Oh, Sam Harris. Do Shut Up Now.

It has reached the point where I just cringe every time Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins say almost anything about any subject. Harris has now come out and said that he would vote for a Ben Carson or Ted Cruz over Noam Chomsky for president because, even though he knows those people are highly dishonest and unqualified, he thinks they do take the real threat of reactionary Muslims seriously. … [Read more...]

Trump Reiterates Demand for Database, Promises Waterboarding


Donald Trump made his typical appearance on a Sunday morning talk show, this time the one with George Stephanopoulos. And he made his typically uninformed, ridiculous and appalling statements. He started by declaring the Syrian refugees to be a "Trojan horse" because he saw a picture of the Syrian refugees in Europe and they looked like "strong powerful men." … [Read more...]

PolitiFact Debunks the Lie About Syrian Refugees Being Mostly Men


It has become virtually a mantra on the xenophobic and Islamophobic right that most of the Syrian refugees are "young men of military age" or some such nonsense. Carly Fiorina goes even further and says that the "vast majority" of the refugees are "able-bodied young men." PolitiFact points to data from the United Nations, which tracks all of the refugees, that completely refutes this claim: … [Read more...]

Armed Jerks Patrolling Outside Mosque in Dallas


As the right wing continues to cower in fear of Syrian refugees -- or perhaps more accurately to exploit that fear for political gain -- a group of armed wingnuts in Dallas have decided to patrol outside an Islamic center, based apparently on rumors and lies. They're spewing the usual bullshit about stopping Sharia law from being imposed in America, a possibility so farfetched as to be utterly laughable. … [Read more...]

The Real Risk Calculus on Syrian Refugees

A friend of mine shared a link to my post about the Syrian refugees and our fascist impulses and a friend of theirs took issue with it, trying to argue that the risk that one of the refugees might turn out to be a terrorist is too high to accept. I left a fairly detailed answer to him, which I'll repost here: … [Read more...]

WND Complains About Satanists Helping Muslims


In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, as death threats, vandalism and violence against Muslims increase in this country, the Satanic Temple has done a kind and humane thing by offering to help escort Muslims around town to protect them or to bring them food if they're too scared to leave the house. Naturally, the Worldnetdaily doesn't like that kind of thing one bit. … [Read more...]

The Syrian Refugees and the Fascist Impulse

The reaction in this country to the Paris terrorist attacks has reached an absolutely frightening stage where people are seriously offering up policies borrowed, quite literally, from the Nazis. As the right wing continues to pretend that the Syrian refugees and ISIS are the same thing, some of them are suggesting policies that should horrify any reasonable person. Donald Trump, for example, thinks maybe Muslims should have to carry ID badges. … [Read more...]

Ladies and Gentlemen, ‘Murika

You can't find a better representation of the American right wing than this. In Virginia, a Muslim group is trying to build a new mosque and a bunch of dumbass, ignorant goobers showed up and started screaming about how all Muslims are terrorists. It got so bad that a sheriff's deputy had to break up the meeting. I'm so glad Sam Harris tells us that Islamophobia is a totally made up thing and doesn't actually exist. … [Read more...]

Rick Wiles Can’t Do Math

Screenshot from Youtube clip

Deranged wingnut Rick Wiles says that "Jihad Barry" (his nickname for Obama) is leading an "Islamic invasion of America." And he actually cites Avi Lipkin, the even more deranged fabulist who claims that Obama has been moving "50-100 million Muslims" into the country and hiding them in our national parks. And his proof for this is the 10,000 Syrian refugees being let in by the end of 2016. … [Read more...]

Jesse Lee Peterson Should Not Be Allowed to Vote


Jesse Lee Peterson, the incredibly far-right wingnut who thinks women should not be allowed to vote (because he's as much a misogynist as he is an anti-gay bigot and an Uncle Tom on racial matters), has a bizarre column at the Worldnetdaily that will just leave you scratching your head. He combines the protests at Missouri with the terrorist attacks in Paris in one big jumble of stupid. … [Read more...]

Republican Governors Strike the Xenophobia Pose


In the wake of the attacks in Paris, nearly a dozen state governors, all of them Republicans, have come out and declared that they will not accept any Syrian refugees granted asylum in the United States. I am about equal parts appalled by the xenophobia and jingoism and amused at the notion that they have such authority. They don't, at least partly for the reasons Ian Millhiser offers: … [Read more...]

Worldnetdaily Flips Out Over Mythical ‘Shariahville’


Last week the city of Hamtramck, Michigan became the first city in the country to elect a Muslim majority to its city council. That has the bigoted, Islamophobic right wing losing their minds, naturally. The Worldnetdaily declares that city to be "Shariahville" and packs a whole lot of empty fear-mongering and xenophobia into an article with no evidence whatsoever. … [Read more...]