Terrorist Convicted in Civilian Court

And here we have yet another example of what Republicans screamed from the mountaintops could not happen, a Muslim terrorist was convicted in a civilian court in Manhattan and will now spend the rest of his life in a supermax prison for his crimes. Gee, who could have predicted that? … [Read more...]

Scalia Makes Huge Error in EPA Opinion

Justice Scalia made a huge factual error in his dissenting opinion in the EPA case handed down earlier this week, claiming that the EPA's position in a 2001 case in which he wrote the ruling was the exact opposite of what it actually was. … [Read more...]

SCOTUS Backs Obama on Air Pollution

The Supreme Court, by a 6-2 vote, upheld an EPA regulation that requires 28 states to take steps to reduce the amount of air pollution they produce because of the negative effect it has on the health of people in states to the north and east of them, where that pollution travels. … [Read more...]

Fun With Lawyers

The New York Times is having a bit of fun with attorneys, putting together a series of videos acting out word for word some of the funnier cross-examinations and depositions they can find. This one is from a deposition where an attorney gets increasingly frustrated with a witness who refuses to say whether his office has a photocopier. … [Read more...]

Fake ‘Ex-Terrorist’ Loses Copyright Case

Ergun Caner, a fake "ex-terrorist" who was fired from Liberty University when his harrowing tale of his evil past was thoroughly debunked, has lost a copyright lawsuit he filed against another Christian who used video of him speaking in a Youtube clip criticizing him. Fair use FTW. … [Read more...]

FOIA Suit Over Regnerus Study Continues

One of the interesting stories regarding that terrible Mark Regnerus study on gay parenting is a lawsuit filed by John Becker against the University of Central Florida over their refusal to comply with an open records request for documents on how the study came to be published. Becker has a report on how that case is going at Bilerico. … [Read more...]

Klayman Sues Blogger for Quoting Court Ruling

Remember that court ruling in Larry Klayman's divorce/custody case that suggested that he may have touched his children inappropriately? He's now suing cartoonist Ken Avidor for quoting that court ruling, something I have done as well. It was filed a year ago and dismissed but now Klayman has refiled it. … [Read more...]

Judge Who Thinks Prosecutors Should Follow Law Asked to Recuse Himself

Radley Balko, one of the very few journalists who actually pay attention to things like prosecutorial misconduct, reports on a South Carolina judge who recently criticized prosecutors who don't follow the law and told them that he would be sanctioning them if it happens in his court. … [Read more...]

‘Messiah’ Judge Fired in Tennessee

Remember the magistrate judge in Tennessee who ordered parents to change the name of their baby from Messiah because, she claimed, only Jesus could be the messiah? After being brought up on ethics charges, she has been removed from the bench by a higher court. … [Read more...]

Judicial Panel Wants Marketing Christian Judge Fined, Suspended

Remember that judge in Florida who was accused of selling Christian books and other items from a company she owned to lawyers and others who had business before her court? The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission is recommending that she be reprimanded, fined and suspended over it. … [Read more...]

A Crack of Transparency in Judicial Misconduct Proceedings

You may remember the case of Federal Judge Richard Cebull, who resigned last year after he was caught sending hundreds of disturbing, often racist, emails from his official email account. The most famous one, the one that was caught first, was this charming one about President Obama: … [Read more...]

Newsmax: Obama ‘Seizes Control’ of D.C. Circuit

Here's a great example of dishonest right-wing spin (and yes, there is dishonest left-wing spin as well) from Newsmax, which says that President Obama has "seized control" of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. OMG! Seized control? You mean like sent in armed agents to take it over? Not quite. … [Read more...]