Report: ICE Lets Detainees Die from Lack of Medical Care

An explosive new report from several human rights groups documents appalling medical neglect going on at detention centers run by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. In particular, it cites multiple cases where people died from not receiving prompt and proper medical care for serious health problems. … [Read more...]

The Syrian Refugee Lie That Republicans Won’t Stop Repeating

One of the iron laws of politics is that a lie that is useful will never die, it will continue to be repeated over and over again no matter how obvious the lie or how many times it has been debunked. Glenn Grothman, the incredibly dumb congressman from Wisconsin, repeats the ridiculous lie that Syrian refugees are not vetted. … [Read more...]

Cruz Lies About Immigration in Debate

During the last Republican presidential debate, Ted Cruz told a lie about an article in the Wall Street Journal about immigration in the state of Arizona. He claimed that the article said Arizona had saved hundreds of millions of dollars in welfare, education and prisons, but the article never mentioned welfare at all. … [Read more...]

Wiles: Pope Wants to Conquer America With Catholic Immigration

Pope Francis really seems to have upset the far right in this country with his criticism of Donald Trump for his anti-immigration stance as being anti-Christian (to be fair, the words of Jesus would support the pope in this). Rick Wiles, as usual, takes the most extreme position I've seen on the matter: … [Read more...]

Jeffress Criticizes Pope for Criticizing Trump

Pope Francis criticized Donald Trump, though not directly by name, and his supporters, including wingnut preacher Robert Jeffress, are responding with some truly inane arguments. Jeffress went after the pope and immediately tried to change the subject to ISIS rather than Mexican immigration. … [Read more...]

Court: Texas Cannot Deny Syrian Refugee Settlement

In an entirely predictable result, a federal judge has denied a motion from the state of Texas to prevent the federal government from settling Syrian refugees in that state. The court ruled that the case is a political dispute to be resolved by legislatures, not by the courts and that the state had failed to support its case. … [Read more...]

Racist Explains Trump’s Appeal to Racists

White supremacist Jared Taylor -- I wish people would stop calling him and others like him white nationalists, a phrase they invented to make themselves sound better; they are white supremacists -- went on CNN and explained why Donald Trump appeals so much to "ordinary white people" -- that is, to racists like him. … [Read more...]

Lithwick Explains How to Move to Canada

Dahlia Lithwick has a highly amusing article about all the Americans who have inquired of her how to move to Canada should Donald Trump be elected president. She's even gracious enough to offer her own basement as a refuge for those who wish to flee such an America, but it comes with just a few rules and recommendations. … [Read more...]

Lawmakers Confronted by Photos of Central American Immigrants

I love this. An exhibit has been put up in a Senate office building in Washington, DC, featuring photographs of the thousands of unaccompanied child refugees from Central America. The goal is to demonstrate to legislators in Washington that behind all of their demonization and dehumanization of those refugees, there are real, living, breathing people. … [Read more...]

Santorum’s Bizarre Immigration Argument

Rick Santorum, who for some reason still thinks he's running for the Republican presidential nomination, made an argument I've never heard from a politician on immigration before. I'm pretty sure the reason I haven't heard it is because it's incredibly stupid. We should send all the immigrants home, he says, because now that they've had a taste of America, they can save their countries! … [Read more...]

Trump’s Muslim Ban is Anything But ‘Un-American’

This is more than a month old, but I just noticed it. After Donald Trump announced his plan to forbid all Muslim immigration and tourism, President Obama and others called it "un-American." But while it's certainly against our grandly stated ideals, it certainly fits perfectly well with this country's long history of anti-immigrant bigotry and xenophobia, as historian Ben Railton points out: … [Read more...]

Worldnetdaily Goes All Worldnetdaily on Immigration

The Worldnetdaily has never quite so...Worldnetdailyish...than in this article about a decision by the Obama administration to make those who are fleeing violence in several countries in Latin America eligible to apply for refugee status before leaving their home countries, thus avoiding the huge problem of rape and extortion by smugglers in Mexico helping them get to the U.S. currently. Slanted language, deceptive framing, outright falsehoods. It's all there. … [Read more...]