Absurd Anti-Muslim Lawsuit in Michigan Dismissed

I'm not sure how I missed the filing of this suit when it happened (or maybe I did see it and forgot about it), but a ridiculous lawsuit filed in Michigan that is pure paranoid, Islamophobic nonsense was dismissed for lack of standing by a federal court. … [Read more...]

Report: Gorka Was Fired by the FBI

Trump White House advisor and Nazi sympathizer (at least) Sebastian Gorka used to do consulting with the FBI about terrorism, but they stopped using him because the content of his analysis was little more than anti-Muslim bigotry, not even thinly veiled. … [Read more...]

9th Circuit Upholds Travel Ban Injunction

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is the latest one to strike down Trump's Muslim travel ban (the one his lawyers say is not a travel ban but he says it is), and interestingly, they did so without even touching the Establishment Clause issue. They ruled purely on statutory, not constitutional grounds. … [Read more...]

Rapert: You’re As Bad As a Terrorist for Reporting My Bigotry

Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert is one of those ridiculously obnoxious, far right state legislators that fuel so much bigotry and stupidity in this country. But if you're a reporter and you actually point out his own statements in this regard, you're "as dangerous as a terrorist." … [Read more...]

Conway’s Husband Throws Shade at Trump

One of the weirdest things about Trump's rage tweeting over the London terror attack this weekend was that he seemed to think that the DOJ -- which he controls, mind you -- had somehow screwed up his travel ban. He criticized them for watering down his original executive order: … [Read more...]

4th Circuit Upholds Injunction of Trump’s Muslim Ban

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, sitting en banc for some reason, became the first appeals court to uphold a district court ruling against Trump's now-infamous Muslim travel ban. The vote was 10-3, with a flurry of concurring opinions. … [Read more...]

Woman Who Started Islamophobic Conspiracy Theory Hired by Trump

In a move that should surprise no one, the former mayor of a Texas town who got famous by launching a totally dishonest campaign about how her town had been taken over by Sharia law has been hired by the Trump administration at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. … [Read more...]

Yates Schools Cornyn During Questioning

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was repeatedly attacked by Republicans on the Senate committee questioning her about her refusal to defend Trump's Muslim travel ban in court. She absolutely schooled Jon Cornyn when he tried to go after her on it. … [Read more...]

4th Circuit Hears Arguments on Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban

On Monday, a panel of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral argument on whether Trump's now-infamous Muslim travel ban executive order is constitutional or not. And it doesn't sound like it went well for Trump's acting solicitor general, who had to deal with questions about Trump's repeated statements about banning Muslims. … [Read more...]

Three Daft Mice

Televangelist con man Jim Bakker had end times con man Joel Richardson and disgraced former FBI agent turned con man John Guandolo on his show and the three daft mice expressed their disbelief that people might actually be protesting against Trump without some nefarious explanation. Bakker first: … [Read more...]

Right Wing Flips Out Over Plan to Combat Anti-Muslim Bullying

Studies show that Muslim students in our schools face bigotry and bullying at an incredibly high rate, so the San Diego schools decided to launch a program to curb such behavior. Naturally, the right is freaking out about this "takeover" by "Sharia law." … [Read more...]

Bakker: Buy My Crappy Food Because Muslims

Jim Bakker's latest hysterical pitch for his crappy buckets of survival food is to claim that Muslims are going to begin murdering Christians here in America when they take over. And you wouldn't want to not have some day-glo freeze-dried mac and cheese in you when you get murdered, would you? … [Read more...]