Shoebat: Only Bigots Go to Heaven

Shoebat the elder, fake "ex-terrorist" Walid, has written a "Shoebat Sunday special" column that says not only that every gay person will burn in hell, but so will anyone who thinks they're actually human beings with equal rights and silly little things like that. … [Read more...]

Now Shoebat Wants to Murder Trans Children

It's time to play another round of Who Does Theodore Shoebat Want to Kill Today? *spins the wheel* And the answer is: Transgender kids and their parents. Because they're wicked and evil, you see. And he has Bible verses that say nothing about that but he's sure help make his case. … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave: Christians Must ‘Embrace the Hate’ of Atheists

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire, who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ, went on another rant on his little internet show, telling Christians to "embrace the hate" of atheists because we evil people teach children that it's okay to be "into sodomizing." … [Read more...]

Another Victory for Marriage Equality

Another interesting ruling from the Supreme Court on the last day of the term was a summary ruling on a case that the court hadn't actually heard oral argument on. They granted cert and ruled on the case at the same time, and it involved same-sex marriage and birth certificates. … [Read more...]

No Retirement Announcement from Kennedy

The last day of the Supreme Court term was Monday and it came and went without an announcement of retirement by key swing vote Justice Anthony Kennedy. Many had expected him to retire, and he still might do so, but no announcement on Monday is a good sign. … [Read more...]

Right Wing Bishop Forbids Communion, Last Rites for Gay People

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of the Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Illinois has issued a decree forbidding priests from giving the last rites to gay couples and should even deny communion or confirmation to the children of such couples. Praise the lord and pass the bigotry. … [Read more...]

“Coach” Dave: Get Mad Or Your Grandkids Will Be Gay

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire is still ranting about the gay pride parade he attended in protest so he could "witness" to the sinners. He thinks Christians need to wake up and get angry, because if they don't their grandchildren might turn out to be "homos." … [Read more...]

Scott Lively Declares America the ‘Great Satan’

As further illustration of just how much the Christian right in America has in common with those reactionary Muslims who like to cut people's heads off and blow up buildings, deranged anti-gay bigot Scott Lively says that America seems to have become what Iran used to call us, the "Great Satan." Because we think gay people should be kinda sorta equal. … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave: Gay People Want to Kill Us

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire decided to take some of his fellow bigots to protest a gay pride parade last weekend and on his little internet show on Monday he went absolutely off the rails in ranting about it, screaming that gay people want to kill Christians like them. … [Read more...]

Gay Texas Teen Disowned by His Family

Austin Hodges is a football player in a small town in Texas, where football is practically a religion. He's also gay, openly so, and says it has never been a problem with his teammates or coaches, who have been completely supportive. Tragically, the same is not true of his own family. … [Read more...]

Russian Orthodox Leader: Beards Prevent Homosexuality

I didn't realize there's a sort of breakaway Russian Orthodox faction, much like the Old Catholic Church is to the Roman Catholic Church. But the Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church has a leader, Metropolitan Kornily, thinks that growing a beard will keep you from being gay. … [Read more...]

Handel Uses Faith to Justify Discrimination

Karen Handel, the hardcore Christian righter running for Congress in this week's special election in Georgia to replace Tom Price, told the mother of a lesbian woman that her faith tells her to enshrine discrimination in the law and prevent her from adopting children. … [Read more...]