Another Bigot Thinks Sikhs Are Muslims

Hoboken, New Jersey City Councilman Ravinder Bhalla is a Sikh. That seems to have caught the attention of yet another ignorant, dumbass bigot who doesn't know the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim. And since he thinks all Muslims are terrorists and Sikhs are Muslims, Bhalla must be a terrorist. … [Read more...]

No, Islamophobia is Not an ‘Oxymoron’

Armin Navabi has a post at Atheist Republic declaring that Islamophobia is an "oxymoron" that is only used by "Muslim apologists" who are trying to silence criticism of Islam. He's wrong about that. Islamophobia may be used wrongly sometimes, but it is a very real thing, especially in the United States. … [Read more...]

Wingnuts Fail to Remove Norquist from NRA Board

Glenn Beck and many other first-class bigots have led an effort to have anti-tax guru Grover Norquist removed from the board of the NRA on the bizarre grounds that he's a secret agent for Muslim terrorists. Their recall effort has now failed and Norquist will remain on the board. … [Read more...]

KS Tea Party Wingnut: Islam is Illegal in America!

A Kansas Tea Partier who once tried to affect a citizen's arrest on President Obama (yeah, good luck with that) has now taken to harassing Muslims around the state and declaring that the people must be ready to "strike" their mosques because Islam is illegal in America. … [Read more...]

Trump: Syrian Refugees Have ISIS Cell Phones!

Donald Trump's latest bit of inanity on the subject of Muslim immigration came on an anti-immigration radio show when he claimed, with no evidence whatsoever, that Syrian refugees coming to this country have cell phones paid for by ISIS and they're going to launch another 9/11. … [Read more...]

Man Pleads Guilty to Ripping Hijab Off Muslim Woman

From the This is Why Donald Trump Won the Nomination Department: A North Carolina man has pleaded guilty to charges after he forcefully pulled a hijab off a Muslim woman during a flight, while yelling "this is America" at her. … [Read more...]

Debate Team Boycott Works; Championships Pulled From Liberty U

Huge props to those high school debate teams in Virginia who boycotted the state tournament because it was being held at Liberty University in protest of Jerry Falwell, Jr's blatant bigotry against Muslims, a great many of whom are on debate teams. Liberty has now lost a whole bunch of state championship events. … [Read more...]

Geller: Obama and Clinton are Enforcing Sharia Law!

The utterly deranged Pam Geller claims, at the same time, that in the next 50 years America will be “living under the boot of Sharia" and that we already are, because President Obama and Hillary Clinton, who has not been a government official in about three years, are enforcing Sharia law today. … [Read more...]

Boykin Falls for Internet Hoaxes on Sharia Courts

Disgraced former Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, now with the Family Research Council and one of Ted Cruz' advisers, went on the radio with Sandy Rios and passed on two lies, one a hoax from an online satire site and the other a false story, both about non-existent "sharia courts" in Michigan and Texas. … [Read more...]

David Keene Hammers Frank Gaffney

David Keene's conservative credentials are unimpeachable. The longtime leader of the American Conservative Union and the NRA has been hugely influential in conservative circles for decades. But he's had his fill of the far-right paranoid conspiracists like Ted Cruz adviser Frank Gaffney: … [Read more...]

And Yet Another Failed Right Wing Rally

This always cracks me up. Jim Stachowiak, a right-wing bigot, gun fetishist and Donald Trump supporter from Georgia, decided he was gonna have a rally at the state capitol to rip up a Quran and show them Muslims he means business. He said he expected 200 people to show up. He got himself and one other guy. … [Read more...]

VA Debate Teams Boycott State Tournament at Liberty U

As a former high school debate coach who still misses the activity, I applaud the decision by several teams in the state of Virginia who are boycotting the state tournament because it's being held at Liberty University. The primary reason is that Jerry Falwell, Jr. is an anti-Muslim bigot. … [Read more...]