Fox Could Lose Prime Time Lineup if Ailes Is Out

It's all but certain at this point that Roger Ailes is out at Fox News by the end of the month in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment. But that could be just the beginning. Three of their four prime time hosts could leave with him, apparently. … [Read more...]

Megyn Kelly Reportedly Said Ailes Harassed Her Too

Gabriel Sherman reports that sources inside Fox have told him that Megyn Kelly told the law firm investigating the sexual harassment claims by Gretchen Carlson that Megyn Kelly told them that Roger Ailes sexually harassed her as well, early in her career at the network. … [Read more...]

Murdoch to Fire Ailes?

Gabriel Sherman, who is as well connected inside Fox News and the Murdoch camp as anyone, says that he has been told by multiple sources that Rupert Murdoch and his two sons, who now run the parent company, are in agreement to fire Roger Ailes after the Gretchen Carlson sexual harassment lawsuit. … [Read more...]

Report: CNN Staff Furious Over Lewandowski Hiring

There's a report out that staffers at CNN are absolutely furious about the hiring of Donald Trump's former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, as a paid contributor to the network. I wonder why they weren't bothered by Jeffrey Lord being in the same position? … [Read more...]

Seriously, CNN?

Wow. It's bad enough that CNN already employs Jeffrey Lord, whose head is so far up Donald Trump's ass that he can tell you what he had for lunch, as a paid contributor. Now they've also hired Corey Lewandowski, who is legally forbidden from saying anything negative about Trump. … [Read more...]

Kurtz: Charleston Shooting Aimed at Christians

Howard Kurtz has always been annoying, but since moving from CNN to Fox News he seems to have lost about half his IQ points as well. On his show last week he actually claimed that the shootings in Charleston, South Carolina last year were "clearly...targeted at Christians." … [Read more...]

Most People Only Read Headline Before Sharing

Anyone who has spent much time on social media already knows this, but now there's a study to back it up. Nearly 60% of the time, the person who shares a link to some article on social media didn't bother reading it before doing so. This is my shocked face. … [Read more...]

Doocy Lies About Obama’s Limits on Military Sales to Police

Steve Doocy, the dumbest man on Fox News (and imagine the competition for that title), lied on the air about the Obama administration's limits on what kind of military equipment can be sold to local police departments, claiming he is trying to ban kevlar helmets, for crying out loud. … [Read more...]

Megyn Kelly Attacks Critics of Her Trump Interview

It seems to be nearly universally believed that Megyn Kelly went soft as cotton in her interview with Donald Trump and she is responding to that criticism by not bothering to address the criticism at all but to attack a few critics and claiming that they're biased. … [Read more...]

Trump Again Lies About Libya

Yet another example of Trump flat out lying about his previous position on an issue and the media allowing him to get away with it. On Morning Joe he again claimed that he was opposed to U.S. intervention in Libya. And he through in two more long-debunked lies as well. … [Read more...]

Beinart: Conservatives Need to Object to Trump’s Promise to Punish Media

Peter Beinart argues that conservatives need to stand up and object to Donald Trump's continual and many statements about how he would punish, and already has, punished any member of the press that dares to criticize him for anything. Noting Roger Stone's recent statement that Trump should yank CNN's FCC license, he writes: … [Read more...]

Where Hannity Gets His Material

On his Fox News show on Tuesday, Sean Hannity cited "reports" that Russia had hacked Hillary Clinton's private email server and that they were going to release some 20,000 emails from it publicly. His source: Gateway Pundit, the legendary "dumbest man on the internet" Jim Hoft's blog. And wait till you see what Hoft's source was. … [Read more...]