New Orleans Folks Welcome Syrian Refugees


The city of New Orleans is a city of immigrants. The mixing of cultures -- Native American, Caribbean, Cajun, Creole, African American -- is what makes that city so vibrant and amazing. So I'm not surprised to see some of the local residents holding an event welcoming Syrian refugees to the city and drawing on their own history to show them an open door. … [Read more...]

Trump and the Syrian Refugees with Cell Phones


As I've pointed out many times, Donald Trump has no filter. He sees some little nugget in the news, it triggers an almost invariably stupid thought and he just blurts it out at a campaign event or interview. In ear, out mouth, bypass brain. A perfect example is his recent obsession with the fact that many of the Syrian refugees have cell phones, which apparently means they aren't so bad off after all. … [Read more...]

Several GOP Candidates Participate in Gaffney Event


The day before this week's Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas, unhinged right-wing Islamophobe Frank Gaffney held another of his "national security summits" and got several of the candidates to particulate. The Southern Poverty Law Center has a rundown of all of the bizarre conspiracy theories being pushed at the event. I found this quite interesting: … [Read more...]

Iowa Republicans Strongly Support Trump’s Immigration Policies


Public Policy Polling has a new poll out that shows that Iowa Republicans are even more authoritarian and anti-civil liberties than the average Republican is. This is not a surprise given the near-total control of the Iowa GOP by the hardcore Christian right. The poll also shows Trump with a small lead after several polls showing Cruz taking the lead in Iowa. … [Read more...]

Another Christian Thinks God is Rising Up Trump to Lead


Every time I read something like this it just cracks me up. It cracks me up how many Christians think that Donald Trump has been anointed by God to lead the United States. Or even think that Donald Trump is a Christian, which is simply laughable. But Tricia Erickson writes in the Worldnetdaily that Donald Trump is a modern day Nehemiah. … [Read more...]

Pragmatic Nazi Isn’t Falling for Trump’s Rhetoric

"KKK" by KAMiKAZOW. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons -

Donald Trump has found a great deal of support among white supremacists and neo-Nazis in this country, who just love his idea of ending Muslim immigration and tourism and rounding up 11 million people who are here illegally and throwing them out. But one pragmatist, leader of the American Nazi Party Rocky Suhayda, isn't buying it because he doesn't think Trump could do any of that even if he really wanted to. … [Read more...]

Peterson: Those Who Oppose Trump’s Plan is a Traitor


Jesse Lee Peterson, the far-right crackpot who thinks women shouldn't have the right to vote, has his usual inane column at the Worldnetdaily declaring all Muslims to be a clear and present danger to the country and saying that anyone who disagrees with Donald Trump's proposal to ban all Muslim immigration and tourism is a traitor. Because that's a totally reasonable thing to say. … [Read more...]

Trump Spokeswoman: Ban on Muslims is Not Religious Discrimination


Katrina Pierson, the deeply unhinged spokeswoman for the Donald Trump campaign, went on a right wing "news" network (no, not Fox; one that makes Fox look downright reasonable by comparison) and said that Trump's proposed ban on Muslim immigration and tourism is not religious discrimination at all. Her argument for that conclusion is patently ridiculous, to no one's surprise. … [Read more...]

Trump Not Afraid of Muslims in His Hotels and Golf Courses


Donald Trump says we have to ban all Muslim immigration and tourism because we have no way of knowing which one of them wants to blow us all up, but he seems to be perfectly fine with building hotels and golf courses in Muslim countries and advertising to get those same people to come to his businesses. Gee, what's the difference? Oh yeah, he can make money on one of them. … [Read more...]

Racist Former Presidential Candidate Endorses Trump


In today's edition of the Least Surprising News Ever, racist former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan is praising racist current presidential candidate Donald Trump for his proposal that we ban all Muslim immigration and tourism and deport 11 million illegal immigrants from the country (which cannot, of course, be done, no matter how good a deal Trump cuts). … [Read more...]

Catholic Church Defies Pence, Settles Syrian Family in Indiana


More kudos to the Catholic Church for telling xenophobic Republican governors to go pound sand when they try to prevent Syrian refugees from being settled in their states. After defying Gov. Greg Abbott in Texas, they've now also defied Gov. Mike Spence of Indian and settled a Syrian family in Indianapolis this past week. And there isn't a damn thing the state can do about it. … [Read more...]

Judge Denies Injunction on TX Attempt to Stop Syrian Refugees


A federal judge appointed by George W. Bush has denied the state of Texas a preliminary injunction halting the resettlement of Syrian refugees in that state, an outcome that should surprise no one. The question at this point is whether Texas AG Ken Paxton or Gov. Greg Abbott will continue what is clearly a frivolous lawsuit with no chance at all of winning. … [Read more...]