Former Beck Executive Files Countersuit

A few months ago, Glenn Beck fired the former CEO of his company and now that executive has filed a countersuit. The accusations he makes against Beck certainly fit his public behavior, which is incredibly erratic. I mean, the man thinks he talks to God and is always doing his will, for crying out loud. … [Read more...]

Texas Violates Voting Rights Court Order

The state of Texas has managed to really piss off a federal judge by violating a court order involving voting rights and photo ID laws. The judge has ordered the state to redo its training and materials immediately to accurately reflect the substance of that order. … [Read more...]

Another One of Klayman’s Infamous Lawsuits

All I saw was the headline "Black Dallas Cop Sues Black Lives Matter, Soros for Inciting Race War" and I knew without even having to read the article that the attorney was Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver. It couldn't possibly have been anyone else. … [Read more...]

Jewish Wingnut Wears Hebrew Scriptures to Court

Aaron Akaberi was arrested on multiple drug charges, which he seems to think he can get out of by reading verses from the Hebrew scriptures. A judge refused to allow him to offer such readings, so he showed up in court wearing them instead. … [Read more...]

7th Circuit Panel Mocks Indiana Attorneys Over Syrian Refugees

Like several other states, Indiana has attempt to prevent the settlement of any Syrian refugees in their fair land. Like every other state, they got sued and lost. But Indiana appealed to the 7th Circuit and let's just say it isn't going well for them so far. … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck Settles Defamation Suit

Glenn Beck has settled the lawsuit filed against him by Abdulrahman Alharbi, a Saudi student that Beck slandered by repeatedly claiming that he was the "money man" behind the Boston Marathon bombing when he was actually just an innocent bystander who was injured in the bombing. … [Read more...]

Judicial Crisis Network Promises More Obstruction of Judges

The Judicial Crisis Network, which was originally called the Judicial Confirmation Network because its goal was to get Bush's judicial nominees confirmed, continues to show incredibly brazen hypocrisy. At the Values Voters Summit, they demanded even more obstruction if Clinton is elected. … [Read more...]

Wisconsin to Pay Big Money to Planned Parenthood, Others

Part of the fallout of the Supreme Court's surprising ruling in the Texas TRAP law case in June was that many other state laws were declared unconstitutional by lower courts, including Wisconsin's. Now that state has to pay more than a million dollars to the plaintiffs in the case against those laws. … [Read more...]

GOP Stockpiling Empty Judicial Seats for Trump

Paul Gordon of People for the American Way has crunched some numbers and found that the Senate Republicans have left a whopping 87 seats open on the federal bench in the hope that Donald Trump will win and be able to fill those nominations himself. … [Read more...]

Trump Loses Another Motion to Dismiss Trump ‘University’ Suit

For at least the third time, Donald Trump's attorneys have had a motion to dismiss denied in the lawsuit over his clearly fraudulent Trump "University." This time they tried to get just the lead plaintiff thrown out of the suit, but the judge said no. … [Read more...]

Beck Producers Refuse to Reveal Sources in Defamation Suit

As expected, two producers for Glenn Beck's show are refusing to comply with a court order that they reveal their sources from the government in the defamation suit against Beck by a Saudi student that he smeared as the "money man" in the Boston Marathon bombing. … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck Sues…Himself?

Okay, this is weird even for Glenn Beck. He's suing Christopher Balfe, the former CEO of The Blaze and COO of its parent company, Mercury Recording Arts. But those companies are incorporated in Delaware and the laws there require that the company indemnify all corporate executives from actions undertaken on behalf of the company. … [Read more...]