U.S. Shoots Down Syrian Plane, Russia Responds

The U.S. shot down a Syrian fighter jet on Sunday, prompting a hypocritical reaction from the Russians and escalating tensions with them in a situation where Putin is strongly supporting Syrian dictator Assad with both ground and air power. … [Read more...]

Trump: Qatar Sponsors Terrorism. Let’s Sell Them Billions in Arms.

Last week, Trump railed against the country of Qatar, declaring them to be major sponsors of terrorism and Islamic extremism (while taking the side of Saudi Arabia, which has a much bigger problem with Islamic extremism than Qatar). This week, he's selling them $21 billion in weapons. … [Read more...]

Ackerman: Flynn Pushed Illegal Plan with Russian Military

My former AINN colleague Spencer Ackerman has left The Guardian and is now a senior national security reporter for the Daily Beast, and he has a report that fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was pushing a plan to cooperate with the Russian military that would have been illegal. … [Read more...]

The Words Trump Refused to Say to NATO Leaders

It has already been reported that Trump removed language explicitly endorsing Article 5 of the NATO treaty during a meeting of NATO leaders in Europe, but now Politico has been given the exact language he removed from the speech by exasperated White House aides. … [Read more...]

About That $110 Billion Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia

On his trip to the Middle East, Donald Trump made a huge deal out of the $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, a deal that was negotiated by the Obama administration, and how it would create "millions" of jobs. Turns out it isn't even really a deal at this point. … [Read more...]

Trump Shocked Aides with NATO Speech

When Donald Trump gave his speech at NATO, his national security advisers were expecting him to give a full endorsement of Article 5, the part of the treaty requiring us to defend the other nations in the alliance if attacked. He took that out at the last minute, much to their shock. … [Read more...]

Barton: Trump Will Defeat ISIS Easily and Quickly

Professional liar David Barton has no experience at all with war or foreign policy, but he says that Donald Trump will now quickly and easily defeat ISIS because he's unleashing the full power of our military. All we had to do was decide to annihilate them. … [Read more...]

Now is Not the Time for Pliant, Dutiful Soldiers

Gen. HR McMaster, Trump's National Security Advisor, and Gen. John Kelly, the Secretary of Homeland Security, were hailed as important appointments for Trump because they were well-respected, smart and would focus on what's best for the country. In short, they'd be the adults in the room. But is that the reality? … [Read more...]

Trump Still Clueless About How NATO Works

Donald Trump attended the NATO meetings in Brussels and wasted no time in embarrassing us all by showing that he still doesn't have any idea how the group actually operates. He still thinks the other countries owe us dues or something. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Appalling Budget

The White House has released its final proposed budget and it's so appalling and cruel that even many Republicans in Congress are calling it dead on arrival. Vox takes a look at some of the incredibly deep budget cuts that will cause enormous damage to individuals and the country. … [Read more...]

Trump Doesn’t Like ‘Digital’ Catapults

In another really weird aside in an interview, Donald Trump said he was ordering the Navy to continue using steam catapults to launch planes from aircraft carriers because the "digital" ones they're putting on a new carrier are so complex you'd "have to be Albert Einstein to figure it out." … [Read more...]

The Inanity of Blaming Obama for Flynn

Donald Trump and his favorite wind-up toy, Sean Spicer, have laughably tried to claim that it's Obama's fault that he named Michael Flynn his National Security Adviser. The Washington Post's fact checker points out why this is so ridiculous. First, on the subject of his security clearance: … [Read more...]