Democratic Blindness to Obama’s Faults

I had a brief but absurd exchange with someone on my Facebook friends list on Saturday. His name is Mike Jordan, but I don't know him; I assumed he was on my friends list because he's a blog reader. And he quoted George Clooney saying something about how he was disappointed in people who were disappointed in Obama. So I replied to that quote: … [Read more...]

And Now Havel is Gone Too

Wow, this has been a bad week. Vaclav Havel, the brave leader of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, has died at the age of 75. Havel was one of the great anti-totalitarian leaders of the late 20th century and is as responsible as anyone for ending Soviet communism and bringing freedom to millions. A sad coincidence that he died the same week as his friend Christopher Hitchens.Update: And apparently, Kim Jong Il is dead too. That's one for the good guys and one for the bad guys. One of … [Read more...]

Stop Confusing Democracy and Liberty

Here's an cartoon that, while clever, expresses a fundamental misunderstanding that is very common: … [Read more...]

Bill Submitted to Prevent Warrantless GPS Tracking

Here's an important piece of legislation that was submitted a few months ago, in the House by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and in the Senate by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), that would prevent the government from using GPS or cell phone geolocation data to track us without first getting a warrant. This is the statement released by the two of them announcing the bill and the rationale for it: … [Read more...]

Drawing Lines on Religion-Based Discrimination

The Chicago Tribune reports that a gay couple is suing two bed and breakfasts for refusing to rent facilities to them for a civil union ceremony.The Beall Mansion in Alton told the Wathens via email that it "will just be doing traditional weddings." The owner of the Timber Creek Bed and Breakfast in Paxton wrote in an email to the couple: "We will never host same-sex civil unions. We will never host same-sex weddings even if they become legal in Illinois. We believe homosexuality is wrong … [Read more...]

Agreeing With Vox Day

I've hammered the guy enough over the years, I ought to at least acknowledge when he's gotten something right. And his recent column about the 10th anniversary of 9/11 has some good stuff in it.One of the many troubling aspects of the hijackings is the brutal demonstration that we, as a people, have received very little of the security we were promised in return for the many violations of personal freedom and civil liberties that have been enacted over the past decade. We would go so far as … [Read more...]

Farah's Anti-Jihadist Nonsense

Worldnutdaily Grand Poobah Joseph Farah writes a typically hysterical column extolling the virtues of Pam Geller's latest bit of crazy, which is a handbook for fighting the marauding hordes of Muslims set to take over America any minute now. I especially loved this line:Are you willing to lie down and accept the multicultural mumbo-jumbo that suggests America must embrace a future of second-class citizenship for women, a dual legal system that stands the Constitution on its head and the kind … [Read more...]

Sneak and Peek Warrants Not Used for Terrorism

We've been told over and over again by both political parties that the Patriot Act was vital to stopping terrorism, including such clearly unconstitutional measures as National Security Letters and sneak and peek warrants, which allow the police to break into someone's home or business and collect evidence without even notifying the person or organization that they've been the subject of a search. But this chart from a New York Magazine article tells you what that power is really for. It's for … [Read more...]

Whitehead on the Anniversary of 9/11

This is a perfect example of why I still have a good deal of respect for John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute despite some serious disagreements on a few issues (like his support for John Freshwater). He is one of the few conservatives who is serious about constitutional limits on executive power and on enforcing the Bill of Rights, as evidenced by his participation in the American Freedom Agenda organization and by a new essay he has about the dangerous path taken by our government since … [Read more...]

2% of Welfare Recipients Fail Drug Tests in Florida

You may remember that Gov. Rick Scott of Florida instituted drug testing for all welfare recipients in that state on the premise that it would save the state money by not having to pay benefits to those who were on drugs. And guess what they found out? Welfare recipients use drugs at a lower rate than the rest of the population -- and by a pretty significant margin.Since the state began testing welfare applicants for drugs in July, about 2 percent have tested positive, preliminary data … [Read more...]

My New Hero

Gotta love this kid. Her Catholic school banned a bunch of books so she started keeping them in her locker and loaning them out to other students.Nekochan wrote about the recent book ban: “I was absolutely appalled, because a huge number of the books were classics and others that are my favorites. One of my personal favorites, The Catcher in the Rye, was on the list, so I decided to bring it to school to see if I would really get in trouble. Well… I did but not too much. Then (surprise!) a bo … [Read more...]

Another Reason to Love the First Amendment

Another absolutely creepy case of government overreach, this time in Russia:A court in the Kaluga Region of Russia has ruled that a painting of Jesus Christ with the head of Mickey Mouse is offensive and banned it from being exhibited. The courts called the work "extremist," and ruled that it was "religiously offensive" under Article 282.Russian news source Ria Novosti reports that, "unless the Kaluga Region court's ruling is successfully appealed, the painting will be banned from … [Read more...]