Mattis’ Aggressiveness Toward Iran Concerns Me Greatly

The Washington Post has an article about Gen. James Mattis, Trump's nominee to be the secretary of defense, and his time as head of the Central Command. He argued very aggressively over a long period of time that we should undertake military attacks inside of Iran. … [Read more...]

Help the Military Religious Freedom Foundation Fight

As my longtime readers know, I am a strong supporter of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, founded by my friend Mikey Weinstein. He's the one who gets all those horrible anti-Semitic and hateful emails that I often republish. Well this is your chance to help them keep fighting the good fight. … [Read more...]

McFarland May Be Worse than Flynn

A lot of attention has been paid to the appointment of Mike Flynn as national security adviser, but the appointment of KT McFarland as his deputy may be even worse. She seems to live in a constant fever dream of invented or wildly exaggerated threats and conspiracy theories. … [Read more...]

Kissinger: Trump’s Rhetoric Should Be Ignored

War criminal and barbarian Henry Kissinger says that we should pay no attention to Donald Trump's rhetoric and should look only at his policies once he takes office. And of course, we should give him a chance and not criticize him until then. … [Read more...]

McCaffry Hammers Flynn for ‘Demented’ Tweets

Retired Gen. Barry McCaffery, who initially supported Trump's pick of retired Gen. Michael Flynn to be national security adviser, now says that Flynn's history of "demented" tweets pushing ridiculous conspiracy theories has changed his mind. … [Read more...]

Hair: Nominate Roy Moore as Secretary of State

Some wingnut douche named Paul Hair has a column at BarbWire, where you have to be a wingnut douche to be published, urging Donald Trump to nominate twice-disgraced and now former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore to be secretary of state. … [Read more...]

Admiral: ‘Win Hearts and Minds’ of Muslims by ‘Killing Them Into Submission’

Retired Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, who has been a staunch supporter of Donald Trump throughout the campaign, says that if we want to win the "hearts and minds" of Muslim, all we have to do is "kill them into submission" to get "street respect." … [Read more...]

Pro-Discrimination Provision Stripped from Defense Appropriation

A provision allowing defense contractors to discriminate on the basis of religion has been stripped out of a defense appropriation bill in the conference committee that reconciled the House and Senate versions of that bill. … [Read more...]

Military Leaders Love Trump’s Promise to Increase ‘Defense’ Spending

There was a large gathering of members of Congress, military officials and executives and lobbyists from defense contractors this weekend and -- surprise, surprise -- they're very happy about Donald Trump's pledge to increase spending on "defense." … [Read more...]

Petraeus on Trump’s Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Last week, retired Gen. David Petraeus met with Donald Trump amid speculation that he was on the short list to be the next secretary of Defense. But in May, Petraeus published an op-ed in the Washington Post that, while it didn't mention Trump specifically, was clearly aimed directly at him and his bigoted policies toward Muslims. … [Read more...]

Trump Keeps One Promise: Ignoring Intelligence Briefings

Donald Trump is softening or outright changing his positions on issues left and right at the moment (though I wouldn't trust the flop any more than I did the flip), but he's kept one promise: He's ignoring the daily intelligence briefings prepared for him. … [Read more...]

Military Tells Trump to Take Global Warming Seriously

While Donald Trump bizarrely claims that global warming is a hoax invented by China, the American military knows damn well that it's very real and poses some potentially very serious threats to our national security. They're asking Trump to take it seriously. … [Read more...]