrant and continual violations of the Constitution. Could this year finally be his waterloo? … [Read more...]

American Christians Think They’re Terribly Persecuted

A new survey from the Brookings Institution and the Public Religion Research Institute puts some hard numbers to what we already knew, that American Christians have convinced themselves that they are a terribly persecuted minority in a country they mostly dominate. … [Read more...]

Anti-Immigrant Leader: Trump Won’t Really Build a Wall

Dan Stein of the anti-immigrant group Federation for American Immigration Reform went on a radio show and told the host that Donald Trump doesn't really intend to build that big wall on the Southern border, it's just a metaphor for how he's going to get tough and stop illegal immigration. … [Read more...]

Trump Attacked Buchanan for Nativism and Bigotry

Let's set the Wayback Machine for 1999, when both Pat Buchanan and Donald Trump were running to get the presidential nomination of the Reform Party. And let's take a look at an op-ed that Trump wrote slamming Buchanan for attacking immigrants. … [Read more...]

Bigot: Immigrants Destroy Everything!

A guy named Dan Stein of the anti-immigration group Federation for American Immigration Reform went on a right-wing radio show and gave the standard "immigrants will cause a huge increase in crime and destroy our way of life" diatribe. … [Read more...]

White Christians Only Ones Who Support Trump’s Immigration Plans

A new study from the Public Religion Research Institute finds that the only demographic groups that support Donald Trump's plans to build a wall on the Mexican border and ban Muslim immigration and tourism are white Christians of every type. … [Read more...]

Limbaugh’s False Claims About Immigration

Rush Limbaugh made some statements on his show last week about immigration that are flat-out false. Most of the things he says are false, of course, so this should come as no surprise. He said that illegal immigrants are the "dregs of the world" and that Democrats are trying to turn them into reliable voters. … [Read more...]