Trump Still Clueless About How NATO Works

Donald Trump attended the NATO meetings in Brussels and wasted no time in embarrassing us all by showing that he still doesn't have any idea how the group actually operates. He still thinks the other countries owe us dues or something. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Appalling Budget

The White House has released its final proposed budget and it's so appalling and cruel that even many Republicans in Congress are calling it dead on arrival. Vox takes a look at some of the incredibly deep budget cuts that will cause enormous damage to individuals and the country. … [Read more...]

Trump Doesn’t Like ‘Digital’ Catapults

In another really weird aside in an interview, Donald Trump said he was ordering the Navy to continue using steam catapults to launch planes from aircraft carriers because the "digital" ones they're putting on a new carrier are so complex you'd "have to be Albert Einstein to figure it out." … [Read more...]

The Inanity of Blaming Obama for Flynn

Donald Trump and his favorite wind-up toy, Sean Spicer, have laughably tried to claim that it's Obama's fault that he named Michael Flynn his National Security Adviser. The Washington Post's fact checker points out why this is so ridiculous. First, on the subject of his security clearance: … [Read more...]

Trump Army Secretary Nominee Withdraws

Mark Green, a state senator from Tennessee who was Trump's second pick to be Secretary of the Army, has withdrawn his name from the nomination after it became clear that the Senate was not going to confirm him because of some positively grotesque views he has expressed. … [Read more...]

Mikey Gets a Non-Threatening but Inane Email

My friend Mikey Weinstein gets a lot of nasty emails containing threats and anti-Semitic bigotry, but this one is a bit different. The person went to a debate that he participated in and writes a polite but highly illogical email preaching at Mikey to convert to Christianity. I'm going to actually respond to this one. … [Read more...]

Rush Wants to Nuke Three Countries

The absolutely deranged Erik Rush has a new column at the Worldnetdaily arguing that Trump could be a "transcendent" president (whatever that means), based primarily on the fact that he likes to issue military threats. In fact, Rush thinks he should have nuked Syria, Iran and North Korea already. … [Read more...]

Mikey Gets Email

Here's yet another vicious, bigoted, anti-Semitic screed sent to my friend Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Apparently he's going to burn in hell with all the other Jews, so that means hell smells like Jews. … [Read more...]

Republicans Completely Flip Position on Syria Bombing

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that Republican support for Trump's bombing of Syria in retaliation for the use of chemical weapons was the exact opposite of what it was when Obama proposed the same thing in 2013, while Democrats remained consistent. … [Read more...]

Spicer: Goal is to ‘Destabilize’ Syria

During his daily press briefing, Sean Spicer gave an absolutely bizarre answer when asked by Kristin Welker what the Trump administration's goal was in engaging Syria after the missile strike on an airbase in retaliation for a chemical weapon attack. … [Read more...]

Could Syria Attack Escalate?

The Trump administration is sending very mixed signals after the missile strike on Syria. I was pretty certain that it would be a one-time action with little risk of escalation, but some administration officials are making statements that make me doubt that. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Foreign Policy Character Witness

If you needed more evidence that Trump's missile strike in Syria enraged the extreme paleo-conservative base that loves him so much and encouraged the neo-conservative right instead, look no further than Bill Kristol praising him for having handled it with confidence and correctness. … [Read more...]