OK Legislator Wants ‘Final Solution’ on Muslims

From the "Islamophobia doesn't exist" file: An Oklahoma state legislator shared an article this week calling for a "final solution" in regard to Muslims and saying that Islam is not covered by the First Amendment, that Muslim immigration should be banned, and that those here should be "quarantined." … [Read more...]

Trump is Wrong on the Assimilation of Muslim Immigrants

Donald Trump continued his ignorant fearmongering the other day by claiming that Muslim immigrants to the United States don't assimilate into the culture even after two or three generations. He provided zero evidence, of course, because the evidence shows quite the contrary. … [Read more...]

Bolling: It’s Only Terrorism When a Muslim Does It

Eric Bolling, the third dumbest man on Fox News (behind Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade), gave an ignorant diatribe about President Obama "politicizing" the Orlando massacre but makes clear that if a Muslim does it, it's terrorism; if a white American does it, it's only "mass murder." … [Read more...]

Michael Savage and the Art of Psychopathic Projection

Michael Savage has always been a busy practitioner of the art of psychological projection, but on a recent show I think he went into a whole new stratosphere that I'm going to call psychopathic projection. Listen to what he had to say about President Obama being angry: … [Read more...]

Wiles: Rid the Nation of Muslims or We’re All Going to Die

Rick Wiles can always be counted on to take the already vile and bigoted positions of others and make them infinitely worse. He says that we have to round up every Muslim in the country and deport them, then amend the Constitution to declare America a Christian nation, or "we're all going to die." … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Invents Some History

Bryan Fischer is arguing, as he long has, that we should prohibit all Muslims from coming to the United States, and he is inventing some history to do it. He compares people from Muslim countries to people from the countries where the Ebola virus was common and falsely claims that we stopped immigration from those countries. … [Read more...]

Gaffney Invents a New Axis of Evil

In the minds of far-right paranoiacs, everyone they disagree with is always in league with one another for some nefarious purpose. This was demonstrated yet again by extremist bigot Frank Gaffney, who says that liberals, ISIS and the Black Lives Matter movement are all working together to destroy America. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Hypocrisy on Muhammad Ali

Late last year, President Obama gave a talk in which he mentioned that some of our greatest athletes have been Muslims. Donald Trump predictably responded, wondering who he could possibly have been talking about. This is what he tweeted: … [Read more...]

The Idiotic Reason Walid Shoebat Won’t Fly

Walid Shoebat, the Christian fascist father of Theodore Shoebat, did an interview recently where he was asked about the Egyptian flight that was apparently taken down by a Muslim fundamentalist pilot. He says he won't fly at all anymore because he can't be sure the pilot isn't Muslim. … [Read more...]

Gordon Klingenschmitt: ‘Religious Freedom’ Advocate

Our old pal Gordon Klingenschmitt, alleged advocate of the free expression of religion in the military, says that the Citadel was right to deny a Muslim cadet's request to be allowed to wear a headscarf with her uniform. His, uh, "reasoning" is every bit as inane as you would expect from him. … [Read more...]

Trump Team Walking Back Muslim Ban Again

After making it one of the two major policies he advocated during the primary, Trump is clearly trying to back away from his ban on Muslim immigration and tourism. First Trump himself said it was just a suggestion, now his advisers are trying to woo Muslim voters (good luck with that!) by pretending it was no big deal. … [Read more...]

Anti-Islam Protesters Go Full-On White Supremacist

A group of bigots in Houston held a protest against an Islamic center that was started by NBA hall of famer Hakeem Olajuwon several years ago, but they were dwarfed by about five times as many counter-protesters. The bigots left no question where they stood, carrying signs that said "white lives matter" and yelling "white power." … [Read more...]