A New Entry in the Trump VP Sweepstakes

Donald Trump is expected to name his running mate soon and much speculation has focused on Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions. But the Washington Post reports a new wildcard entry, a retired general who is a registered Democrat but really hates Obama. … [Read more...]

David French No Likey Allowing Trans People in the Military

Fresh off being Bill Kristol's last-ditch prospective candidate to challenge Donald Trump's nomination, David French is back and he's quite unhappy that the Pentagon has now lifted the ban on trans people serving in the military. … [Read more...]

House GOP Trying to Block Pentagon Action on Climate Change

The House Republicans are once again showing themselves to be the party of stupid by putting an amendment into this year's defense spending authorization bill that would block funding for the Pentagon's plan to prepare for the challenges that global warming will bring to the military. … [Read more...]

McCain’s Blatant Lie Tying Obama to Orlando Massacre

John McCain tried to claim that President Obama is "directly responsible" for the Orlando massacre through a bizarre bit of "reasoning." But he leaves out a crucial bit of history that turns his lame attempt at placing blame into a rather blatant lie. … [Read more...]

More of Trump’s Ignorant Foreign Policy Nonsense

Donald Trump went on at some length during a campaign stop in Georgia about foreign policy and included some real head-scratchers. The guy just does not have a clue what he's talking about on the subject, which causes him to spout bizarre thing like this: … [Read more...]

O’Reilly’s Empty Attack on Ali on the Vietnam Draft

In the wake of Muhammad Ali's death, Bill O'Reilly went on the attack, pulling out all the usual labels like "radical" in order to discredit him without even an attempt at making a substantive argument. He apparently thinks that merely pointing out that he was a Muslim is enough to dismiss his refusal to go to Vietnam. … [Read more...]

Muhammad Ali and the Vietnam Draft

As I'm sure everyone knows by now, Muhammad Ali has died. And yes, he was the greatest boxer of all time and undoubtedly one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century. But I will remember him for his courageous and eloquent refusal to go to Vietnam. … [Read more...]

Rolling Thunder Hypocrites Cheer Donald Trump Wildly

Every year on the day before Memorial Day there's an event called Rolling Thunder in Washington, DC. It's a huge biker rally to call attention to American Prisoners of War and those missing in action. And this year, they gave a hearty welcome to the draft-dodging, veteran- and POW-insulting Donald Trump. … [Read more...]

Perry Loses It, Demands Censorship for Revelations About Chris Kyle

Last week The Intercept reported that Chris Kyle, the man about whom the movie American Sniper was made, had inflated his military achievements. This was documented by official Navy records and confirmed by the Pentagon, but the right wing is still flipping out over it. Rick Perry wants the article censored and people punished over it. … [Read more...]

Gordon Klingenschmitt: ‘Religious Freedom’ Advocate

Our old pal Gordon Klingenschmitt, alleged advocate of the free expression of religion in the military, says that the Citadel was right to deny a Muslim cadet's request to be allowed to wear a headscarf with her uniform. His, uh, "reasoning" is every bit as inane as you would expect from him. … [Read more...]

Barton Lies About PTSD Stats for Women in Combat

It's always exciting when David Barton invents a new lie. This time it's about women in combat. He claims that 90% of women in combat come back with PTSD while only 10% of men do. Oh, and he allegedly got this "fact" from an unnamed two-star general. Warren Throckmorton has the details: … [Read more...]

Rios Thinks the Army Secretary Leads People Into Battle

The Senate, after a ridiculously long wait, confirmed the nomination of Eric Fanning as Secretary of the Army and the Christian right is clutching their pearls over it. The endlessly ridiculous Sandy Rios says he can't have that position because only an "alpha male" can lead men into battle. … [Read more...]