Trump Orders Inventory of All U.S. Aid to Mexico

It seems Donald Trump is serious about his infantile demand that Mexico pay for this border wall he's allegedly going to build. He has ordered all federal agencies to detail every bit of aid the U.S. gives to Mexico to use as leverage to make them do so. … [Read more...]

Trump: I Think Better Than Almost Anyone Else

What is it with Donald Trump always having to tell people how smart he (thinks he) is? He's been doing it constantly, throughout the campaign and continuing after occupying the White House. His latest ridiculous and empty boast: … [Read more...]

Trump’s Ad Libbing May Decide the Travel Ban Suit

Donald Trump's problem from the very beginning is that you can't keep him on script for very long. Every stump speech he gave was ad-libbed and he was constantly saying dumb things. And now his talk of "banning Muslims" may defeat him in the court battle over his immigration order. … [Read more...]

The Dumbest Thing You’ll Read Today

Joe Theismann was a great NFL quarterback who turned into one of the worst football analysts in existence (and there is a LOT of competition for that title). But when he tries to talk politics, as he did Steve Doocy, the dumbest man on television, he truly reveals what an idiot he is. … [Read more...]

Bannon vs Cabinet on the Immigration Order

The White House has been leaking like a sieve from the word go, revealing the internecine battles going on over both influence over Trump and specific policies. The Washington Post reports that Steve Bannon really battled several cabinet members over the immigration order. … [Read more...]

Refugee Vetter Explains Why Trump is Dead Wrong on Travel Ban

Natasha Hall was someone who did the vetting of refugees in Iraq and Syria for the government. She points out how incredibly rigorous the vetting process is -- far more than anyone else seeking asylum -- and the real human cost of even a delay in resettling those approved to the United States. … [Read more...]

Gallups: Immigration is God’s Punishment for…Everything

We're all used to the common "this is God's punishment for..." argument from the Christian right, with the end of the ellipses being whatever they're particularly mad about at any given moment. Here's another. Carl Gallups says immigration is God's punishment for evolution, abortion and The Gay. … [Read more...]

Trump Exempts Israelis from Immigration Order

The White House keeps insisting that the recently issued immigration order, which stops travel from seven Middle Eastern countries, is not a ban on Muslims. But they've already said they would give preference to Christians from those countries and now they're exempting Israeli Jews as well. … [Read more...]

Center for Inquiry Condemns Anti-Muslim Immigration Order

The Center for Inquiry put out a statement unequivocally condemning Trump's anti-Muslim immigration order, calling it an "act of cruelty" that illegally engages in discrimination. I particularly like what my friend Michael De Dora has to say: … [Read more...]

Trump Repeats the Saturday Night Massacre

Monday saw some serious fireworks in the executive branch over Trump's anti-Muslim immigration order after Acting Attorney General Sally Yates publicly defied him and ordered the Department of Justice not to defend that order in court. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Preference for Christian Refugees

One of the most disturbing parts of Trump's noxious immigration order is that it gives explicit preference to Christian refugees over Muslim ones. Trump was promoting that part of the plan before it was even released, like in this interview on CBN: … [Read more...]

Trump Order Could Even Block Legal Residents

One of the most ridiculous things about Donald Trump's anti-Muslim immigration order is that it doesn't even apply just to those entering the country for the first time, it also applies to immigrants from any of the affected countries who have legal residence in the United States. … [Read more...]