Trump: Ban All Muslims. Except My Rich Friends.

Donald Trump is a lot like Alex Jones in that he often refers to information or support he gets from unnamed friends or insider sources. During an MSNBC Townhall he claimed that he has lots of rich Muslim friends who support his idea to ban Muslim immigration and tourism to the US. Oh, and they get to come despite the ban. … [Read more...]

Islamophobes Promote Fake Shooting Story

Here's the least surprising news of the day. A bunch of hysterical Islamophobes, led by Pam Geller and Michael Savage, grabbed ahold of a fake story from a website owned by a conspiracy nut sent to prison for threatening federal judges and promoted it as proof that a "Muslim terror cell" had fired guns at hikers in California. … [Read more...]

Debunking the Myth That Muslims Hide the Bad Guys

After the Brussels bombing, Donald Trump said that the problem was that Muslims don't inform the police about potential terrorists among them. He provided no evidence of this, of course, and there's actually a good deal of evidence against it. But evidence never matter to Donald Trump anyway. … [Read more...]

Christian Pastor Attacks Capitol Hill; Muslims Blamed

Larry Dawson, a pastor from Tennessee, was shot by Capitol Hill police after pulling out a gun in the U.S. Capitol building. He was shot and wounded. It took Fox News about 8 seconds to declare that this just proves the need to start patrolling Muslim neighborhoods. … [Read more...]

Grand Rapids Man Shouts ‘Kill the Muslims’ and ‘Trump, Trump, Trump’

This happened literally two miles from my house on Monday. An unidentified man encountered a group of Muslims at Rosa Parks Circle and started shouting "kill the Muslims, bury them" and similar things, finishing with a loud, fist-pumping shout of "Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump." … [Read more...]

Now My State Wants to Pass Illegal Bill Over Immigration

It isn't just southern states like Texas losing their minds over the settlement of a few Syrian refugees in their states. My home state of Michigan, which is likely to take in about half the Syrian refugees settled in the country, now has a paranoid, xenophobic movement building and legislation that would last 10 seconds in court. … [Read more...]

South Carolina Makes Bid to Regain Title of Most Backward Carolina

After North Carolina passed one of the most horrible and bigoted pieces of legislation imaginable to deny equal rights to LGBT people, South Carolina clearly wants its title back as the most backassward Carolina in the country. They've got a bill that would hold sponsoring organizations responsible for anything refugees do wrong. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Let’s ‘De-Islamize’ America

Bryan Fischer, a genuine Christian theocrat who thinks the First Amendment only protects Christianity, thinks that it's time to "de-Islamize" America, following the advice of the loathsome Geert Wilders. But he uses a rather interesting and convenient argument for doing so: … [Read more...]

Shoebat: Beck and Cruz Possessed, Will Bring the Muslim Antichrist

Shoebat the Elder -- Walid, the fake "ex-terrorist" who is as much a Christian fascist as his son Theodore -- has an absolutely bizarre, incoherent screed arguing that Glenn Beck is possessed by demons and that he and Ted Cruz are working to bring about the Antichrist, who is of course a Muslim. … [Read more...]

Cruz Wants to ‘Patrol and Secure’ Muslim Neighborhoods

In response to the horrific attacks in Brussels, the Republican candidates are, of course, using it as an excuse to promote bigotry, xenophobia and greater police power. Ted Cruz says that we should "empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods," among other proposals. … [Read more...]

Cruz: Frank Gaffney is a ‘Serious Thinker’

Ted Cruz named unhinged bigot Frank Gaffney as one of his chief foreign policy advisers, causing a bit of controversy. He was asked about it on CNN and he defended Gaffney, saying he's someone he respects and that he "is a serious thinker." He did not, of course, attempt to defend some of the ridiculous positions Gaffney takes. … [Read more...]

Wiles: The Muslims Have Taken Over America!

The terminally hysterical Rick Wiles has become a regular guest on Christian con man Jim Bakker's little TV show, where the two can share their most bizarre beliefs and theories. In his most recent appearance, Wiles loudly declared that Muslims have taken over America and they're going to kill us all! … [Read more...]