Wingnut: Clinton Would Have Enforced Sharia Law!

End times crackpot Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries delivers the usual argument that the left loves Sharia law, which is patently ridiculous, and adds to it that if Hillary Clinton had been elected, that would have led to it being enforced in America, which is even more ridiculous. … [Read more...]

No More Visas for Afghanis Who Worked With Us

The Trump administration and Congress are apparently going to just allow the number of special visas offered to Afghanis who worked with the American military and other agencies in their country during the war to expire. Because why not just let them be hunted down, right? … [Read more...]

Somin: Travel Ban 2.0 Still Unconstitutional

Ilya Somin, a libertarian-leaning constitutional law scholar, says that while the new version of Donald Trump's travel ban on those coming from Muslim countries is better than the first one, it's still cruel and unconstitutional. … [Read more...]

Another Klayman Lawsuit to Be Summarily Dismissed

It's a day ending in Y, so that means Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, filed yet another ridiculous lawsuit against all of the people he considers his political enemies. As usual, it will take milliseconds for the court to dismiss it. … [Read more...]

Now Fox Presents Swedish Neo-Nazi as an ‘Expert’

You'd think that Fox News would have learned its lesson after presenting a complete unknown as an expert on Swedish national security, but apparently not. They just presented a Swedish neo-Nazi columnist as an expert too, without revealing anything about her. … [Read more...]

Spicer Says He ‘Clearly’ Meant Orlando When He Said Atlanta Repeatedly

For a change, Sean Spicer is having to spin and cover up for his own ignorant statements, not Trump's. After repeatedly referring to a non-existent terror attack in Atlanta, he defended himself by saying he "clearly meant Orlando." … [Read more...]

Trump: I Think Better Than Almost Anyone Else

What is it with Donald Trump always having to tell people how smart he (thinks he) is? He's been doing it constantly, throughout the campaign and continuing after occupying the White House. His latest ridiculous and empty boast: … [Read more...]

The Dumbest Thing You’ll Read Today

Joe Theismann was a great NFL quarterback who turned into one of the worst football analysts in existence (and there is a LOT of competition for that title). But when he tries to talk politics, as he did Steve Doocy, the dumbest man on television, he truly reveals what an idiot he is. … [Read more...]

Bannon vs Cabinet on the Immigration Order

The White House has been leaking like a sieve from the word go, revealing the internecine battles going on over both influence over Trump and specific policies. The Washington Post reports that Steve Bannon really battled several cabinet members over the immigration order. … [Read more...]

Refugee Vetter Explains Why Trump is Dead Wrong on Travel Ban

Natasha Hall was someone who did the vetting of refugees in Iraq and Syria for the government. She points out how incredibly rigorous the vetting process is -- far more than anyone else seeking asylum -- and the real human cost of even a delay in resettling those approved to the United States. … [Read more...]

Trump Exempts Israelis from Immigration Order

The White House keeps insisting that the recently issued immigration order, which stops travel from seven Middle Eastern countries, is not a ban on Muslims. But they've already said they would give preference to Christians from those countries and now they're exempting Israeli Jews as well. … [Read more...]

Baghdad Kellyanne’s Latest ‘Alternative Fact’

Baghdad Kellyanne Conway has invented a new alternative fact and it's a doozy. In trying to justify Trump's anti-Muslim immigration order, she cited a "Bowling Green massacre" masterminded by two Iraqi refugees. There was no such event. And she even got snotty about the press not covering it. … [Read more...]