Cruz Lies About Immigration Figures


Ted Cruz knows that if you're going to win the Republican presidential nomination, you have to scare the hell out of primary voters. You have to build up some massive threat that only you can prevent and Republican xenophobia and fear of outsiders makes that an easy task. And in Cruz' case, you do this by just plain lying about it, claiming that Obama is bringing in "millions" of illegal immigrants to do horrible things to the country. … [Read more...]

Savage: Obama! Hitler! Hitler! Obama!

The completely deranged Michael Savage went on another of his usual rants last week, something something ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS something something HITLER something something OBAMA IS GOING TO DESTROY US ALL. It's like his supply of contrived outrage is absolutely limitless. Then again, when you make huge money to peddle this paranoid bullshit to the credulous, I'm sure it gets quite easy to keep doing it. … [Read more...]

Hannity Falls for Fake News Site on Syrian Refugees


Donald Trump has been going around saying that Obama plans to bring in 100,000 Syrian refugees (the real number is 10,000), but now Sean Hannity has one-upped him and claimed that Obama is going to bring in a staggering 250,000 of them. PunditFact asked Hannity's people where that figure came from but, predictably, got no response. So they tracked down where the claim came from -- a hoax news site. … [Read more...]

Rick Wiles Has a New Conspiracy Theory

Screenshot from Youtube clip

The thoroughly unhinged conspiracy nut Rick Wiles apparently had his neurons fire once again and vomit up a bizarre new theory. Now he's sure that "somebody with a lot of money" has created the Syrian refugee crisis out of thin air in order to create chaos and send thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States in order to destroy it. He thinks that same person orchestrated the refugees from Central America last year too. … [Read more...]

Fox News Criticizes Non-Existent California Law


On October 16th, Eric Bolling was guest hosting for Bill O'Reilly and apparently wanted to make sure he kept up Billo's low standards for honesty by doing a segment criticizing a law in California that was vetoed several days earlier, but without ever mentioning that it was vetoed. The law would have allowed for pretrial diversion for immigrants, legal or not, who committed small drug crimes. … [Read more...]

Huckabee’s Bizarre Claim About Syrian Refugees


The Republican presidential candidates have been lying and saying unbelievably stupid things about the Syrian refugees, a small number of which we're going to take in to this country over the next 14 months (10,000 out of more than four million), but Mike Huckabee may have made the most bizarre statement of all. In an interview with Jan Mickelson, he said we shouldn't let them in just because they're "not living a very fancy life." … [Read more...]

Cruz Keeps Up the Demagoguery on Syrian Refugees


Ted Cruz, like Donald Trump, has been fear-mongering on the subject of taking in a few thousand Syrian refugees as loudly and often as he can. Fear, of course, is a powerful political weapon. But in doing so, he's lying and obfuscating repeatedly in his claims. He seems to think that we have no way of screening refugees at all and that anyone that we let in is just bound to be a terrorist. … [Read more...]

Yes, Jeffrey Singer, the Bill of Rights Does Apply to Non-Citizens


Jeffrey Singer, our resident conservative in the comment section, clearly knows nothing about constitutional law. In the comments on the post about the armed wingnuts protesting outside of mosques around the country, he repeatedly made the same ignorant claim about the Bill of Rights applying only to citizens, even going so far as to say that no legal scholar would ever say that it applied to anyone else. A few snippets of his statements: … [Read more...]

Cruz Lies About Screening Syrian Refugees


Hey, here's a shock: Ted Cruz lied about something. And he lied in order to make people afraid of something they shouldn't be afraid of. We have a word for that: Demagoguery, which is pretty much all Ted Cruz has in his political toolkit. This time he lies about what Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said about the possibility that ISIS might hide people among the Syrian refugees. … [Read more...]

Gaffney Brings White Supremacist on His Radio Show

"KKK" by KAMiKAZOW. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons -

Frank Gaffney, the absolutely unhinged bigot who founded the Center for Security Policy and hosts a radio show, brought one of the nation's most infamous white supremacists on his show to rail against the evils of immigrants and "so-called refugees." After bringing him on the show and praising his "wonderful" work, which he "appreciates tremendously," Gaffney now claims he had no idea he was a white supremacist. … [Read more...]

Fischer Again Demands All Immigrants Convert to Christianity

Screenshot from Youtube clip

Bryan Fischer is once again showing that he is a dyed-in-the-wool Christian fascist, saying that America should welcome immigrants to this country -- but only if they agree to convert to Christianity. And stop being gay, I imagine. And not just any Christianity, of course, but to his own totalitarian, right-wing version of Christianity. None of those weak-kneed non-fundamentalist types allowed. … [Read more...]

Anticipating the Next Anti-Immigrant Freakout


Sometimes I read a story and I eagerly anticipate how the right wing is going to absolutely freak out over it. This has particularly been true since the 2014 midterm elections, after which Obama apparently decided to troll conservatives repeatedly, dangling the bait he knew would be irresistible. The latest is a new program to make it easier for legal immigrants in the United States to become nationalized citizens. … [Read more...]