Gaffney Now Advising Trump Transition Team on National Security

It was bad enough that Trump is considering Clare Lopez as his deputy national security adviser, but now according to multiple reports, her boss Frank Gaffney is also advising the transition team on matters of national security. To call Gaffney a crackpot would be an insult to crackpots. … [Read more...]

Trump Might Name Gaffney Deputy to National Security Council

I've documented for years the utterly deranged Islamophobia of Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy. His deputy at that organization, Clare Lopez, is every bit as bad, so naturally Donald Trump is considering her as his deputy national security adviser. … [Read more...]

Guilfoyle: Trump Never Said Keep Out All Muslims

Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle is already rewriting history, or just plain lying, as she claimed on the air yesterday that Donald Trump never said he wanted to keep all Muslims from entering the country. This falsehood is, of course, easily proven wrong. … [Read more...]

The Southern Poverty Law Center Really Screwed Up

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which does a lot of important work tracking extremists of all stripes, put out a field guide for journalists of "anti-Muslim extremists" and bizarrely included Maajid Nawaz, a liberal Muslim pushing for a more progressive form of Islam. It's an absolutely baffling inclusion. He responds: … [Read more...]

Guandolo: Muslim Cab Drivers, 7-11 Owners Part of Grand Plot

John Guandolo, the disgraced former FBI agent who was fired because he had an affair with a witness he was protecting and now makes a living as a professional Islamophobe, says that all those Muslim cabbies and convenience store employees are part of a grand plot to take over America. … [Read more...]

Federer: Syrian Refugees Brought In to Trigger Martial Law

Bill Federer, a poor man's David Barton, is also a paranoid anti-Muslim crackpot, it turns out. Speaking at the Breaking the Silence conference recently, he said that the government is bringing in Syrian refugees so they can engage in terrorism, which will allow for the imposition of martial law. … [Read more...]

Wingnut Throws a Fit About Lesson on Islam

A Christian mother from Tennessee is quite angry that her daughter had to learn some very basic things about Islam in a 7th grade social studies class, apparently because she has no idea what social studies means. And she's throwing a tantrum over it. … [Read more...]

MI Township Settles RLUIPA Suit With Muslim School

Pittsfield Township, Michigan, near Ann Arbor, has settled two suits with a Muslim group that wanted to rezone a property so they could build a school. The case was based on the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. … [Read more...]

Fischer Still Lying About Ebola Travel Restrictions

No useful lie ever dies, especially when it involves the Christian right -- you know, those arbiters of morality who are so much more ethical than the rest of us. That's why Bryan Fischer keeps repeating this lie about travel restrictions during the Ebola outbreak a couple years ago: … [Read more...]

7th Circuit Panel Mocks Indiana Attorneys Over Syrian Refugees

Like several other states, Indiana has attempt to prevent the settlement of any Syrian refugees in their fair land. Like every other state, they got sued and lost. But Indiana appealed to the 7th Circuit and let's just say it isn't going well for them so far. … [Read more...]

The Worst of the Islamophobes Turn on Each Other

There's a war a'brewin' between the most far-right Islamophobes in the country. Theodore Shoebat is now declaring that Pam Geller should be put to death because she appeared at a "gays for Trump" (seriously, WTF?) rally. Longtime Friend of Dispatches Richard Bartholomew has the details. … [Read more...]

I’m Sure Glad Islamophobia Isn’t a Thing

For those who claim that Islamophobia is a term invented to shut down all criticism of Islam, let me present a couple stories. In Georgia, a far-right militia group threatened violence against a mosque being constructed, canceling, for now at least, the project. … [Read more...]