Root Has a Plan to Fund Trump’s Wall

Wayne Allyn Root, whose lips seem to be permanently attached to Donald Trump's backside -- or perhaps frontside -- these days, says that Congress will never fund the Mexican border wall. But he knows how to fund it -- by asking those who voted for him to donate the money. … [Read more...]

New Immigrant Crime Line Gets Crank Called

I find this absolutely hilarious. The Trump administration opened up its promised phone line for reports of criminal acts by "illegal aliens" and a Twitter campaign immediately started to call ICE and report on crimes by alien aliens. The agency is not amused: … [Read more...]

Trump Creates Office of Crime Anecdote Demagoguery

As promised, Trump has created the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) office within Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which will serve as a factory to pump out anecdotal stories about how undocumented immigrants are killing and raping Americans. … [Read more...]

Fox and Friends: Pay for the Wall with Corporate Sponsorships

The collection of braindead quarterwits at Fox and Friends, Trump's favorite show, have come up with what they no doubt think is a brilliant idea: Trump should pay for the wall on the Mexican border by selling corporate sponsorships. … [Read more...]

Joyner Spreads Lie About Mexico Having a Wall

TV evangelist con man Rick Joyner is, like everyone of his ilk, a professional liar. His latest lie is to claim that Mexico has a wall along its border with Guatemala, which allegedly makes liberals hypocrites for criticizing Trump's proposed wall but not the Mexican wall. … [Read more...]

Sessions Lamely Tries to Defend Comments on Hawaiian Judge

After generating a great deal of controversy by expressing his astonishment that a judge "sitting on an island in the Pacific" can issue an order preventing the president from enforcing an order the court found unconstitutional, he's offering up a seriously lame defense. … [Read more...]

Does Sessions Know Hawaii is a State?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a remarkably blinkered statement on the Mark Levin radio show about a Hawaiian judge who blocked enforcement of Trump's Muslim ban 2.0. He seems to think that the fact that Hawaii is an island in the Pacific has some bearing on the validity of the judge's ruling: … [Read more...]

Rep. Steve King is a Reprehensible Bigot

Louis Gohmert may be the dumbest man in the U.S. House of Representatives, but Steve King of Iowa is probably the worst human being in that chamber. Here he cheers on the deportation of a young DREAMer by the border patrol despite breaking no law and having a legal deferral. … [Read more...]

Racism Bigger Factor than Authoritarianism for Trump Voters

Last week saw the release of the American National Election Survey for the 2016 election, a comprehensive report on the demographics of those who voted in the election. It contains an enormous amount of data that political scientists use to evaluate a great many factors. And it appears that race played a more important role than authoritarianism for Trump voters. … [Read more...]

Rodda Catches Barton in Yet Another Lie

My old friend Chris Rodda has caught professional liar David Barton once again completely distorting a quote from Thomas Jefferson to make it say the precise opposite of what he claims it said. This time it's about immigration. Here's what Barton said: … [Read more...]

Trump Cabinet Official: We Won’t Build Wall on American Land

Trump's Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, spoke at an event and made this very weird, suggestive statement that, at least along the Rio Grande river, we won't build the wall on the American side or in the middle of the river. Which leaves...where, exactly? … [Read more...]

Spring Breakers Chant ‘Build That Wall’ While in Mexico

A bunch of ignorant, bigoted douchebros started chanting "build that wall" on a cruise ship in Mexico while there on spring break. The Yucatan Times wrote a scathing editorial about this incredibly rude and childish behavior from a bunch of drunk American frat boys and girls. … [Read more...]