Cruz: Frank Gaffney is a ‘Serious Thinker’

Ted Cruz named unhinged bigot Frank Gaffney as one of his chief foreign policy advisers, causing a bit of controversy. He was asked about it on CNN and he defended Gaffney, saying he's someone he respects and that he "is a serious thinker." He did not, of course, attempt to defend some of the ridiculous positions Gaffney takes. … [Read more...]

Wiles: The Muslims Have Taken Over America!

The terminally hysterical Rick Wiles has become a regular guest on Christian con man Jim Bakker's little TV show, where the two can share their most bizarre beliefs and theories. In his most recent appearance, Wiles loudly declared that Muslims have taken over America and they're going to kill us all! … [Read more...]

The Syrian Refugee Lie That Republicans Won’t Stop Repeating

One of the iron laws of politics is that a lie that is useful will never die, it will continue to be repeated over and over again no matter how obvious the lie or how many times it has been debunked. Glenn Grothman, the incredibly dumb congressman from Wisconsin, repeats the ridiculous lie that Syrian refugees are not vetted. … [Read more...]

Bigoted Wingnut: Rubio Supports Terrorists!

A few days ago, Marco Rubio said that he thought it was wrong for a gun range in Oklahoma to refuse to allow an Army reservist to use their facility because he's Muslims. So Jan Morgan, the bigoted dingbat who banned Muslims from her own gun range in Florida, says Rubio will soon be endorsed by Hamas and ISIS. … [Read more...]

Bigots Want Muslim Cemetery Stopped. For Environmental Reasons.

A bunch of Islamophobic bigots in Massachusetts are trying to stop the permitting of a Muslim cemetery in a rural area after a Muslim group bought the property. They claim they're just concerned about the environment, but if you believe that I've got a Muslim bridge to sell you. … [Read more...]

Beck Wants Norquist, Not Nugent, Off the NRA Board

Glenn Beck has been crusading for a year or so to get anti-tax zealot Grover Norquist off the board of the National Rifle Association and now he's urging his followers who are NRA members to vote to impeach him from the board when the organization sends a mailer around to its membership. … [Read more...]

OMG! An Arabic Flag! Call Homeland Security!

On Valentine's Day, someone hung a large flag with a heart on it and the words "Love is for all" in Arabic. Naturally, that prompted the ignorant know-nothing xenophobes to lose their collective minds over it and demand a Department of Homeland Security investigation into the "incident." … [Read more...]

Gaffney: Fighting Islamophobia Will Get People Killed

Deranged anti-Muslim bigot Frank Gaffney is quite upset that President Obama actually spoke out against anti-Muslim bigotry during a visit to a mosque recently. Because why in the world would he want to do that while people like Gaffney are beating up anyone they think might be Muslim, including Hindus and Sikhs? … [Read more...]

NH Wingnut: Public Assistance for Muslims is Treason!

And we have yet another raging bigot -- a Republican, of course -- making a staggeringly idiotic statement about Muslims. This time it's New Hampshire State Rep. Ken Weyler, who wants to pass a law forbidding Muslims from getting any public assistance because that constitutes treason. Seriously. … [Read more...]

Fischer: All Muslim Charities Fund Terrorism

Bryan Fischer, master of the totally unsupported assertion, said on his radio show this week that every single Muslim charity in the entire world is just a front to raise money for terrorism. He provides no evidence of that, of course, just a bald assertion. Probably the holy spirit told him or something. … [Read more...]

Geller’s Bizarre Definition of ‘Islamic Supremacism’

Unhinged anti-Muslim bigot Pam Geller is up in arms that a Muslim woman has made the U.S. Olympic team in fencing and will be wearing a hijab during the competition. And for some bizarre reason, she thinks that this one woman following her own religious beliefs is somehow imposing "Islamic supremacism" on the entire Olympic team. … [Read more...]

Carson: Islam Not a Religion, but a ‘Life Organization System’

The staggeringly hypocritical claim from the Christian right that Islam is not a religion but rather a political ideology is very commonly heard these days, but Ben Carson has a twist on this argument that makes it even more ridiculous. Here's what he told an audience in Iowa last week: … [Read more...]