Tantaros Accused O’Reilly of Sexual Harassment

Andrea Tantaros has sued Roger Ailes and Fox News for sexual harassment, with the allegations very similar to those by Gretchen Carlson's suit. But she goes further, accusing others at the network of quid pro quo harassment, including Bill O'Reilly. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly Fine With Trump Stripping Press Credentials

You'd think that a guy who fancies himself a journalist (having won all those Peabody awards, dontchaknow) would speak out against a presidential candidate stripping press credentials from the nation's leading newspapers, but Bill O'Reilly says he's just fine with it. … [Read more...]

Trump Spox Blames Obama for Khan’s Death

Katrina Pierson, Donald Trump's lead spokesperson, is like a clone of him. She'll say anything, no matter how utterly ridiculous or even impossible, to "win" an argument. Most recently, she claimed that Obama and Clinton were responsible for Humuyman Khan's death in Iraq -- when neither of them were in office. … [Read more...]

Why I Love Fox and Friends

The Fox and Friends morning show has provided me with nearly as much material as the Worldnetdaily over the years. Here they falsely accuse other news networks of not covering a speech that their own network didn't cover during the Republican National Convention. … [Read more...]

Fox, CNN Paying ‘Analysts’ Still on Trump Payroll

More evidence of the incestual relationship between the media and the campaigns. Both Fox News and CNN are paying contributors to provide analysis who are still on the payroll of the Donald Trump campaign. Most know about Corey Lewandowski and CNN, but Fox employs one of Trump's main foreign policy advisers too. … [Read more...]

More Dishonest Reporting from Liberal Sites

I am enormously frustrated with the number of liberal websites that have cropped up in the last couple years that emulate so many right-wing sites that have operated for years by lying and distorting the facts. Here's a perfect example from the site Winning Democrats: … [Read more...]

Fox Could Lose Prime Time Lineup if Ailes Is Out

It's all but certain at this point that Roger Ailes is out at Fox News by the end of the month in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment. But that could be just the beginning. Three of their four prime time hosts could leave with him, apparently. … [Read more...]

Megyn Kelly Reportedly Said Ailes Harassed Her Too

Gabriel Sherman reports that sources inside Fox have told him that Megyn Kelly told the law firm investigating the sexual harassment claims by Gretchen Carlson that Megyn Kelly told them that Roger Ailes sexually harassed her as well, early in her career at the network. … [Read more...]

Murdoch to Fire Ailes?

Gabriel Sherman, who is as well connected inside Fox News and the Murdoch camp as anyone, says that he has been told by multiple sources that Rupert Murdoch and his two sons, who now run the parent company, are in agreement to fire Roger Ailes after the Gretchen Carlson sexual harassment lawsuit. … [Read more...]

Report: CNN Staff Furious Over Lewandowski Hiring

There's a report out that staffers at CNN are absolutely furious about the hiring of Donald Trump's former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, as a paid contributor to the network. I wonder why they weren't bothered by Jeffrey Lord being in the same position? … [Read more...]

Seriously, CNN?

Wow. It's bad enough that CNN already employs Jeffrey Lord, whose head is so far up Donald Trump's ass that he can tell you what he had for lunch, as a paid contributor. Now they've also hired Corey Lewandowski, who is legally forbidden from saying anything negative about Trump. … [Read more...]

Kurtz: Charleston Shooting Aimed at Christians

Howard Kurtz has always been annoying, but since moving from CNN to Fox News he seems to have lost about half his IQ points as well. On his show last week he actually claimed that the shootings in Charleston, South Carolina last year were "clearly...targeted at Christians." … [Read more...]