Ailes, Trump to Meet to Work Out Differences


Donald Trump has announced that he is boycotting Fox News because he believes he's been treated badly by them (for a guy who declares himself to be so tough, his skin is as thin as an onion). Despite getting fawning coverage from some Fox hosts (Sean Hannity), he doesn't like that some others have dared to ask him tough questions and some guests have criticized him. Naturally, Roger Ailes is going to meet with him to work things out. … [Read more...]

Why I Call Todd Starnes a Professional Liar


I often refer to Todd Starnes of Fox News as both a professional liar and a professional hysteric because of his modus operandi of wildly exaggerating and distorting stories that fit his narrative that Christians are terribly persecuted in this country. Jonathan Merritt writes at The Atlantic that this behavior has been going on much longer than I thought, that it basically marks his entire career. … [Read more...]

WND Still Doesn’t Get the Journalism Thing

This article is just a textbook example of absurd brand of "journalism" that Joseph Farah has created at the Worldnetdaily. It's a "WND exclusive" -- aren't they all? -- wherein they report a claim made by Rush Limbaugh without doing even a scintilla of actual, ya know, reporting on whether it's true or not. … [Read more...]

Cable News and the Malaysian Airplane

CNN has decided that the disappearance of the Malaysian airplane is their ticket back to ratings gold (and there is evidence that they're right), but devoted virtual round-the-clock coverage to that one topic has led to what can only be described as monumental stupidity, especially from Don Lemon. Here he asks if a black hole might have swallowed up the plane (you know, without swallowing up all of us with it, presumably). … [Read more...]

CNN Asks ‘Psychic’ About Missing Plane

The Dr. Drew Pinsky show on CNN Headline News actually managed to be worse than it usually is when a guest host interviewed a "psychic" about the missing Malaysian plan. That "psychic" made the absolutely baffling claim that "psychics" must avoid "hard, concrete evidence" in order to do their job correctly. … [Read more...]

White House Interference at CAP

With the recent resignation of an anchor and a reporter from Russia Today, there's been a lot of talk about Russian government censorship of media. But Zaid Jilani, a former national security reporter for ThinkProgress, the blog of the ostensibly liberal Center for American Progress, notes that the Obama White House applied similar pressure there to tow their party line. … [Read more...]

The Shroud of Turin and Credible Journalism

Joel Achenbach has a column at the Washington Post about the media coverage of that ridiculous claim that the Shroud of Turin is real because a massive earthquake (that never happened) released neutron radiation when Jesus died. His criticisms are spot on. … [Read more...]

Ezra Klein Goes Independent

In a very interesting development both for the mainstream media and for the world of blogging and independent journalism, Ezra Klein is leaving the Washington Post to create his own online news organization that apparently will focus on "explanatory journalism" -- that is, explaining policy details rather than focusing on partisan disagreements. … [Read more...]

The Worldnetdaily Cares About Obama Marriage

Here's another textbook example of the faux-journalism at the Worldnetdaily. The headline reads "FOREIGN MEDIA REPORT OBAMA-MARRIAGE RUMORS: Renew speculation about state of first couple." The "article" is the first few lines from a report in The Australian, but it's just a report about American tabloids: … [Read more...]

Worldnetdaily Catches Media ‘Hiding’ Irrelevant Fact

The journalistic standards of the Worldnetdaily are really quite transparent: If it makes Obama look bad, report it. And don't worry whether it's supported by the evidence or relevant to anything that matters. Here's what their front page screamed out on Monday morning: … [Read more...]

David Gregory’s Appalling Question

As many of you have no doubt heard, David Gregory asked an incredibly appalling question of Glenn Greenwald on Meet the Press on Sunday. He asked him whether he should be charged criminally for "aiding and abetting" Edward Snowden's revelations about NSA data mining. Here's the video: … [Read more...]

How the Worldnutdaily Frames a Story, Part 3

In this article by Aaron Klein, the Worldnutdaily's boy wonder in Jerusalem, we see another archetypal example of WND's brand of "journalism." The headline reads "Anti-NSA reporter tied to Soros-funded radical left." It's the standard issue game of "Six degrees of George Soros." … [Read more...]