Hoft Admits His White House Correspondent Is Only There to Troll

When Trump gave press credentials to Gateway Pundit, an incredibly dishonest and buffoonish right-wing blog, I was incredulous. But now Jim Hoft, aka the dumbest man on the internet, is admitting that his correspondent is only there to troll the media. … [Read more...]

Sean Hannity: Anti-Journalist

Sean Hannity always says that he's not a journalist, he's a commentator. And he's right. But as CNN's Brian Stetler points out, it isn't just that Hannity is not a journalist, it's that he's aggressively anti-journalism -- especially when reporting contradicts his ideological narrative. … [Read more...]

Suddenly, Trump Loves ‘Phony’ Jobs Reports

During the campaign, Trump continually dismissed any good jobs reports by claiming that they're "phony." He even lied constantly and claimed that 93 million Americans are actually unemployed. Now that he'sin office? Those jobs reports prove what a great job he's doing! … [Read more...]

Media Allows Trump to Be Anonymous Source

Donald Trump says that journalists should not be allowed to cite anonymous sources. So naturally, he demanded that he be allowed to be an anonymous source during a meeting with news anchors on Tuesday. And naturally, the spineless media let him do it. … [Read more...]

Fox Brings On Another Fake ‘Expert’

Remember the former CIA agent who appeared on Fox News over and over again to comment on national security matters? He's in prison now for being a fraud and a con artist. And now Fox has done it again, bringing on an "expert" in Swedish security that is anything but. … [Read more...]

Conway Admits CNN is Not ‘Fake News’

Kellyanne Conway was back on CNN (shame on you, CNN) and contradicting both Donald Trump and Sean Spicer. Jake Tapper asked her point blank if CNN is "fake news" and she said no, but she has some problems with specific reports (though she mostly talked about newspaper reports). … [Read more...]

White House Continues to Whine About Media Coverage

Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to Donald Trump, went on Michael Medved's radio show and whined like a stuck pig about such unfair media coverage, saying they're going to continue to call everything fake news until the media is brought to heel. … [Read more...]

CNN Turns Down Conway Interview for Sunday Morning Show

The Trump administration proudly announced that it was "freezing out" CNN from White House officials because of their negative coverage, but now it appears that they're practically begging them to interview their people now. CNN specifically turned down a Kellyanne Conway appearance on Sunday morning. … [Read more...]

Stop Giving Baghdad Kellyanne TV Time

NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen went on a podcast about media issues and offered what might seem like a radical idea, but I think he's absolutely spot-on: Stop giving Baghdad Kellyane Conway a platform on television to spout her constant lies. … [Read more...]

Trump Gives Gift to CNN

In his zeal to punish any news outlet that dares to report bad things about him, Donald Trump is now refusing to send any spokespeople or surrogates to do interviews on CNN, including Baghdad Kellyanne Conway. CNN should send him a thank you note. … [Read more...]

Dear Joy Reid: Never Trust a Political Spokesperson

Joy Reid did an interview with Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer and went after him hard about his ridiculous press conference full of lies claiming that the inaugural crowd was the largest ever. But I fear Reid may misunderstand the role of press secretaries and the press. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly: No More ‘Fanatical Ideologues’ on My Show

Bill O'Reilly has made a New Year's resolution to stop booking "fanatical ideologues" -- a term he doesn't bother defining, of course, on his show. I presume this means that he's retiring and the show will now be hosted by someone else. … [Read more...]