Jones Forced to Apologize to Avoid Another Lawsuit

For the second time in the last couple months, Alex Jones has been forced to apologize and retract one of his conspiracy theories in order to avoid being taken to court for defamation. This time it involved the suit filed by the owner of Chobani Yogurt. … [Read more...]

The Trump Tapes?

You would think that the last thing Donald Trump would want at this point is to create more comparisons to Richard Nixon, but he did just that by issuing a thinly veiled threat on Twitter to fired FBI Director James Comey, suggesting that he may have tapes of their conversations. … [Read more...]

Trump Using State Secrets Privilege to Protect CIA Appointee

When Trump nominated Gina Haspel as the Deputy Director of the CIA, it raised eyebrows because of her long history of running some of the agency's most notorious black sites where torture was used. Now the Trump administration is using the State Secrets Privilege to keep her from testifying in a civil suit about those sites. … [Read more...]

Lahren and Beck Settle Wrongful Termination Suit

I'm disappointed to find out that modern day Hitler Youth Tomi Lahren and fake tear manufacturer Glenn Beck have settled their dueling lawsuits. I was really hoping it would go to trial with full discovery motions just for the lulz of it all. … [Read more...]

KY Judge Recuses Himself from All Gay Adoption Cases

Here's an interesting situation. A state judge in Kentucky has announced that he will recuse himself from any and all cases involving gay couples and adoption because he cannot impartially apply the law due to his belief that gay couples should never raise children. … [Read more...]

Oh, Larry Klayman. How Do I Love Thee?

Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, tried to serve papers on former President Obama in his personal lawsuit against him because someone "assaulted" him (that is, yelled at him and a bunch of other people in an airport), but was stopped by the Secret Service. Klayman isn't taking it well: … [Read more...]

Alex Jones Loses Custody Case

Alex Jones lost the custody case brought by his ex-wife, who was seeking joint custody and to be the one who controls where the children live. The jury ruled in her favor, awarding that custody and giving her the right to decide where they reside, which will be with her. … [Read more...]

Sessions Lamely Tries to Defend Comments on Hawaiian Judge

After generating a great deal of controversy by expressing his astonishment that a judge "sitting on an island in the Pacific" can issue an order preventing the president from enforcing an order the court found unconstitutional, he's offering up a seriously lame defense. … [Read more...]

Another Unnecessary Fear-Mongering Bill

A Michigan Republican legislator is proposing yet another pointless bill that will be useful to use for demagoguery during the next campaign, this time a bill that would forbid the use of foreign law by Michigan courts, something already not allowed except in contractual situations. … [Read more...]

Alex Jones’ Custody Trial is Quite Ridiculous

Reading reports of the ongoing custody trial involving right-wing conspiracy nut Alex Jones and his ex-wife is highly entertaining. It started with his lawyer declaring him to be a performance artist, then Jones saying that's not true. And it just goes downhill from there: … [Read more...]

Beck Countersues Lahren. Lahren Threatens to Expose Beck.

The legal battle between Glenn Beck and Tomi Lahren is heating up. Beck has now filed a countersuit against Lahren, claiming that she was the one who breached their contract, not him, by mistreating employees of the Blaze and doing various other things. … [Read more...]

Trump Loses Appeal, Has to Pay Contractor

In one of the hundreds of lawsuits that have been filed against Donald Trump for refusing to pay contractors on his building projects, a court of appeals has rejected his attempt to void a lower court ruling in favor of a paint contractor who is owed more than $300,000. … [Read more...]