Conway Admits CNN is Not ‘Fake News’

Kellyanne Conway was back on CNN (shame on you, CNN) and contradicting both Donald Trump and Sean Spicer. Jake Tapper asked her point blank if CNN is "fake news" and she said no, but she has some problems with specific reports (though she mostly talked about newspaper reports). … [Read more...]

White House Continues to Whine About Media Coverage

Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to Donald Trump, went on Michael Medved's radio show and whined like a stuck pig about such unfair media coverage, saying they're going to continue to call everything fake news until the media is brought to heel. … [Read more...]

CNN Turns Down Conway Interview for Sunday Morning Show

The Trump administration proudly announced that it was "freezing out" CNN from White House officials because of their negative coverage, but now it appears that they're practically begging them to interview their people now. CNN specifically turned down a Kellyanne Conway appearance on Sunday morning. … [Read more...]

Stop Giving Baghdad Kellyanne TV Time

NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen went on a podcast about media issues and offered what might seem like a radical idea, but I think he's absolutely spot-on: Stop giving Baghdad Kellyane Conway a platform on television to spout her constant lies. … [Read more...]

Trump Gives Gift to CNN

In his zeal to punish any news outlet that dares to report bad things about him, Donald Trump is now refusing to send any spokespeople or surrogates to do interviews on CNN, including Baghdad Kellyanne Conway. CNN should send him a thank you note. … [Read more...]

Dear Joy Reid: Never Trust a Political Spokesperson

Joy Reid did an interview with Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer and went after him hard about his ridiculous press conference full of lies claiming that the inaugural crowd was the largest ever. But I fear Reid may misunderstand the role of press secretaries and the press. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly: No More ‘Fanatical Ideologues’ on My Show

Bill O'Reilly has made a New Year's resolution to stop booking "fanatical ideologues" -- a term he doesn't bother defining, of course, on his show. I presume this means that he's retiring and the show will now be hosted by someone else. … [Read more...]

The Inherent Authoritarianism of Trump’s Attacks on the Press

In a segment on CNN's Reliable Sources, Brian Stetler talked with a couple of experts who argued, quite correctly I think, that Donald Trump's constant bashing of the press is not only for his immediate political benefit, but that it also shows his authoritarian tendencies. … [Read more...]

Hannity Upset Media Won’t Believe Trump Voter Fraud Claims

If you thought Sean Hannity was going to stop being a mindless shill for Donald Trump once he was elected, think again. He's quite upset that the news media, especially CNN's Jeff Zeleny, won't just accept Trump's ridiculous claim of millions of illegal voters without any evidence. This is just pure, undistilled Hannity: … [Read more...]

Trump Summons ‘Journalists’ to Berate Them

Donald Trump summoned executives and hosts from the major TV networks to Trump Tower yesterday for an off the record meeting. According to the New York Post, which is not, I should note, always a reliable source, he berated them and called them all liars and said he hated them. … [Read more...]

It’s Not Journalism, It’s Fox News

Sean Hannity, who is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Trump Organization, is so zealous to demonize Hillary Clinton and help Trump win that he brought on his show the former editor of the Weekly World News, who now claims to have been a "fixer" for the Clintons, helping cover up their misdeeds. … [Read more...]

About That Study on Media Donations to the Candidates

The Center for Public Integrity put out a report on Monday that Republicans are now using to claim that there is huge media bias for Clinton, and Trump is even using to claim that election is rigged (another one of his "best words" that he doesn't know the meaning of). The Washington Post explains why that study doesn't say what they claim it says. … [Read more...]