Trump Loses Appeal, Has to Pay Contractor

In one of the hundreds of lawsuits that have been filed against Donald Trump for refusing to pay contractors on his building projects, a court of appeals has rejected his attempt to void a lower court ruling in favor of a paint contractor who is owed more than $300,000. … [Read more...]

Trump, GOP Allow Labor Law Violators to Get Federal Contracts

President Obama signed an executive order urging the General Services Administration not to award contracts to companies with a history of violating labor laws and cheating their employees out of wages. Trump just signed a bill reversing that order. … [Read more...]

When You Vote Against Your Own Interests

Politico reports that the Republican-controlled House and Senate are preparing to very rapidly repeal as many Obama-era regulations as possible once the new Congress is sworn in. That includes the rule, set to go into effect Dec. 1st, requiring time and a half for overtime. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Ever-Changing Minimum Wage Stance

Do you know what Donald Trump thinks about whether the federal minimum wage should go up or not? Well, neither does he. He has been all over the map, taking every possible position -- it needs to be eliminated, it needs to go down, it should be up to the states, it should be raised. His latest position: … [Read more...]

Trump Gets Tiny Fine for Union Busting and Retaliation

Donald Trump's company has agreed to pay a ridiculously small fine after being found guilty by the National Labor Relations Board of trying to bust a potential union at his hotel in Las Vegas and retaliating against the workers who tried to organize one. … [Read more...]

Trump Loses Attempt to Prevent Union at Vegas Hotel

Donald Trump has a long history of union busting, so it's no surprise that he tried to prevent hundreds of workers at his hotel/casino in Vegas from joining a union. But the National Labor Relations board ruled against him and certified the union that the workers voted for join last year. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Largely Latino Workforce Trying to Unionize

It seems that Donald Trump's anti-immigrant racism may have a negative effect on his bottom line. Employees at his Las Vegas hotel, a huge percentage of whom are Latino, are now organizing to join one of the most powerful unions in that state. And they say they're motivated not only by the fact that they are underpaid compared to the union workers at other hotels, but because of his demonizing rhetoric. … [Read more...]

MI Legislators Don’t Want MSU to Teach About Unions

The incredibly far-right Republicans that control Michigan's state legislature have a brilliant and appalling new idea. They want to punish Michigan State University by taking away $500,000 in funding if they continue to teach courses about labor union organizing. … [Read more...]

God Behind Right to Work Laws

Republicans in control of the Michigan legislature rammed through a right-to-work law during their last-minute lame-duck session, as I'm sure you've heard by now. Turns out God was behind the whole thing, according to the state senator who pushed the bill through. Here he is talking to none other than David Barton: … [Read more...]

A Staggeringly Stupid Column on Michigan Situation

I haven't written much about the situation at the Michigan Capitol in Lansing, where the Republican-dominated legislature is ramming numerous pieces of vile and destructive legislation through in the last days of the legislative session, prompting mass protests. But I have to respond to this mendacious bit of poppycock in the Moonie Times by someone named Eric Golub. … [Read more...]

Romney: Ban Teachers Unions From Giving Money to Campaigns

Mitt Romney, who is on record saying that people and corporations should be allowed to contribute any amount they want to a campaign, doesn't seem to think that should apply to teachers unions. Because that would be a conflict of interest. … [Read more...]

Wisconsin Anti-Union Law Struck Down

A state judge has overturned most of the state law pushed and signed by Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin that effectively ended the right to form unions and collectively bargain for public employees in that state. ABC News reports: … [Read more...]