Spicer: Terror Attack on Mosque Proves Need for Trump Policies

As if on cue, within hours of the Trump administration issuing its anti-Muslim immigration order, one of his bigoted friends went into a mosque in Quebec and killed six people. Sean Spicer makes the absolutely bizarre claim that this proves the need for Trump's policies. … [Read more...]

Guess Who Loves Trump’s Anti-Muslim Immigration Order?

As with almost everything Trump has done since taking office, his anti-Muslim immigration order is drawing rave reviews among the white supremacists and neo-Nazis. They're declaring their "ecstatic joy" over Trump's "walloping" of those "subhuman raghead heathens." … [Read more...]

Fischer: Bomb Muslim Countries to Show Our Love for Them

We have another missive from the bizarro world that Bryan Ficher lives in. This time he is declaring that the United States should bomb Muslim countries because that's the only way to show them that we love them and push them into the arms of Jesus. … [Read more...]

Report: Trump to Sign Partial Immigration Ban from Muslim Countries

Reuters reports that Trump is expected to sign a series of executive orders "restricting access to the United States for refugees and some visa holders from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen." There are few details, though. Stay tuned on Thursday. … [Read more...]

Meet Mike Pompeo. Trump’s Choice to Lead the CIA

With all the attention paid to Donald Trump's menagerie of terrible choices for cabinet positions in his administration, little attention has been paid to Mike Pompeo, his choice as CIA director. Turns out he's quite a piece of work himself. He's a serious Christian right culture warrior, for example: … [Read more...]

Another Community Freaks Out About a Muslim Cemetery

And we have yet another situation where a Muslim group wants to use land for a cemetery and the local bigots lose their minds over it. Some of them just go full-on bigot and express their fear and loathing of Muslims, while others invent ridiculous pretexts to pretend they're not being bigots. … [Read more...]

Stone Repeats Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory on John Brennan

Donald Trump's BFF Roger Stone sat in for Alex Jones on his InfoWars show, because of course he did, and he repeated this ridiculous lie that CIA Director John Brennan converted to Islam and is now a Saudi agent who supports terrorism. … [Read more...]

Fake ‘Ex-Terrorist’: 45% of Common Core is Islamic Indoctrination

Kamal Saleem, Michigan's very own fake "ex-terrorist" to match Christian fascist Walid Shoebat, made a declaration that literally made me laugh out loud. He says that 45% of the Common Core curriculum is really "Islamic indoctrination." … [Read more...]

Another Mosque Wins RLUIPA Suit

All over the country, county and township officials have tried again and again to deny approval for the building of a mosque, accompanied by a virtual mob with pitchforks and torches spewing bigotry. And again and again, they lose in court because of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. The latest is in New Jersey. … [Read more...]

Rohrer: Obama Administration Infiltrated by Muslim Jihadists

Sam Rohrer of the American Pastors Network did an interview in which he claimed that Muslim jihadists had infiltrated the Obama administration at the highest levels. In fact, CIA Director John Brennan is a Muslim convert who is on the side of the terrorists. … [Read more...]

GUEST POST: Terror in Europe, Worries and Fears

This is a guest post from my friend Leo Igwe, the Nigerian humanist who has done so much to combat witch hunts in Northern Africa. But he has lived in Germany for the last several years and this is his take on the attack on a Christmas market in that country. … [Read more...]

How Fake News Can Lead to Bigotry, Hatred and Violence

The largest Arab and Muslim population (and no, those aren't the same thing) in the United States is here in Dearborn, Michigan. About 40% of the residents are Arab or Muslim. That has spawned all kinds of ridiculous claims from Islamophobes about it and those claims are now causing threats of violence. … [Read more...]