Bigot Attacks Muslim Store Clerk in Rhode Island


A drunk bigot in Rhode Island was caught on tape threatening to kill a Muslim store clerk, then lied to the media and police about it. He claims that the clerk was "badmouthing Christmas" and that's what provoked him to go on a threatening tirade. He also claims that he lost friends in the twin towers on 9/11, as if that would be in any way relevant at all. … [Read more...]

VA Debate Coaches Want Tournament Pulled From Liberty U


After Jerry Falwell, Jr. recently told students at Liberty University that they need to arm themselves and explicitly allowed the carrying of guns on campus in order to combat "those Muslims," a group of high school debate coaches in Virginia are demanding that the state tournament be moved away from Liberty, where it has been held for the last decade. … [Read more...]

Trump: Muslims Knew About San Bernardino Shooters, Did Nothing


Another day, another fact-free, hypocritical claim from Donald Trump, who is as disconnected from, or unconcerned with, reality as any political candidate I have ever seen. This time he's claiming, with no evidence whatsoever, that unspecified Muslims in California knew about the San Bernardino shooters and their plans but did nothing to stop them or turn them in. … [Read more...]

On Demanding Muslims Continually Condemn Terrorism


Rana Elmir is the associate director of the ACLU of Michigan and someone I used to talk to frequently when I was with the American Independent News Network. She's also the author of a provocative column in the Washington Post in which she "emphatically refuses" to condemn terrorism by other Muslims and explains exactly why. I don't agree with everything in the piece, but she makes some very good points. … [Read more...]

About That New Agrabah Poll

A couple weeks ago, PPP did a poll that showed that about 30% of Republicans favor bombing the fictional city of Agrabah from the story of Aladdin and we all had a good laugh. Now a conservative polling firm has struck back, doing a poll that shows that more than 40% of Democrats support accepting refugees from that same fictional city. And now they're having a good laugh. … [Read more...]

Muslims Make Christmas Dinner for Homeless, Bigots Go Crazy


A group of Muslims in California devoted their Christmas Eve to preparing a dinner at the Loaves and Fishes homeless shelter, a very kind gesture that should be applauded. But anti-Muslim bigots are predictably raging about it, accusing them of wanting to poison the people who eat the food because, you know, they're Muslim and all Muslims simply must be evil. … [Read more...]

New Orleans Folks Welcome Syrian Refugees


The city of New Orleans is a city of immigrants. The mixing of cultures -- Native American, Caribbean, Cajun, Creole, African American -- is what makes that city so vibrant and amazing. So I'm not surprised to see some of the local residents holding an event welcoming Syrian refugees to the city and drawing on their own history to show them an open door. … [Read more...]

Islamophobes Turn Anti-ISIS Rally Into Pro-ISIS Rally


On Twitter and Facebook, a photo is circulating about an alleged pro-ISIS rally in Dearborn, Michigan. There's just one tiny little problem with it: It's actually an anti-ISIS rally that took place in that city two weeks ago. But of course, it spread far and wide because most people don't care whether any claim is true, they only care whether it fits the narrative in their heads. … [Read more...]

Man Who Shot Up Mosque Totally Not Anti-Muslim


From the I'm Not a Racist, I Have Black Friends Department: A Connecticut man who was arrested and charged with shooting up a mosque next to his house, thankfully not hurting anyone, would like you to know that he doesn't have an anti-Muslim bone in his entire body. Never mind those Facebook posts saying things like "I hate Muslims." … [Read more...]

Trump and the Syrian Refugees with Cell Phones


As I've pointed out many times, Donald Trump has no filter. He sees some little nugget in the news, it triggers an almost invariably stupid thought and he just blurts it out at a campaign event or interview. In ear, out mouth, bypass brain. A perfect example is his recent obsession with the fact that many of the Syrian refugees have cell phones, which apparently means they aren't so bad off after all. … [Read more...]

Several GOP Candidates Participate in Gaffney Event


The day before this week's Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas, unhinged right-wing Islamophobe Frank Gaffney held another of his "national security summits" and got several of the candidates to particulate. The Southern Poverty Law Center has a rundown of all of the bizarre conspiracy theories being pushed at the event. I found this quite interesting: … [Read more...]

The Triumphant Return of Avi Lipkin


Of all the far-right conspiracy theorists, Avi Lipkin may be my favorite. You might remember him as the guy who claims that President Obama has been moving "50-100 million Muslims" into the United States and hiding them in the national parks. Well he's popped up again, on the Rick Wiles radio show, and now he says they'll also be buying up all the foreclosed homes. … [Read more...]