The Libertarian Fantasy World

We had a Skeptics in the Pub event in Grand Rapids over the weekend and one of the people there was a libertarian. As most of my longtime readers know, I have some sympathies with many libertarian ideas and I have long argued that liberals should take libertarian ideas more seriously and build alliances with them on the many issues where we have common ground. But the discussion I had with this guy had me arguing against the libertarian fantasy of the magical free market that prevents every … [Read more...]

Progressive Libertarianism – Introduction

guest-blogged by W. Kevin VicklundWith the Reason Rally yesterday in DC, and Rock Beyond Belief next weekend at Fort Bragg, Ed is on vacation.  So as I often do, I have offered to provide some content for Dispatches this week.  While I may have some one-off topics as the opportunity arises, I have a series planned on a topic that I have not discussed in the past: progressive libertarianism. … [Read more...]

The Koch Lawsuit Against Cato

I've been wanting to write something about the Koch brothers' lawsuit against the Cato Institute, but I haven't really been able to put what I wanted to say into words. Turns out I don't have to, because many of the people who work there have done it for me. … [Read more...]