Sessions Lamely Tries to Defend Comments on Hawaiian Judge

After generating a great deal of controversy by expressing his astonishment that a judge "sitting on an island in the Pacific" can issue an order preventing the president from enforcing an order the court found unconstitutional, he's offering up a seriously lame defense. … [Read more...]

Another Unnecessary Fear-Mongering Bill

A Michigan Republican legislator is proposing yet another pointless bill that will be useful to use for demagoguery during the next campaign, this time a bill that would forbid the use of foreign law by Michigan courts, something already not allowed except in contractual situations. … [Read more...]

Alex Jones’ Custody Trial is Quite Ridiculous

Reading reports of the ongoing custody trial involving right-wing conspiracy nut Alex Jones and his ex-wife is highly entertaining. It started with his lawyer declaring him to be a performance artist, then Jones saying that's not true. And it just goes downhill from there: … [Read more...]

Beck Countersues Lahren. Lahren Threatens to Expose Beck.

The legal battle between Glenn Beck and Tomi Lahren is heating up. Beck has now filed a countersuit against Lahren, claiming that she was the one who breached their contract, not him, by mistreating employees of the Blaze and doing various other things. … [Read more...]

Trump Loses Appeal, Has to Pay Contractor

In one of the hundreds of lawsuits that have been filed against Donald Trump for refusing to pay contractors on his building projects, a court of appeals has rejected his attempt to void a lower court ruling in favor of a paint contractor who is owed more than $300,000. … [Read more...]

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Lahren vs Beck

Praise the lord and pass the popcorn. Tomi Lahren, aka Hitler's wet dream, is suing Glenn Beck for wrongful termination after he fired her for coming out as pro-choice -- after swearing he would never fire her for views that disagreed with his because he considers her free speech to be sacred. … [Read more...]

7th Circuit: Civil Rights Act Forbids Sexual Orientation Discrimination

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, in an en banc rehearing, again upheld the Obama administration's interpretation of the Civil Rights Act, agreeing that the ban on gender discrimination includes a ban on discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly Gets a Presidential Character Witness

Donald Trump leaped to the defense of his buddy Bill O'Reilly, saying that he should not have settled those lawsuits because he didn't do anything wrong. So does that mean if you settle, it proves you did do something wrong? Trump University, anyone? … [Read more...]

Liberty Counsel’s Absurd Take on a Losing Lawsuit

Liberty Counsel filed a lawsuit [CORRECTION: Sorry, but I was wrong about this. I assumed they had filed it because what law firm issues a press release about a case they aren't involved in? But they did not file it, someone else did.] that they admitted was ridiculous against same-sex marriage, though it wasn't ridiculous in the way they thought it was. They filed it on behalf of two people, one who wanted to marry their computer and the other wanted to marry their parrot. That suit has been … [Read more...]

Michael Flynn’s Immunity Request and the Law

Zack Beauchamp has a very informative article at Vox about Trump's former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's request for immunity in exchange for his testimony about Trump and the various aspects of the Russia investigations being carried out by the FBI and Congress. First, he notes that he isn't likely to get it granted. … [Read more...]

Fischer Doesn’t Understand How the Courts Work

Wingnut extraordinaire Bryan Fischer once again puts his ignorance and hypocrisy on display by urging Trump to defy the federal judge in Hawaii who issued an injunction preventing enforcement of the Muslim ban 2.0. He seems to have no idea how the courts actually work. … [Read more...]

Trump Uses Losing Clinton Case to Get Lawsuit Dismissed

Donald Trump is being sued by a former contestant on The Apprentice for sexual harassment and his attorneys are trying to use the same argument that Bill Clinton used to claim the president can't be sued for private behavior. The Supreme Court rejected that argument by Clinton -- unanimously. … [Read more...]