Trump: Illegal Immigrants are Stealing Our Elections!

Trump has added a new argument in favor of his ego-saving attempt to claim that there is massive voter fraud that will steal the election from him. He's now claiming that illegal immigrants are voting all over the country, joining his hatred of immigrants (well, the dark-skinned ones; he seems to be fine with beautiful white supermodels coming here in violation of the law) to his pathetic excuse-making and fear-mongering. … [Read more...]

Appeals Court Hammers Pence Over Syrian Refugees

Three weeks ago attorneys for the state of Indiana appeared before a panel of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals that included Judge Richard Posner and Judge Frank Easterbrook, who openly mocked their absurd legal positions. Now they've ruled in the matter...and it didn't get any better. … [Read more...]

7th Circuit Panel Mocks Indiana Attorneys Over Syrian Refugees

Like several other states, Indiana has attempt to prevent the settlement of any Syrian refugees in their fair land. Like every other state, they got sued and lost. But Indiana appealed to the 7th Circuit and let's just say it isn't going well for them so far. … [Read more...]

Bachmann Really Is an Ignorant Git

Michele Bachmann is a perfect example of what I have long called virulent ignorance, which isn't just normal, routine not knowing something but is the ingestion of a bunch of myths and lies that give her the illusion that she knows what she's talking about. This interview makes that crystal clear. … [Read more...]

Bachmann: Trump Immigration Plan Will Bring Country Back to God

Michele Bachmann's ignorance apparently knows no bounds, which does not, of course, stop her from spouting opinions continually while being utterly clueless. She told Tony Perkins that Trump's immigration policy will bring America back to God. … [Read more...]

Breaking Down Trump’s Big Immigration Speech

I know this is a few days late, but I thought I'd go through Donald Trump's big speech on immigration in Arizona last weekend line by line and offer some thoughts on it. The speech was just full of lies that were debunked long ago but he is constantly repeating. … [Read more...]

Latino Pastor Abandons Trump After Immigration Speech

After Donald Trump's immigration speech on Wednesday night, several members of his Hispanic Advisory Board have resigned in protest of his draconian immigration policies. But one in particular sticks out, Pastor Ramiro Pena, who was named to that board a couple weeks ago. … [Read more...]

Maddow on History of Anti-Immigrant Hysteria

Rachel Maddow did a very powerful and important segment about the long, sordid history of anti-immigration hysteria in this country, going back to the know-nothings of the mid-1800s and all the way to the modern day. She correctly notes that Trump is just the latest iteration of American nativism and xenophobia. … [Read more...]

Trump Made Money Taking Jobs from American Models!

Mother Jones has a report on Donald Trump's modeling company and their habit of bringing over models from other countries without a work visa, then having them do modeling work illegally here. What's wrong with American models, Donald? Why do you hate America? … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Goes to Mexico

Donald Trump made a quick trip to Mexico for a meeting with President Peña Nieto. I was really hoping Nieto would slap the shit out of him and say, "Are you fucking stupid? You think we're paying for your wall?" Alas, he played it diplomatically, as did Trump. But there were some disagreements: … [Read more...]

David Duke: Vote for Me and Donald Trump

As much as the Trump campaign tries to deny that it means anything that they get so much support from white supremacists, David Duke is sending out robocalls to voters in Louisiana saying they should vote for him and Trump in order to save the white race. … [Read more...]

Conway Keeps Lying for Trump

Watching Donald Trump's campaign people play pretend about his waffling on deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants. Kellyanne Conway was on CBS and continued to claim that he's not going back on his promise to get them all out at all. … [Read more...]