Atheist Discrimination Suit Against Christian Business Goes Forward

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Here's an interesting case out of Pennsylvania, where a judge has ruled against a Christian plumbing and heating company's motion for summary judgment in a suit filed by an atheist former employee who says he was fired for taping over an explicitly Christian message on his nametag. That message said: … [Read more...]

Satanic Temple Abortion Case Dismissed


As I predicted the moment the suit was filed, the Satanic Temple's case claiming that abortion restrictions are a violation of their rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has been dismissed. The case was doomed from the start, a fact that was so obvious that I could view it only as a publicity stunt. There was no way it was ever going to survive a motion to dismiss. … [Read more...]

Tennessee to Consider Nullification Law


Not learning the lessons of the civil rights era, the state of Tennessee will consider a bill that would attempt -- and fail -- to nullify the Supreme Court's ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide in Obergefell. And the sponsors of the bill openly say that their purpose is to "speak to the unsaved" who are "wicked." If it passes, it's going to be ugly. … [Read more...]

Trump: I Might Sue Cruz Over Eligibility


In an interview on one of the Sunday morning talk shows yesterday, Donald Trump hinted at the possibility that he might sue over Ted Cruz' eligibility to be president. One such suit has already been filed in Texas, but Trump seems to think that it would work better if he were to do it. He's wrong, on both counts, but it would certainly be fun to see it happen. … [Read more...]

Fight Over Moon’s Empire Goes Back to Court


When fascist cult leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon died, it set off a huge fight for control of his massive business and religious empire. Principally, it set up a fight between his unstable son Preston and his siblings. They've been suing one another and an appeals court has reversed a lower court ruling that said the courts would not hear the case because of the ecclesiastical abstention doctrine. … [Read more...]

Gay ‘Reversion’ Group Shut Down by Lawsuit


I don't know if you've been following the fascinating case going on in New Jersey, where an organization called JONAH that does anti-gay "reversion therapy" has been sued for fraud under that state's consumer protection laws, but the case has now been settled and it's a total victory for the plaintiffs. Under the agreement, the group is shutting down completely and is forbidden from ever doing business again. … [Read more...]

Things That Make Me Ashamed to Be an American


A Muslim woman was recently sworn-in as a new judge in the state of New York and, unsurprisingly, she took her oath of office on a copy of the Quran rather than the Bible. Predictably, incredibly bigoted and stupid assholes came crawling out from under their rock to rage about what an abomination this is and how the judge should be arrested for doing so. … [Read more...]

Judge Denies Injunction on TX Attempt to Stop Syrian Refugees


A federal judge appointed by George W. Bush has denied the state of Texas a preliminary injunction halting the resettlement of Syrian refugees in that state, an outcome that should surprise no one. The question at this point is whether Texas AG Ken Paxton or Gov. Greg Abbott will continue what is clearly a frivolous lawsuit with no chance at all of winning. … [Read more...]

Looks Like Serious Corruption in Wisconsin


I haven't really paid much attention to the situation in Wisconsin, where a special prosecutor was investigating Gov. Scott Walker for violating campaign finance laws, but if this article is accurate the whole thing has taken a serious turn into outright corruption as the state supreme court has fired that special prosecutor to prevent him from being able to challenge their conflicts of interest in the case. … [Read more...]

Church/State Plaintiffs in Indiana Win Right to File Anonymously

Church and State

It is always very good news when a judge grants a motion allowing the plaintiffs in church/state cases to proceed anonymously rather than having to reveal their names. The plaintiffs in a case in Indiana who are challenging a nativity pageant at their public school were granted anonymity by the judge in their case due to the history of intimidation of similar plaintiffs and a torrent of fury from the community in this case. … [Read more...]

Abbott Cites Non-Existent Authority to Threaten Refugee Agency


Greg Abbott is one of the many Republican governors who have claimed authority they absolutely do not have to block Syrian refugees from settling in their states. Now he's citing that same non-existent authority, and even more bizarrely vaguely citing "federal law," to threaten to sue non-governmental agencies that provide support for refugees in Texas. … [Read more...]

Klayman Blames Others for His Own Incompetence


Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, has a pathetically whiny column at the Worldnetdaily blaming "corruption" and "the establishment" for the fact that he continually loses lawsuits. Because being a wingnut means never having to make an honest assessment of yourself because you always have a long list of boogeymen to blame your failures on. … [Read more...]