Perry Loses It, Demands Censorship for Revelations About Chris Kyle

Last week The Intercept reported that Chris Kyle, the man about whom the movie American Sniper was made, had inflated his military achievements. This was documented by official Navy records and confirmed by the Pentagon, but the right wing is still flipping out over it. Rick Perry wants the article censored and people punished over it. … [Read more...]

Gordon Klingenschmitt: ‘Religious Freedom’ Advocate

Our old pal Gordon Klingenschmitt, alleged advocate of the free expression of religion in the military, says that the Citadel was right to deny a Muslim cadet's request to be allowed to wear a headscarf with her uniform. His, uh, "reasoning" is every bit as inane as you would expect from him. … [Read more...]

Barton Lies About PTSD Stats for Women in Combat

It's always exciting when David Barton invents a new lie. This time it's about women in combat. He claims that 90% of women in combat come back with PTSD while only 10% of men do. Oh, and he allegedly got this "fact" from an unnamed two-star general. Warren Throckmorton has the details: … [Read more...]

Rios Thinks the Army Secretary Leads People Into Battle

The Senate, after a ridiculously long wait, confirmed the nomination of Eric Fanning as Secretary of the Army and the Christian right is clutching their pearls over it. The endlessly ridiculous Sandy Rios says he can't have that position because only an "alpha male" can lead men into battle. … [Read more...]

Mikey Gets Email

Today's installment of Mikey Gets Email was prompted by him defending a group of African-American female cadets at West Point who are being investigated for taking a group picture with their fists raised in the air. The army thinks that might be a forbidden political statement. A charming email in response: … [Read more...]

Stop Saying the Military Protects Our Freedom

If there is one trope I am absolutely fed up with, it's the notion that our military "protects" or "provides" our freedom. And here's an example of a soldier being a complete douchebag, refusing to tip a server and instead telling them that their tip is the freedom he "provided" by being in the military. … [Read more...]

Trump ‘Explains’ How He’d Eliminate Debt in 8 years

Donald Trump's ludicrous claim that he would eliminate $19 trillion in debt in only eight years while simultaneously cutting revenue by $1 trillion a year has provoked much well-deserved pointing and laughing. But on a radio show this weekend he "explained" how he could do it and that it's "so easy" to do. … [Read more...]

Cruz Still Blathering About Carpet Bombing

Ted Cruz, trying so hard to sound like a tough guy, has repeatedly said that he would "carpet-bomb ISIS into oblivion" and find out whether "sand can glow in the dark." And even after military leaders have pointed out that this is a terrible idea and he doesn't have a clue what it means, he's still repeating it. … [Read more...]

Erik Prince Under Investigation Again

Erik Prince, founder of the infamous mercenary company Blackwater and heir from a prominent right-wing Michigan family, is once again under investigation for a number of serious crimes, including money laundering and offering mercenary services to countries under sanction by the United States. … [Read more...]

Republican Foreign Policy Experts Oppose Trump

This is very interesting. A group of more than 100 Republican national security experts has written an open letter condemning and opposing Donald Trump's incoherent and dangerous views on those matters. The list includes major scholars like Ken Adelman, Daniel Drezner, Michael Chertoff and Michael Mukasey. … [Read more...]

Air Force General: No, Our Military is Not Gutted

One of the claims we hear constantly from all of the Republican presidential candidates is that Obama has "gutted" our military and it must be "rebuilt." They can't actually defend that claim with evidence, of course, but they repeat it on a daily basis. The vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff put the lie to that claim in a congressional hearing: … [Read more...]

Yes, the Pledge of Allegiance Needs to Go

David Niose, legal director for the American Humanist Association, has overseen that group's project urging students to boycott the pledge until "under God" is removed from it. But after seeing how teachers, administrators and other students respond to those who do boycott the pledge, he's realized what I have been saying all along: The Pledge of Allegiance should be done away with completely. … [Read more...]