Oh Grayson, Don’t Do That


Rep. Alan Grayson says he'll file a lawsuit claiming Ted Cruz isn't eligible to be president because he was born in Canada if he gets the Republican presidential nomination. That would be utterly pointless, both because Cruz is, in fact, eligible to be president and because the case would get dismissed almost immediately, just like every stupid suit filed over Obama's eligibility has been. … [Read more...]

Trump Threatens to Sue Kasich Over Campaign Ads


I have no idea why, but John Kasich apparently thinks he's still in the Republican presidential race and is preparing to spend $2.5 million on a series of ads in New Hampshire attacking Donald Trump. Well, a Super PAC with ties to Kasich is doing so, and it's illegal for them to coordinate with the Kasich campaign (wink, wink). Trump is, of course, threatening to sue them over it. … [Read more...]

The Mother of All Ironies

As I'm sure you know by now, voters in Houston repealed an anti-discrimination ordinance passed by the city council this month on the specious grounds that men would dress up like women so they could peep at your daughters in the bathroom. One of the leaders pushing for that ordinance to be repealed, using that very argument, is now defending a man who admits to having -- wait for it -- peeped on women in the bathroom without their knowledge. … [Read more...]

Utah Judge Kinda Reverses Himself on Foster Child


So the judge in that Utah case who ordered a one-year old child removed from its foster parents because they're lesbian, causing a firestorm of controversy, has kinda sort of reversed himself. He rescinded that order, but perhaps only temporarily. He's set a hearing for early December to further consider the matter, so there's still a chance he could follow through on it. … [Read more...]

Scientology Tries Free Speech Defense for Harassment


A Texas appeals court has ruled against the "Church" of Scientology in its attempt to get a lawsuit filed against them for relentless harassment and abuse on free speech grounds. The suit was filed by the wife of the former 2nd in command for Scientology and it alleges a vast range of truly appalling behavior to keep the couple under surveillance and harass and abuse them. … [Read more...]

Utah Judge Orders Child Removed from Gay Foster Parents


Shocking news: A judge in Utah is a raging anti-gay bigot. Judge Scott Johansen has ordered that a baby that has been raised by a lesbian couple for the last few months -- they're all married and everything, though I'm sure the judge just hates that -- be removed from their care because straight parents are better than gay ones (he apparently thinks there are studies that support this, but he's wrong). … [Read more...]

Oath Keepers Founder May Be Disbarred


I had no idea that Stewart Rhodes, founder of the incredibly paranoid far-right group Oath Keepers, was an attorney, but apparently so because the Montana Supreme Court's ethical watchdog is recommending that he be disbarred after apparently just bailing on clients multiple times. I mean not returning calls, not showing up for court dates, not filing documents, not responding to judge's orders. … [Read more...]

Hovind to Sue Government for False Imprisonment


Kent Hovind is out of prison after nine years for tax evasion, a sentence I've consistently said was too long (though the conviction was absolutely justified, in fact inevitable). Hovind told Bryan Fischer that he intends to sue the federal government for false imprisonment and seek $9 million in damages, a million dollars for every year he spent in prison. … [Read more...]

More Ridiculous Lies About RFRA


The state of Georgia is looking to be the most recent state to pass a version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which is a very bad idea for several reasons. But as with the same situations in Indiana, Michigan and other states last year, a lot of opponents of the bill are spreading scare stories that are absolutely ludicrous about what the bill will do. … [Read more...]

Why Anti-Discrimination Law Matters


A case out of Missouri provides a perfect example of why anti-discrimination laws that include protections for LGBT people are important and must be passed at the federal level. A gay man was harassed and insulted at his job for seven years before they fired him. He tried to sue the company, but an appeals court reluctantly said that Missouri law does not forbid discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. … [Read more...]

The Michigan Legislature Does Something Right


As someone who has covered the Michigan state legislature closely for the last decade, I can tell you that it's a rather shocking turn of events when that body does anything even close to useful or principled. So it's with some shock that I tell you that they just passed, and the governor signed, a series of bills that limit the use of civil asset forfeiture and set tighter rules on when cash or property may be seized and under what circumstances. … [Read more...]

State vs State on EPA Clean Air Regulations


The Environmental Protection Agency is going to be publishing its new rules for pollution from power plants, called its Clean Power Plan, in the Federal Registry today. That's the official step that triggers standing in court for individuals, governments and corporations to file lawsuits over it, but in an interesting turn of events, a bunch of states are going to file suits against the rules and a bunch more are going to intervene in favor of them. … [Read more...]