Trump Administration Allowing More Refugees In

In an odd and surprising development, the Trump administration has lifted the limits on refugees allowed into the country this year. According to the New York Times, they did so quietly, with a private email from the State Department to its outposts around the world. … [Read more...]

4th Circuit Upholds Injunction of Trump’s Muslim Ban

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, sitting en banc for some reason, became the first appeals court to uphold a district court ruling against Trump's now-infamous Muslim travel ban. The vote was 10-3, with a flurry of concurring opinions. … [Read more...]

Giuliani: I Lied About Commission to Write Muslim Ban

The ACLU is suing Trump over his Muslim ban and the judge in the case ordered Rudy Giuliani and the White House to turn over documents concerning a commission that helped write the executive order to make it look like it wasn't a Muslim ban. Now Giuliani says he was lying about all that stuff. What he said last a few months ago: … [Read more...]

FBI, ICE Using Anti-Terrorism Tool in Immigration Cases

The Detroit News reports that the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are using a tool that was supposed to be used for anti-terrorism cases -- a machine that mimics cell phone towers to capture phone calls and text messages -- in routine immigration cases. … [Read more...]

Judge: Giuliani Must Turn Over Documents in Travel Ban Case

One of the problems Trump has trying to defend his travel ban in court is that he repeatedly said that it was a ban on Muslims specifically, which would be unconstitutional. Rudy Giuliani then said publicly that he helped him draft an order to do just that and a judge has now ordered him to turn over documents related to the case. … [Read more...]

Yates Schools Cornyn During Questioning

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was repeatedly attacked by Republicans on the Senate committee questioning her about her refusal to defend Trump's Muslim travel ban in court. She absolutely schooled Jon Cornyn when he tried to go after her on it. … [Read more...]

4th Circuit Hears Arguments on Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban

On Monday, a panel of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral argument on whether Trump's now-infamous Muslim travel ban executive order is constitutional or not. And it doesn't sound like it went well for Trump's acting solicitor general, who had to deal with questions about Trump's repeated statements about banning Muslims. … [Read more...]

Root Has a Plan to Fund Trump’s Wall

Wayne Allyn Root, whose lips seem to be permanently attached to Donald Trump's backside -- or perhaps frontside -- these days, says that Congress will never fund the Mexican border wall. But he knows how to fund it -- by asking those who voted for him to donate the money. … [Read more...]

New Immigrant Crime Line Gets Crank Called

I find this absolutely hilarious. The Trump administration opened up its promised phone line for reports of criminal acts by "illegal aliens" and a Twitter campaign immediately started to call ICE and report on crimes by alien aliens. The agency is not amused: … [Read more...]

Trump Creates Office of Crime Anecdote Demagoguery

As promised, Trump has created the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) office within Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which will serve as a factory to pump out anecdotal stories about how undocumented immigrants are killing and raping Americans. … [Read more...]

Fox and Friends: Pay for the Wall with Corporate Sponsorships

The collection of braindead quarterwits at Fox and Friends, Trump's favorite show, have come up with what they no doubt think is a brilliant idea: Trump should pay for the wall on the Mexican border by selling corporate sponsorships. … [Read more...]

Joyner Spreads Lie About Mexico Having a Wall

TV evangelist con man Rick Joyner is, like everyone of his ilk, a professional liar. His latest lie is to claim that Mexico has a wall along its border with Guatemala, which allegedly makes liberals hypocrites for criticizing Trump's proposed wall but not the Mexican wall. … [Read more...]