So Much for Trump’s ‘Mexico Will Pay For It’ Nonsense

If there was one core idea pushed consistently and relentlessly by Donald Trump during the campaign, it was that he was going to build a wall all along the Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it. He had people chanting it at nearly every campaign stop. Surprise! He was full of shit. … [Read more...]

Why Trump Can’t Deport Millions of Immigrants

Donald Trump has backed off his campaign pledge to deport 11 million people and now says he'll just deport 2-3 million undocumented immigrants. But those who've run our immigration agencies know that this is an impossible task to pull off. … [Read more...]

Austrian Far Right Party Joins Putin, Lauds Trump

Among the many far-right. proto-fascist -- if not outright fascist -- political parties booming in Europe is Austria's Freedom Party, or FPO. They're getting record support in that country, which really ought to know better, and are seeking to join with Putin and Trump to push a mutual agenda. … [Read more...]

Anti-Immigrant Bigot Wants to Sue Soros for Illegal Immigration

The almost impressively racist William Gheen of ALIPAC has a brilliant idea. He thinks people who don't like illegal immigration should sue George Soros for giving money to pro-immigration organizations. He wants thousands of such suits filed. … [Read more...]

Trump Team Explodes Over Accusation of Courting White Supremacists

The top officials from both of the presidential campaigns took part in a discussion at Harvard about the campaign and the Trump team, led by Kellyanne Conway, went ballistic when a Clinton adviser accused them of courting the white supremacist vote. … [Read more...]

Rohrer: Force Immigrants to Become Christians

Sam Rohrer, head of the American Pastors Network, says that America should not accept any immigrants unless they first become Christians, like they (allegedly) did in ancient Israel (actually, they didn't). Because he thinks America is a Christian theocracy. … [Read more...]

About That Meeting of White Supremacists in Washington

As I noted the other day, white supremacist Richard Spencer, who coined the phrase "alt-right" as a euphemism for white supremacy, held a one-day conference in Washington, DC, that celebrated the election of Donald Trump and the mainstreaming of their racist beliefs. Some reports on that meeting are instructive. The Guardian: … [Read more...]

Trump Again Lies About What He Said Previously

I've lost count of how many times this has happened, but the Trump people are once again flat out lying, saying that he didn't say something we have him on video saying. This time they say he never said he would have a registry for Muslims. … [Read more...]

Church Banner Vandalized With White Supremacist and Trump Slogans

An Episcopal church in Silver Spring, Maryland with a heavily immigrant congregation had a banner vandalized to say "Trump nation -- whites only" on it. But there's no connection at all between Trump's racist, anti-immigrant campaign and such acts of bigotry, and how dare you suggest there is. … [Read more...]

Guilfoyle: Trump Never Said Keep Out All Muslims

Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle is already rewriting history, or just plain lying, as she claimed on the air yesterday that Donald Trump never said he wanted to keep all Muslims from entering the country. This falsehood is, of course, easily proven wrong. … [Read more...]

Immigrants Now Living in Fear of Trump’s Actions

To no one's surprise, the millions of immigrants living in America, especially those from Hispanic countries, are now living in paralyzing fear of what will happen to them once Donald Trump is sworn in as president in January. … [Read more...]

When Trump Loved Undocumented Immigrants

CNN's research team dug up a 2012 video of Donald Trump doing an interview with CNBC in which he said that he was totally against deporting undocumented immigrants who had been here a long time and built roots here, because they're hard workers and make the country better. … [Read more...]