Judge Allows Torture Case Against Psychologists to Go Forward

I wrote a couple days ago about the Obama administration not using the broad version of the State Secrets Privilege -- for the very first time -- in a case against the two psychologists who made tens of millions of dollars creating the torture program used against detainees in the Bush administration. The judge has now rejected a motion to dismiss the case from the psychologists. … [Read more...]

Another Asinine ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Lawsuit

It's reached the point where I think judges should just start holding in contempt anyone making "sovereign citizen" arguments in any case, civil or criminal. They are wasting everyone's time with arguments like this, where an Idaho man is suing for millions of dollars over a suspended license because he only obey's God's law, which says nothing about needing insurance. … [Read more...]

Obama Finally Withdrawing State Secrets Privilege?

After seven years of flagrantly violating a campaign promise to end the use of the broad version of the State Secrets Privilege, is President Obama finally pulling back from that horrible tactic? In an important torture lawsuit, the DOJ has declined to file a motion on those grounds and will let the case proceed. … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Eric Grimm Announces Candidacy for Judgeship

This is a guest post by my friend Eric Grimm, who is announcing his candidacy for a judgeship in Muskegon County, Michigan.Who would support an “out” secular, religious-equality candidate for judicial office in West Michigan?Eric C. Grimm … [Read more...]

Why Is This Man Still Allowed to File Lawsuits?

Jonathon Lee Riches has filed more than 2600 lawsuits. His latest is demanding a restraining order preventing Donald Trump for running for president because he loves Trump and is afraid that he will get assassinated because he has "no security" and that would "destroy the country." … [Read more...]

Federal Court Rules Pastafarianism Is Not a Religion

Here's an interesting item. A prison inmate in Nebraska filed a lawsuit demanding accommodation for his religious beliefs. Those beliefs? "FSMism," or Pastafarianism, based on the now-tired invention of a parody religion. The court ruled that FSMism is not, in fact, a religion under purposes of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. … [Read more...]

Coal CEO Gets a Year in Prison for 29 Deaths

In a very rare instance when a corporate CEO was held criminally responsible for negligence that caused the deaths of his employees, former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship was sentenced to a year in prison for a mine accident that killed 29 miners. Even that short sentence is highly unusual. … [Read more...]

The World’s First One-Suit Vexatious Litigant?

When someone files dozens and dozens of obviously frivolous suits, they sometimes get called a vexatious litigant and forbid from filing suits. Courts are very reluctant to do this, of course, and it doesn't happen often. But if ever there was a candidate for that designation after only one suit, it would be Jared Loughner. … [Read more...]

Texas Files Suit to Stop Syrian Refugee Settlement

I'm a bit confused by this. According to the Guardian, the state of Texas has filed a federal lawsuit against the federal government and the International Rescue Committee to stop them from settling a Syrian refugee family in that state. But they already filed such a suit and lost. … [Read more...]

VA Republicans Want Cuccinelli on State Supreme Court

There's a vacant seat on the Virginia Supreme Court and in that state, the state legislature appoints justices to the court. And the Republicans, who hold a slim margin in that body, want to put former attorney general and failed gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli into that position. … [Read more...]

EEOC Files Suits Arguing LGBT Discrimination Already Banned

Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in housing and employment is not prohibited by the Civil Rights Act, but the Obama administration, specifically the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, has filed two suits arguing that such discrimination is already made illegal by the ban on gender discrimination. … [Read more...]

Alabama Lawyer Sues Supreme Court Justices

I confess that I absolutely love stories like this, when someone files a lawsuit so astonishingly stupid that it threatens to tear a hole in the space-time continuum. A lawyer in Alabama has filed a lawsuit against the five justices of the Supreme Court who voted to legalize same-sex marriage. … [Read more...]