Debunking That ‘Taqiyya’ Nonsense

Credit: Michael Vadon

In his diatribe about the evils of allowing a Muslim to be president, ignorant jackass Ben Carson repeated a claim that is taken as gospel truth among the Christian right Islamophobes: "Taqiyya is a component of Sharia that allows, and even encourages you to lie to achieve your goals.” Brian Catlos, a historian specializing in Muslim history in Europe, calls this out for the nonsense that it is: … [Read more...]

Land Suddenly Loves Separation of Church and State


Richard Land, former chair of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and now president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, has suddenly discovered that he loves the First Amendment's separation of church and state. Well, he loves it as long as it applies to Muslims, that is. Separation of mosque and state is very important to him. … [Read more...]

Florida Wingnuts Flip Out Over Muslims Praying

Sam Harris once said in an exchange with Glenn Greenwald, "There is no such thing as 'Islamophobia.' This is a term of propaganda designed to protect Islam from the forces of secularism by conflating all criticism of it with racism and xenophobia." Sorry Sam, you're completely full of shit. Want yet another disproof of this idiotic claim? Read this article about what happened when a picture was posted of a group of Muslims peacefully praying on a beach: … [Read more...]

Cruz Keeps Up the Demagoguery on Syrian Refugees


Ted Cruz, like Donald Trump, has been fear-mongering on the subject of taking in a few thousand Syrian refugees as loudly and often as he can. Fear, of course, is a powerful political weapon. But in doing so, he's lying and obfuscating repeatedly in his claims. He seems to think that we have no way of screening refugees at all and that anyone that we let in is just bound to be a terrorist. … [Read more...]

Savage Lies About Syrian Refugees Too

Unhinged wingnut radio host Michael Savage is joining the conservative chorus of lies about bringing in a few thousand refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war, but as usual he goes much further with the deranged conspiracy theories. He says Obama is bringing them in as an "army to overthrow the people" while flat out lying about the number and demographic makeup of the refugees we might take in. … [Read more...]

Anti-Muslim Protest in Dearborn Fizzles


There were supposed to be a whole bunch of anti-Muslim rallies at mosques around the country by armed paranoid extremists affiliated with the Oath Keepers and other far-right groups, but they mostly fizzled. That includes here in Dearborn, which has the largest Arab population in the country (many of them Christian, actually), where a small number of idiots showed up and were greeted by far more counter-protesters. … [Read more...]

Armed Extremists Protesting at Mosques. This Should End Well.


A bunch of heavily-armed far-right extremists are going to be demonstrating outside of mosques around the country today, including here in Michigan at the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, the largest mosque in the United States. They include people from the Oath Keepers and other extremist groups who buy into all manner of bizarre conspiracy theories, which makes them highly susceptible to calls for violence. … [Read more...]

Meet the Nation’s Dumbest Parent


We've seen many instances of Christian conservatives losing their minds over their children learning some basic facts about Islam in their history classes, but this mother from Florida provides a perfect justification for why the schools teach those things: So they don't end up as ignorant as their parents. Christian Kayla Normandin in this video throws a fit about the fact that her kid's textbook teaches about "Ay-rabic numerals." … [Read more...]

40% of NC Republicans Want to Outlaw Islam


Yet another piece of evidence that pretty much destroys the idea that there is no such thing as Islamophobia, particularly on the American right. A new poll shows that 40% of Republicans in the state of North Carolina think Islam should be outlawed completely, with another 20% not sure about it. And a majority of supporters of Donald Trump in the state agree that it should be banned. … [Read more...]

ACLJ Freaks Out Over Comparative Religion Lessons


The American Center for Law and Justice, Pat Robertson's answer to the ACLU run by the extraordinarily dishonest Jay Sekulow and his son, is throwing a fit over lesson plans at a Georgia school that teach about Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Why? Because they teach them about very basic things like the five pillars of Islam, the shahada and that they all worship the same God. … [Read more...]

Gaffney Brings White Supremacist on His Radio Show

"KKK" by KAMiKAZOW. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons -

Frank Gaffney, the absolutely unhinged bigot who founded the Center for Security Policy and hosts a radio show, brought one of the nation's most infamous white supremacists on his show to rail against the evils of immigrants and "so-called refugees." After bringing him on the show and praising his "wonderful" work, which he "appreciates tremendously," Gaffney now claims he had no idea he was a white supremacist. … [Read more...]

When the Right Suddenly Gets Concerned About Muslim Views


One of the more ridiculous arguments we sometimes hear from the Christian right is that we can't pass progressive policies that help gay people or women because that will inflame the Muslim world and put our troops in danger (not that we have many troops in war zones anymore). Louis Gohmert is the latest to suddenly develop a concern for the views of Muslims while demanding that the Senate not confirm the openly gay Eric Fanning as Army Secretary. … [Read more...]