Pam Geller Lies; Film at 11

Pam Geller, an unhinged anti-Muslim bigot, told a whopper of a lie in an interview with a right-wing radio host, claiming that Hillary Clinton said that she was going to shut down In fact, the email from her campaign said the exact opposite. … [Read more...]

Islamophobia Gets More Muslims Booted Off a Plane

Here's yet another case where paranoid bigots on planes got Muslims removed from their flights and investigated merely for being Muslim. In this case, two passengers claimed that they saw Arabic text on their cell phones, as if that were a good reason to think they were terrorists. … [Read more...]

Gaffney Group Launches Bigoted Attack on Muslim Fencer

On the website of Frank Gaffney's highly Islamophobic Family Security Matters, Paul Hollrah has an absolutely asinine article about Ibtihaj Muhammad, the Muslim-American fencer who won a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics. As usual, they see conspiracies everywhere. … [Read more...]

Brian Kilmeade: Still an Idiot

Brian Kilmeade, who still holds the #2 spot on my list of the dumbest people on Fox News (behind Steve Doocy, of course), strengthens his hold on that spot with his attempted defense of Trump's anti-Muslim immigration policies by reference to the Alien and Sedition Acts. … [Read more...]

Christian Caller Threatens to Behead Muslims at Texas Mosque

A caller who self-identified as a Christian left a threatening message at a mosque in Watauga, Texas saying that he's going to cut the heads off of worshipers there, among many other things. For some bizarre reason, the local police are not treating as a direct threat. … [Read more...]

Ryan’s Opponent Goes Even Further Than Trump

If you think Donald Trump's ideas about Muslims in this country are extreme, wait till you hear what Paul Nehlen, the man challenging Paul Ryan in the Republican primaries in Wisconsin, is advocating. He makes Trump sound like a weak-kneed appeaser. … [Read more...]

Trump Begs Republicans to Back Up His Stupid Attacks

How bad have things gotten for the Trump campaign as he has continued, day after day, to attack the family of a Bronze Star-winning Muslim soldier killed in Iraq? So bad that they've been reduced to begging Republicans in Congress to say something in support of those attacks. … [Read more...]

Backer: Under Trump, Khan Would Not Have Been in Army

The co-chair of a major pro-Trump Super PAC, himself a former Navy SEAL, is defending Trump's attacks on the family of a Muslim soldier who died in Iraq. Weirdly, he says that if Donald Trump were president, he would not have been in the military because of Trump's Muslim ban. … [Read more...]

Oh, the Sacrifices Donald Trump Has Made for America!

One of the most compelling moments of the DNC was when a Muslim couple whose son died fighting for the U.S. in Iraq spoke about it and pointed out that, unlike Donald Trump, they and their son had actually sacrificed for his country. Donald Trump had an inevitably juvenile and absurd response: … [Read more...]

Gingrich Makes Last Ditch Effort to Be Trump’s VP

The night before Donald Trump was set to announce his vice presidential pick, with all the reports indicating it would be Mike Pence, Newt Gingrich made what seemed to be a 13th hour case for himself as he reacted to the horrifying attack in Nice, France by proposing blatantly unconstitutional policies. … [Read more...]

Churches as Polling Places? Fine. Mosques? OMG Terrorists!

There are literally thousands of polling places located in churches around the country and virtually no one bats an eye about it. Put one in a mosque, however, and people who undoubtedly don't see a problem with having them in churches freak the hell out. … [Read more...]

Gaffney and the Decepticon of Bad Guys

Islamophobic bigot Frank Gaffney is still selling his ridiculous notion of a bad guy Decepticon, with Black Lives Matter protesters joining with ISIS, liberals and gay rights advocates to assemble into one giant bad guy that must be defeated. … [Read more...]