Trump’s Foreign Policy Character Witness

If you needed more evidence that Trump's missile strike in Syria enraged the extreme paleo-conservative base that loves him so much and encouraged the neo-conservative right instead, look no further than Bill Kristol praising him for having handled it with confidence and correctness. … [Read more...]

Ezra Klein on the Real Problem with Trump’s Syria Attack

With all the ridiculous, evidence-free conspiracy theories flying around the left (and the far right as well) about Trump's missile strike on a Syrian airfield, Ezra Klein nails the real problem with the whole situation, which is that Trump is flying totally by the seat of his pants without any coherent position. … [Read more...]

Trump and Those ‘Beautiful Little Babies’ from Syria

I seem to be considerably less outraged at Trump's missile strike in Syria, and even less skeptical of his motivations, than many of my readers and Facebook friends. But that doesn't mean it isn't entirely fair to point out how inconsistent and incoherent he's being about it. … [Read more...]

Trump Orders Missile Strikes in Syria

Donald Trump is now actively considering military action of some sort in Syria, having Defense Secretary James Mattis brief him on possible responses Thursday evening. The number of ways this shows how wrong he's been all along are many. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Gibberish on Syria

After the chemical gas attack that killed about 100 people in Syria a couple days ago, which has been blamed on Bashar al-Assad, Trump held a press conference with Jordan's King Abdullah and addressed the matter quite incoherently. … [Read more...]

Bannon Removed from National Security Council

Gen. H.R. McMaster has succeeded in getting Trump to remove Steve Bannon from the principles committee of the National Security Council, a position that was shockingly inappropriate for a political strategist. But the White House is pretending that nothing important happened. … [Read more...]

McCain: Shut Down Government if ‘Defense’ Spending Not Increased

John McCain is viewed as a moderate Republican, and on some issues that's accurate. But when it comes to "defense" spending and going to war, he's a dyed-in-the-wool hawk. He's now threatening to shut down the government if we don't increase defense spending. For the troops, of course. … [Read more...]

Cheney Calls Russian Hacking a Possible ‘Act of War’

Dick Cheney clearly thinks that the Russian hacking was done in order to influence the outcome of the presidential election, and in typical Cheney neo-con fashion, he says it might even be an "act of war." Because he loves two things: war and false dichotomies. … [Read more...]

Tillerson Says We’ll Build ‘Safe Zones’ in Syria for Refugees

Repeating a massively simplistic idea from Donald Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the U.S. plans to create "interim safe zones" inside of Syria so refugees can return home. How will we do that? Through ceasefires, he laughably says. … [Read more...]

Trump Has No Idea What He’s Talking About on NATO

One of the themes that Donald Trump has hit on again and again is this notion that other NATO countries don't pay their fair share of the burden and that they owe money to the United States. He has even said quite bluntly that if they don't pay up, we won't protect them. He has no idea what he's talking about. As usual. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Budget: Money for War and Little Else

Trump has unveiled his proposed budget and, as expected, it increases spending on "defense" and slashes spending virtually everywhere else. One example that has gotten a lot of attention is the cut to community block grants, which fund things like Meals on Wheels programs for seniors and the disabled. … [Read more...]

Pakistani Writer Says Military Tortured Them

Remember those five Pakistani writers and activists who mysteriously disappeared a few months ago? They've all since been released and one of them is finally speaking out, saying that they were kidnapped and tortured by factions of the nation's military. … [Read more...]