Smith: Stop Letting Trump Lie About Iraq Position

Ben Smith, editor of BuzzFeed, lambastes the media for allowing Donald Trump to lie continually about his position on the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Trump claims that he was against the war and he's expanded the lie to claim that he predicted every bad thing that has happened. It's complete bullshit. … [Read more...]

Hannity: ‘I’m not a Journalist.’ No Kidding.

Sean Hannity has now publicly admitted that he never asks tough questions of Republicans but would do the opposite if he were interviewing a Democrat. Why? "Because I Want Them, Whoever The Nominee Is, To Win." His excuse is that he's not a journalist, he's a talk show host so he doesn't have to pretend to be objective. … [Read more...]

Maury Povich Defends Real Journalism

Maury Povich did an interview with CNN where he criticized the network and the media in general for letting the presidential candidates off the hook, not questioning them strongly enough and giving them massive amounts of free media. Yes, Maury Povich is lecturing someone else about journalism. … [Read more...]

How Trump Controls the Media

Buzzfeed has a story about journalists at the major networks becoming concerned about the way they're covering the Trump campaign, both in the astounding amount of time devoted to it and the secret deal struck between the networks and Trump setting ridiculous rules on how they can and can't cover his events. … [Read more...]

Trump Threatens to Punish Newspaper for Criticizing Him

The Washington Post recently published an op-ed from the editorial board telling Republicans that they must "do everything in your power to stop Trump." Trump, being the petty and vindictive man that he is, is so incensed about this that he is threatening to create "problems" for Amazon's Jeff Bezos, who now owns the Post. … [Read more...]

Luntz a Paid Shill for the Koch Brothers

Frank Luntz knows how to make a buck by double dipping. He gets paid by CBS as a political analyst, a job in which he has many times defended the Koch Brothers, without bothering to disclose that their primary political organization paid him $1.5 million to consult with them on messaging. This is like having a campaign manager as a paid pundit for a network, but without disclosing that they're managing a candidate's campaign. … [Read more...]

Fox News Falls for a Con Man Terrorism ‘Expert’

Wayne Simmons is a frequent guest on Fox News as a terrorism expert because of the 27 years he spent as a CIA operative. There's just one problem: He was never a CIA operative. But he's apparently a very good liar because he managed to get even government jobs claiming to be one. He's now been arrested and charged with fraud. He of course claims that this is all because what he did was so top secret. … [Read more...]

Ailes, Trump to Meet to Work Out Differences

Donald Trump has announced that he is boycotting Fox News because he believes he's been treated badly by them (for a guy who declares himself to be so tough, his skin is as thin as an onion). Despite getting fawning coverage from some Fox hosts (Sean Hannity), he doesn't like that some others have dared to ask him tough questions and some guests have criticized him. Naturally, Roger Ailes is going to meet with him to work things out. … [Read more...]

Why I Call Todd Starnes a Professional Liar

I often refer to Todd Starnes of Fox News as both a professional liar and a professional hysteric because of his modus operandi of wildly exaggerating and distorting stories that fit his narrative that Christians are terribly persecuted in this country. Jonathan Merritt writes at The Atlantic that this behavior has been going on much longer than I thought, that it basically marks his entire career. … [Read more...]

WND Still Doesn’t Get the Journalism Thing

This article is just a textbook example of absurd brand of "journalism" that Joseph Farah has created at the Worldnetdaily. It's a "WND exclusive" -- aren't they all? -- wherein they report a claim made by Rush Limbaugh without doing even a scintilla of actual, ya know, reporting on whether it's true or not. … [Read more...]

Cable News and the Malaysian Airplane

CNN has decided that the disappearance of the Malaysian airplane is their ticket back to ratings gold (and there is evidence that they're right), but devoted virtual round-the-clock coverage to that one topic has led to what can only be described as monumental stupidity, especially from Don Lemon. Here he asks if a black hole might have swallowed up the plane (you know, without swallowing up all of us with it, presumably). … [Read more...]

CNN Asks ‘Psychic’ About Missing Plane

The Dr. Drew Pinsky show on CNN Headline News actually managed to be worse than it usually is when a guest host interviewed a "psychic" about the missing Malaysian plan. That "psychic" made the absolutely baffling claim that "psychics" must avoid "hard, concrete evidence" in order to do their job correctly. … [Read more...]